Time to lose the back bacon.
I am finally ready to admit that I have a weight problem, now is the time to lose it, before I hit the big 3-0.
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Entry for June 19, 2007
I am still working on the weight loss. I am about 204 lbs. I have lost about 3 inches since I first started.
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Entry for February 8, 2007
Still 209.5 crappy!
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Another weigh in, WTF?
So I weigh 209.5 lbs, that is a gain of 3.5 pounds, sice last week....wahhhh!! I feel sad about it, but it only makes me want this weigh loss even more. I will hang in there and I will reach my goal!
2007-01-25 18:55:22 GMTComments: 0 |Permanent Link
Well, I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 206 lbs! Yes I have lost 5.5lbs, this is a good start for me. I have usually lost between 2-3 lbs during "previous" diet attempts. I understand that this is pretty typical, when I compare myself with others that have started their weight loss around the same weight. The first week or two is usually when they have lost the most amount of weight. I am happy about a good start like this, I know there will be much more weight loss to come. Things are looking up for me. I will continue to watch my calorie intake using the 3, 4, 5 Method, it seems to be helping me cope with a reduced amount of calories. I feel hungry most of the time, but not ravenously hungry so it is a good thing. I will weigh in again on the 25th of January, hopefully it will be another loss. I will work hard this week to make sure that it is.
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So I have decided to try this new diet called the 3, 4 , 5 diet. Basically what it is, limiting breakfast to 300 cals, Lunch 400 cals, and dinner 500 cals. This will bring the total amount of daily intake to 1200 cals. I will use this as my guildline, to be used with Canada's food guide of course, hopefully this will work well for me. I will try this for the next few weeks. I also have a link to fitday.com. This site is really great for keeping track of your diet and exercise pattern, as well as your weight. It has a public journal as well, I rarely use that feature though.


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