17 Million Americans have Asthma Right Now***** Asthma has no cure ***** Asthma is potentially life threatening ***** 17 Million Americans have Asthma ***** Asthma has no cure ***** Asthma is potentially life threatening *****

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Hello gentle traveler, welcome with to my asthma information and support site. Those who know me call me Lady Raven, it's a fanciful form of my pseudonym: Raven Shadowwinds. I feel your curiousity piquing - what manner of person calls herself Lady Raven? The specifics of that can be found on my personal webpage, but I will state that I'm one who wishes to be a trusted friend and fellow traveler along the road to a long productive life with Asthma. If you have no prior aquaintance with me, let me introduce myself. Besides being the owner of this page, I am a creative writer, artist, webdesigner/tinkerer, internet research buff, voracious reader, dreamer, gothic princess, avid health nut, philosopher wanna-be, amateur historian, self proclaimed "sovereign" of my own mental/emotional/intellectual kingdom, fashion rebel, libertarian, work at home mother of two, and self appointed "know it all". I have a full life, even though I am also an Asthmatic.

I was diagnosed with Asthma in 1999, and my son has asthma as well. I began the never ending quest for information to aid in gaining control over our Asthma. That is where this website was concieved, in my own struggles and victories - I decided to put my own talents, information, passions, and perspective online as a means of giving support to others who walk the road of life with Asthma with me. It isn't the only asthma site on the web, and it certainly is not the most technical. But I do hope I provide you with some encouragement and information in addition ot moral support along our common path.

Let it be known from the start...I am not a medical professional or an alternative healer. What I am is someone who has a vested interest in the topic and as I learn, I place things on my website. I am trying to present current, accurate, appropriate and interesting information from both traditional and complimentary viewpoints. I believe that every patient has the right to as much information as possible and I refuse to be pidgeon-holed. Every angle I can imagine from finding a doctor to lifestyle factors is presented here in order to help others in their quest for control.

Even though I have done alot of research and tried to eliminate outdated and untrustworthy information, I hope you consider the information present here in conjuction with a trained physician. I request that you view any and all articles, resources, links, webrings, and suggested reading material with both an open (you never know you may learn something) and thoughtful (not all things here may be appropriate for you) mind. It is very important to remember that no two asthmatics are alike, if you have your asthma under control and you read something here that interests you, think before you make changes. There is wisdom in the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - consult your physician to see if he/she thinks this is a good idea. If your asthma is not under control, and you read something here that you think would be helpful, remember that while it may help get your condition under control, it may also make it worse.

Also, please remember that I do support alternative medicine - but I do not find that to be a license to dump my traditional doctor and live wrecklessly. Neither should you. Consider this - your life and health are serious business, treat them with the respect they deserve!

No two asthmatics are the same****** Ashtma is controllable ******* Once controlled, Asthma need not keep you from a normal life*****

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