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by Richard L Cohen

Being Jewish explains my belief in God. It is a name given to a group of people, of which I am proud and honored to be one, who were created by God in His image, and chosen by God to be His people. Being Jewish refers to the group of people who were given God's "Torah" and "10 Commandments," and commanded to honor and carry out God's law.

Being Jewish is a large part of who and what I am, and what I believe in. Through the Torah, being Jewish teaches me of my ancestry and past, going back to the beginning of time. It teaches me of my history, and where my people came from, and what they have gone through in coming to the present time. Jewish people have their own traditions and customs and their own language, with which I can identify myself and how I came to be. To me being Jewish means that I am a part of something much bigger and greater than myself.

To me, being Jewish means that I can hold onto my hope and prayer that there is a greater purpose for our lives here on earth, even if that purpose is beyond our comprehension and understanding! To me it means that I may one day be forgiven for my sins, of which there have been far too many. To me, being Jewish means that I can hold onto my deepest and most fervent hope and prayer that I may one day be reunited with my loved ones, whom I miss so very much, and with God from where I came, and that I may at long last find peace, find shalom!

I pray that it may be so! Amen.

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