Benji's Life
Despite the fact that Benji was abused (he was beaten in his ribs and sadly neglected) and abandoned he loves people very much. Due to love, attention, and patience that I have given him through out the years, Benji has turned into a well rounded and well mannered dog. Benji is now on his way to being certified as a Therapy Dog to help other people.
I tip my hat to you my "Little Man" for the courage you have, love and devotion that  you have given to me and shown to other people.

Benji's Graduation.
Benji received his certificate for advanced obedience training and his Canine Good Citizen Award.
Left to right:  Star, puppy (not in class), Alley, Benji and Cody.
Every dog received their certificate and award that night.
Star continues on as a guide for obedience training.
Alley continues on as the family pet.
Benji procedes to Therapy Dog training.
And Cody continues on working with deaf children.
(Picture taken on 7-25-00)
Benji at 10 years old. 8-7-03
Benji although retired from being a Therapy Dog at retirement homes,
is now a Reiki Master and a Therapy Dog  at my Holsitic Health Care practice.
Why be nice? I'm playing!
Benji 8-7-03
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