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Hello!  From the beautiful state of Oregon.
Chocolate Otters
Rex Rabbits are a very special breed.  We have been breeding them for 9 years and love their gentle dispositions, gorgeous colors, and wonderful coats.  A year ago, we expanded to include Mini-Rex.  We have a small rabbitry on the banks of the Columbia River in NW Oregon.  We have only 25 cages, so our breeding is limited and very selective.  We do not mass-produce many varieties, but concentrate on self colors and otters..

The  varieties of Standard Rex that I am currently breeding are: Black, Blue, Otter, & White.    I am SO EXCITED & GRATEFUL that the other otter varieties have passed their final showing and are now a showable variety.  Many thanks go to Laurel Statz who finally got them through, and to Bobby Walker of Arkansas for working on them also.  Otters are truly spectacular! 

For Mini-Rex, I am concentrating on  otters.  I love the striking contrast of a brilliant black coat with the otter pattern.  A black otter Mini-Rex is a very beautiful animal.  This variety does extremely well on the show table, and is a great variety to start with.  It is something I recommend to newcomers to the breed and to 4-H kids wanting a good quality show rabbit.

I usually have a few quality show rabbits and breeding stock for sale and I try to keep my for sale pages current, so if you see something you would be interested in checking out in real life, let me know either by
e-mail or by phone.   I am very selective in my breeding stock, and only save quiet, good tempered rabbits to use in my breeding program.  Any overly nervous or aggressive animal is not saved for breeding.  Most of my momma rabbits are very gentle and trusting, even while kindling.  This mild temperment passes to their babies pretty consistently.  I also sell young "pet" stock periodically at a reduced price.  These are healthy, well-typed youngsters, but they may be lacking in the correct coloration, or have some other minor fault that may make them unshowable.  I would like to see them go to a good pet home without a pedigree, and  with the understanding they are not "show quality".

Please browse around my site, and
e-mail me if you have any questions.  
Otter Genetics
Sharon  Hoagland

Astoria, Oregon

((503) 440-3629

I will be travelling to the ARBA Convention in San Diego this fall, showing several otters in both Rex and Mini-Rex.  As I have so few cages, I will be selling most of my breeding stock in June to make cage space available for my promising show stock.  Please check out my "For Sale" pages to see what will be available.  Package prices will be offered at 15 % off for 4 or more animals, or 10 % off for 2-3 animals.
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