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There will be much more information here as I find it. Please be patient, there are so many articles to read....Also if you see a broken link, please report it to me ASAP, PDQ...and as soon as you notice it. It will keep your fellow travelers from being annoyed. Thanks.

See if you can participate in an Asthma Study. If you have had asthma for over a certain lenght of time, the group desires to run tests and record your reactions to some treatments. It might be worth a try.

Asthma and Sinus sufferers should stop smoking. This seems like a no-brainer to me, but hey, not everyone believes the obvious. If any of you want some proof, here is some.

Clean Air - How clean is our home? Not very, if it's like most. Get all the gorey details here...

More than you really want to know about Mold from the EPA

Raising Asthmatic Children - Some helpful hints.

Inner city kids at worse risk for development of Asthma.

Poor Medical and patient education a problem for learning to live well with Asthma. If you don't have the information and the doctor does not know how to watch for danger signs, you could be placing yourself at risk. Make sure your doctor knows how to deal with Asthma well.

From an Herbal Resource, a personal story and general information article

Respirair Site's Parental Information

From Merck, a good working definition of Asthma with loads of information

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