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One day I was in my bed waching T.V. Then I looked up and saw my hamsters in the cage spining in their wheels. Now, I have two cages, one for each hamster. Then I noticed that each time one of them stoped the other one wounld stop. Each one one wound get pout the other one would eat and then when one wounld eat the other one wounld eat. And it would go on like that. When my hamster had pups she didnt want my other hamster the father near them so they fought not deadly like a 5 min fight intill one of the babies squeaked. Then it will break anad they would both check on the babies. One night when I got up and got a drink I saw my hamster Teddy Bear (which at the time was named Choca)was just sitting there her ears were so big and her body was so fat. She looked just like a teddy bear. So that is how she got her name! One time i was cleaning my hamster Lola's cage when i messed up the sliding door. I didnt know this till the next day when i woke up and she was gone. Me and my family looked all day. Then i gave up. So saturday we went to the store and got a new one and named her chery. In the early morning (3:25) we found Lola and now i have two hamsters! My loving, hamster Butter, is the sweetest and cutest hamster ever. (She does not bite) Well, here's a humorous story for you all... Any who, I'm Ashley (11 yrs.) One day, I wanted to see Butter, and she wasn't in her cage (did I mention she's an escape artist?!) And that day, My mom and I did the "Household Hammy Search". I looked everywhere. The only place my mom and I didn't look, was under the bed(in my room). We took out all of the clothes and junk out, and I keep my Barbie car under there. I took it out, doubting she'd be in there. I looked around a bit, she wasn't there. I slid the car back under. I felt dissapointed, thinking we'd never find her. Suddenly, I said "Shhh". I heard a rattling from under the bed! I pulled some junk out again, and pulled out the car. I looked in the Bartbie car, and to my surprise, she was sitting there, contentively munching on a piece of food. I picked her up. She is definetly the goofiest hamster in the world! Yet, I love her very much! THE END! One day there was a hamster in my room. I picked it up and it started to talk to me. It said that it was a dog. I looked at it and it started to bark at me. I went in to my moms room and told here it was singing. "Hit me baby one more time". then I droped and it chaced me. Then i picked it up again and it sang "Do You Love Me". Then till that time it was my pet. I have a hamster called shaggy & one day he dissapeared. we searched the whole house, but still couldnt find him, so we thought that he must have got out into the garden somehow. 1 month later me & my family went on holiday to Spain. When we returned at 4 in the morning, we all went to sleep but we were later woken up by a scratching noise. i got up 2 see what it was. it was coming from behind the sink in the bathroom so i poked by head round the back of the sink & saw my furry little hamster stuck!! i ran 2 my sisters doll house & got the steps out of it. i then put them down the back of the sink & Shaggy crawled up them!!! Since then he has escaped but i caught him the next day. I just got a new hamster today and she's so cute(her names Ginger Snap)!!! Well I thought that she would know to go down the ladders.Well I though wrong.........I walked in the room to check on her and she was at the top were i put her, but she was at the ladder. I walked over there and all uv a sudden she just slid down like it was a slide. So me and my frieds had the best laugh, if u had wached the expression on her face its like, OMG THIS IS FUN!! but she went right bak up and did it again so she must have liked it. LYAAS, Masy After my parents said my sister, Kim & I could get 2 pet hamsters, we went to the pet shop called, "Evergreen" to get some supplies & 2 hamsters. After I got the hamster supplies, Kim & I rushed to the hamster center and stared at all the cute hamsters. When the pet dealer came over and asked us which hamsters do we want, Kim said she want the male hamster that had brown & white fur. "What about you?" the dealer asked. I looked at the other cage(the other cage had female hamsters). Then I saw this cream & white hamster running toward me, standing, & starring at me. So I chose that one. When I opened the cardboard box that had my hamster in there, she jumped on me,& cuddled up in my lap sleeping. So I named her Cuddles. The End (This story was made by Jessica Vu. Hope you liked it)! This is a story about my two month old black