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Welcome to our Website showing you our adventures in Japan!

Ruud worked for TOPCALL Corp. in San Francisco. Due to slow processing of his green-card application he had to leave the country for 365 days. Trip was working on his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. He took a leave of absence in February because of a very demanding job as an Assistant Administrator at a Long Term Care Facility in Santa Cruz. His plan was to return to school in January 2000. When we found out that Ruud had to leave the country, Trip decided to leave his current job and take a Sabbatical until our return to San Francisco after the 365 day period.

TOPCALL was planning to start a new office in Toronto, Canada, so we decided to go there for a year. However, the company also has an office in Tokyo, Japan which lost their technician. They needed a temporary replacement and someone to help hire and train a new technician. TOPCALL asked Ruud to take this assignment for three months and then proceed to Toronto for the remaining nine month period. During this time new paperwork will be processed so Ruud can return to San Francisco. We hope to return by August, 2000 in time for Trip to begin the fall semester of school. Ruud will then resume his position in the San Francisco office.

We are now in Japan and invite you to share in our adventures!

Trip, Ruud and our Balcony view

Here you see Trip in front of a waterfall in the East Palace Garden, Ruud in the Okura Shukokan Museum garden and a view from our balcony.

We happened to arrive during the hottest season of the year from July to September. Every day the temperature hovers around 32o C and the humidity is killing. When we arrived Japan was still enjoying its yearly rain-season. And although we arrived late morning we could not see anything but clouds from the plane.

We were met at the airport by Ike, the Sales Manager of TOPCALL - Japan, who escorted us to our new home.

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