Please notice that I like to pose my rabbits naturally, so their true conformation is shown. 
Bet Me, Broken Castor Doe, 4.00                             $50
Sire: Hoagland's Chip, Chocolate, 3.10
Dam: OTR's Bayu, Blk/Or Tricolor, 4.02
Genotype: Aa Bb C_ D_ Eej Enen
She did a great job raising her first litter.
Hoagland's Charles, Black Otter Buck, DOB 12/14/08, 2 Legs
Sire: GC Hoagland's Black Jack, Black Otter, 4.02, 6 Legs
Dam: Judon's KV3, Black Otter, 3 lbs 14 oz, 1 Leg
Proven young buck with very nice top-line, dense fur and nice otter factor.  At 5 1/2 months old, he was only 3 1/2 pounds, so this guy will stay SMALL!               $75
Hoagland's Cool Play, (47)Grand Champion Black Otter Doe, 4 lbs
DOB 4/26/07                                        $50
Sire: Larue's Knight, Black Otter
Dam: GC Hoagland's Cool Heaven, Chocolate, 4 lbs
This great doe has produced 2 beautiful litters of otters.  She carries self, chocolate and dilute.  Genotype: ata Bb C- Dd E- enen
Black Otter Senior Doe, (58) 3 lbs 8 oz,  DOB 5/11/08, 2 Legs     $75
Sire: GC Black Jack, Black Otter, 4.02, 6 Legs
Dam: Queen of Diamonds, Chocolate Otter, 4 lbs 4 oz
This doe has produced 1 litter.  Genotype: at_ Bb CC D_ E_  enen
Chocolate/Orange Tricolor Buck, DOB 4/10/09   $75
Sire: Lynx Buck, 3.10
Dam: Riverboat Queen, Black/Orange Tricolor, 4.5
Beautiful little buck, pictures to come
A_ bb C_ Dd ej(ej or e) Enen
Broken Chocolate Junior Doe, DOB 3/4/09   $50
Sire: GC Hoagland's King, Black Otter, 3.12, 3 Legs
Dam: Hoagland's Bet Me, Broken Castor, 4.00,  1 Leg
Nicely typed doe, but her fur could use more density.  She has a beautiful pattern with a stripe and large, distinct, evenly matched spots on her sides.  Genotype: aa bb CC D_ E_ Enen
Broken Chocolate Senior Doe, DOB 10/9/08,   4 lbs 2 oz    $50
Sire: GC Black Jack, Black Otter, 4.02, 6 Legs
Dam: Hoagland's Bet Me, Broken Castor, 4.00, 1 Leg
Another very nicely typed doe, and a great momma.  She's raised 1 litter so far.  Genotype: aa bb CC Dd E_ Enen
Broken Black Otter Junior Doe, DOB 4/20/09         $50
Sire: GC Hoagland's King, Black Otter, 3.12, 3 Legs
Dam: Hoagland's All In, Broken Chocolate, 4.00
Genotype: ata Bb CC D_ E_ Enen
Black Otter Junior Buck, DOB 4/20/09                   $50
Sire: GC Hoagland's King, Black Otter, 3.12, 3 Legs
Dam: GC Hoagland's Cool Play, Black Otter, 4.00, 3 Legs
This small buck has super dense fur.
I give a Multiple Purchase Discount of 10% for 2 or more rabbits and 15 % off for 4 or more
Prices include full pedigrees.  If you're looking for just a pet, and a pedigree is not needed, I will deduct $5 from the price of the rabbit.  All rabbits are show quality and I have found no DQ's on them, unless stated in the description.
I do not ship, but I do make frequent trips to Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, and Longview, WA.    I also attend shows throughout Oregon and Washington, so pickup can be arranged at these locations.  I also can arrange for transport through a third party, which would add approximately $25 to the price of the rabbit.
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