My wife Kathy and I dated in high school.

I couldn't afford a car until I graduated in 1970 and I bought a 1969 red Falcon Sports Coupe with a red interior and factory bucket seats. The very first car I had ever owned. After a few months I put a 429 SCJ and a top loader 4 speed in it and went racing. We split up and ended up going our separate ways. I ended up selling the car in 1973.

In 1981 we got back together and were married. We had a daughter in 1983. Our lives are fairly organized now with our daughter being a Junior in high school and driving her own car. Kathy and I started looking on the internet a while back (finding a red Falcon in our area was impossible) and entertaining the idea of finding a red Falcon like the one we shared memmories of.

I found this one, paid WAY too much for it and have been in the garage ever since playing with our new toy! It is also a 200cid with a C4 tranny and currently I am installing new black carpeting and black 1965 Mustang bucket seats in it. We live in Illinois so I have all winter to get it the way we want it to go cruising this upcoming summer.

On these next pages I have photos of my '69 Falcon and other really cool Falcons.

I also have and will be adding links to information to just about everything you want to know about the 1966-1970 Ford Falcon.
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