Our Adventures in Japan




Sightseeing II

Tokyo TowerOf course when you visit a city you have to visit their highest structure(s). One of Tokyo's highest structures is the Tokyo Tower. Besides being used for TV and Radio Broadcasting, it is also a Tourist attraction for its 360o view of the city. There are actually 2 levels from which you can see the city. And yes, we did go onto the top level . It is kind of scary because of the possibility of an (even minor) earth-quake while you are up there.  It was better not to think about it and just go. The view was pretty neat but unfortunately kind of hazy. On a bright day  you should be able to see mount Fuji, but this was not one of them. We could barely see our own neighborhood Shibuya in the haze distance.


Entrance to Tokyo Tower

The entrance was funny.

A special ticket counter for foreigners is inside the building.

The Sign!


From the Tower, we saw something that looked very much like a grave-yard. So later on we took a closer look.


And indeed, it was a Grave-yard. In Tokyo most people are cremated after they die. Space for a grave is very expensive, so many people buy a family grave which is seen here in these photos. Each wooden stick represents a family member whose ashes are buried there.

Both in The States and The Netherlands,  relatives leave flowers at the grave. As you can see above, this is also done here in Japan, but additionally Japanese relatives burn incense.