REDPLAID Strikes again...
Photo taken Feb. 2000
About Redplaid Redplaid Art Gallery Read all about Scarlet women! Redplaid tribute to Salvador Dali
Let's talk about REAL music, shall we?When your quarter mattered! MEOW!yeahyeahyeah
Scissors, Paper and Rock...snip snip snipRants and Raves...assorted ramblings Smile for the camera
NEW-Retro '80's New Wave Luv! THE FILTH AND THE FURY!!! Art and Wine With Mark Miller The Sweet! Siouxsie and the Banshees
GRRRRRR...Babalon Babes...Scarlet Women and Femme FatalesLet me show a good time...

Coming soon: Wacky Packages, DIY Fashion, Fun With Cell Phones, NYC Summers, Androgyne, Crappola A La Mode, Pamela Coleman Smith and more!

Aren't You Forgetting Something? Aren't You Forgetting Something?

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2000-2002 A Penny Century/Dear Prudence Production

"Every Man & Every Woman Is A Star"-Alister Crowley

This page was finally updated (and still in the process of being updated) Feb. 11th, 2005

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