Some Showable Varieties of Rex
Blue White
__ __ cc __ __ __
Genotype: aa B_ C_ dd E_ enen
aa bb C_ D_ E_ enen
Black Otter
at_ B_ C_ D_ E_ enen A_ B_ c(chd) c_ D_ E_enen
aa B_ c(ch)_ D_ E_ enen
Amber Opal Ring Color
A_ bb C_ D_ E_ enen
A_ B_ C_ dd E_ enen
Black/Orange Tricolor
Blue/Fawn Tricolor
__ B_ C_ D_ ejej Enen
__ B_ C_ dd ejej Enen
* Most tricolor breeders recommend have an Agouti (A) gene with their tricolors to ensure proper coloring.  This doe happens to be "aa" and still shows acceptable coloration.
Variety "Oddities"
Chocolate Otter
"Torted" Black/Orange Tricolor
Fawn  (Dilute Red)
aa B_ C_ D_ ejej Enen
An example of how a non-Agouti tricolor (non-extension)  may show "tort" coloration.  Note the darkening at his nose, ears, and lower body & lower hip.
atat(or a) bb C_ D_ E_ enen
There are several breeders working on getting this variety accepted.  Let's wish them luck!
This variety often is shown as a Lynx, but is genetically a dilute Red.  A_B_C_dd ee enen
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