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Hello and welcome to my website. I hope you like the new format. As I learn more about html I will continue to make gradual updates, but for now this will have to do!
If anyone out there is interested, I am a 32yr. old male, recently relocated to San Francisco after living in Sydney most of my life. I am a long term motorcycle rider, racer, mechanic, general enthusiast and collector. Despite this, I am also a nice guy!
As a direct result of my inability to shut up, here is a little spiel I wrote;
Literary musings - The Adventures of Crofty

Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial and video of a complete strip down of the RC30 - all the way to the crankshaft. And if you have any questions about RGV250 mechanics, email me and i'll offer any assistance I can.

Some pictures of me, my bikes,
and some friends.
The greatest bike of all time

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