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Welcome to Lionheart!

This site is called Lionheart not because I have such an inflated opinion of my own nobility but because this is the nickname my fiancée, who calls herself Lady G, has for me.

From this site's pages you may occasionally be led back to the site from which Lady G and I conduct our retail business, GENESSA, if some of my personal concerns are duplicated there, but for the most part your travels will be among the pages and topics that are meaningful to me and unrelated to our business. For example, you will have an opportunity to read about my childhood dogs, Big King and War King, sometimes individually and sometimes more or less in composite. You won't be let down if you have an urge to hear about my views on life and fatherhood, or on being Jewish, either! (Please keep in mind if and when I mention anyone's age, including my own, I may not have written a certain bit recently.)

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