C. J. Phelps

Wai Ha Ha, your voice is calling,
Like a song that I know well,
As the mist and fog, rise up from the bog,
To cast their hazy spell.

And her mighty waters tumble
In a spume of spraying foam,
As the waters ring; and the Tui’s sing,
In these valleys where I roam.

Where the trout collect in the holding
As they spawn, where the rivers flow
By the water-falls, as Waihaha calls
In this land that I love so.

Where the stars shine bright,
In the crisp air’s night,
In this place of endless days.
And the river’s tang, grasped a soul as it sprang,
From the hearts of a billion days.

And the river wanders downwards,
Where the delta ripple sways,
And the moon-light gleams, on that world of my dreams,
On the shores of the Western-Bays.

Wai Ha Ha……noisy water
Tui……native bird, also called a Parson-Bird

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