bear hamster, Heidi. About 1 month or so after we got her, I left on a trip to the beach. (I left my dad in charge of her.) Well anyways, my half-brother, 17 years old, and his girl friend went into my room to see her. Well his girl friend is crazy about animals, so without my permission, they held her. You have to understand that at this time, she was not used to people yet. So his girl friend held her, and she jumped about 1-2 feet across the room and hung onto my brothers shirt! That's when I figured out to from now on hold her over the cage! My hamster teddy bear hamster bob chewed through a plastic part of his cage one day. I thounght i'd never find him! we teared the house apart!my uncle told me to put out peanut butter cause it has a strong smell.1 day later i found bob in the guest room in a dresser draw! he had peanut butter in his hair! and in the other drawers i found the crackers i put out 4 him! he had spread the peanut butter on them! 4rom then on when i have a peanut butter sandwich he would alway come out and i'd put a little bit of peanut butter on his hamster food! When my best friend Lucinda came round, we were playing with my hamster that I got the day before, anyway we were playing with Montessa and suddenly she went behind my sofa it's a very thin gap and we couldn't pull the bed out because it would snap (it is very old!) so we got my older brother Simon who is 18 and he unravelled this wire coat hanger and kept prodding her gently unti he got her into a bigger space, he reached down. i thought he was pulling out a toy and then I saw this breathing Fluff ball. Thanku so much Simon and thanx 2 my mum and dad for letting me buy Montessa! luv kate x x x One time I took my hamster for a ride and he got car sick.My mom got really mad and made my hamster sit on the floor and she had to go in her cage. I love teddy bears~ and while I was shopping one day, I found a hamster that looks like a teddy bear. I boght it and I love it!!!~ ^0^ A little while ago my hamster was running around in a ball and I wasn't watching him. Somehow my little teddy bear hamster peaches and cream managed to get out of his ball when I wasn't watching him. when I went up to my room I found the empty ball in my closet. right by his ball there was awhole in the wall, he had chewed threw it! He never came out of the wall that day. the next day when I went to my room to feed my other hamsters. I saw my peaches and cream in his cage and no one had put him there. I realized my drawer the same height as his cage was open. he must have climbed to the top of the drawer sniffing his cage like he always does and fell in. I was holding my hamster for an hour, then he was sleeping like a baby in my lap. one night i came home cause i was out with my bf then we came home and i picked one of the hamsterup and it had shit all over her fur and then i went on the computer and checked what was that and it said it had a wet tail and it said it was bad it could die in 24 hours but the sad part is thati got 7 hamsters and plus the babies that missy had yesterday night and it said on the computer it could spread and i dont know if all my hamsters got a wet tail and i just see them playing around and i get sad and start cryingand i just hope they won't die. I used to have a hamster and during those 2 years I was so happy. It was actually my sister's hamster for her science fair project and we both took care of it. I never knew anything about hamsters. As days past by I learned more and more stuff about hamsters. I had great memories of that hamster and I'm planning to get a new one. I have a very sweet, adorable little grey teddybear hamster named Daisy. I've only had her for a few months, but we have had lots of adventures! Once, I left her cage accidentally open after playing with her, and she got out!!! My dad went in to feed the fish and said "OMG WHERE'S DAISY!!!!!!?????" So we looked and looked, and found her in the closet of that same room contentedly munching on a sunflower seed! i have teddy bear ham ham named creampuff. before she goes to sleep, she does her daily training. instead gettin into her wheel and running, she always gets on top of the wheel and runs. sooner or later, she falls off but she just runs right bak on and starts over. she does this about 7 times and falls asleep! One day my hamster Skipper (he got his name cause he was so energenic he looked like he skipped around) Got out of his cage! I lookrf everywhere I couldn't find him. 3 years later me and my family were moving out of the house and we were just pulling out of the drive way and I shouted stop and ran to the front