Don't look at me in that tone of voice!
Quote from Nancy Morey's Trinket's Fantasies.

She hates that pic, but I love it! By the way, that's a bow on her
(note from page maker: I'm going to get her for this!)

She grew up to be my "Oh so clever computer daughter." (Angler quote)
Stacy is single again and lives in Minnesota at the moment.
Her two teenage boys (devil's if I do say so) live together about an hour from her.

Stacy has also inherited my stubborness, tenacity and
determination so I have no doubt that she will
find a way to make her life the way she wants it. She is a lot like
her mother in that way.
I must have done SOMETHING right! LOL

She has a page of her own that tells all about her and
her family, her adventures as a race car driver,
and her accident that was a major event in all our lives.
Go check out her page for all that and more!

These 2 shoulder biters (too big for ankles) each have their own page.
Kurt, imp #1, (left) wants to be a diesel mechanic when he grows up. But do boys ever grow up?
Stevie,imp #2, (right) thinks he wants to be a rodeo star riding bulls, of course the sheep he rides now are not much of a challenge!

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