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This is a litter of Hoagland's Queen, Chocolate Otter Doe, by GC Hoagland's Black Jack, Black Otter with 6 GC Legs.  They were kindled May 22, 2008.  They will be hitting the show table in the fall of 2008.
Some Mini-Rex Bunnies, DOB April 3, 2008.
Sire: GC Hoagland's Black Jack, Black Otter, 6 Legs
Dam: Hoagland's Blue Velvet, Blue
This is a  litter of Tri's, Broken Blacks, & a solid black out of Tracy's Star, black, by  a Black/Orange Tricolor Buck.
Black Doe, PT1's litter, DOB 4/7/07.  Sire is a Blue Buck.
This is Chocolate Berry's 2nd litter by Count Chocula (DOB 10/6/05). The bunny on the far right is a Chocolate Marten.  The 2 in back are Chocolate Otters & the one in front is a Broken Chocolate.
2 days old Chocolate Otter Kits, out of Tracy's Chocolate Berry by Hobson's Count Chocula.
These are the latest babies out of GC Tracy's Hollyberry (Brkn Chocolate), by Hobson's Count Chocula.  Some nice solid chocolates.
A 3 day old litter of Blacks, Black Otters & Castors, out of AP94 (Opal Doe) by my Chocolate Otter Buck.
These guys were kindled 3/9/06.
A litter out of Tracy's Silver Angel by Tracy's Silver Charm.  There are 7 Chinchillas and 3 Whites.  These guys are 9 days old.
Our first MINI-REX babies!!  These are out of A&A's Lola by Di's Kazimeras (AKA "Blitz"), a lynx (genetic fawn) buck owned by Jacob Graham.  They are 2 days old in these picture.  She had 5 fat, healthy babies, and is doing very well with them.  They are genetic Fawns.
Some cute little Mini-Rex bunnies out of Dixie (chocolate) by Di's Kazimeras (Lynx-fawn).  They were kindled 2/1/06.  There are 2 blues, 2 opals, and 3 blacks.
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