steps and there was Skipper skipping down the stairs to catch the car! It may have taken 3 years to find him well really he found us! We moved and you know what? He may be older but he still skips around his cage! My hamsters are vicious towards each other (but they love me.) So I seperated them. One day I was holding one near the bottom of the cage where the big one was. Then I heard "Eeeeeeeee" and the big one leapt up and bit onto the small ones nose and wouldn't let go. I was trying to shake her off but she wouldn't let go! So I put them down and covered one up. By the way their names are Chiko and Ziggy. They are Blue Dwarfs and sisters. This story was written by Nwolf 12yrs. :) I miss my hamster it died last year from wet tail. I was so sad. this year i got another hamster named MoJo Ginger and my sister got one named Salsa. They are sisters but they fight, they were so loveing to each other at the pet store but at my house they just fight over everything. the funny thing is that they fight just like me and my sisters do. so pets like owners i guess. Becky Oh i forget to tell you. I choose smokey because when I went to store and choose new hamster and I look at all hamster and I couldn't decide which one. Suddenly one hamster came towards me and Stare at me and I thought I think that hamster who is near to me is sooo cute. I am glad I choose Smokey! Sarah again ### I had a grey-brown-black-white dwarf named Pepper and one day we were in my room watching a music vidio on mtv. I looked down at my hamsters cage and she was on her hind legs bobing up and down, and side to side like she was jammi'n to the beat. Pepper got lost sometime from Oct.-Nov. and I found her lying dead in front of our garage door. I figured my cat had sneeked her outside. I just got a new one on Dec. 30 the same year(2002). and he sleeps ALOT !!! Kyle Todd of McCleary,WA. This is the story about how Pikachu came to be my ham but almost wasn't.......well on Thanksgiving my guinea pig died. I was heartbroken, of course as every pet owner is. I soon decided i wanted a hammy later on that day, so as an early x-mas gift my uncle bought me the cage,bedding,food,etc. But not a single pet shop would be open until that Friday,so as friday drew nearer my exitement and saddness of loosing and getting a pet caught up with me .But of course around the time we went to check out pet shops my exitement overwelmend me,i was nearly bouncing in my seat as we drove to get my little ham.We got to the pet shop and there were dwarfs,fancies,and 1 teddy bear ham let so i went up to the cages and Pikachu came right up to the part of the cage where i was to greet me.Well i stood there agonizing over wich ham to get out of 3 different kinds,i almost chose a fancy but Pikachu just melted in my heart like warm butter so as fate has it i chose pikachu.Pikachu is currently quite happy with her new home and has only got out 3 times but that's another story all toghtther....o yeah Pikachu would just like to say hamsters rule!! well By----sent by :Tina Gross of Holt, FloridA For Christmas I asked for a syrian hamster.Well X-mas eve, my dad went to get him.They had already gotten the cage so my dad brung him home in a cardboard box.He coudn't bring him in because we were still here,so he left him in the truck.Well he got out and they could't find him.They told me and I searched everywhere! We tore the whole truck apart!We found him Christmas morning after opening presents, I named him Luky!
                                                                       Khol,USA I think i have one of the best hamsters! She is the original hamster and is sooooo adorable! When i let her out of her cage she follows me around. She is incredibly smart! One day she pushed her wheel to her food dish. Then got the bars caught on the food dish so the wheel couldnt turn. Then she hopped on to the dish and climbed up the wheel! She streched out and pushed the cover of the cage away. Then she jumped to the side and pulled herself up and out of the cage! One time when i got her a house she stood on it streched out and did back flips! She is so cool! one day i went to costco with my dad. i saw petco, i had to go. i asked my dad if i could go? he was so nice and he took me. i saw a guinea-pig for 50$. it came with a whole bunch of stuff, like a cage, food, it, toys, and a water bottle. i new i had to get him. but my dad turned me down. i went home sad. he said he wouldn't get me him because i had to get my mom to think i was responsible for this pet. she didn't like the idea at first, but she learned to like it. 2 months went by and by early july came. i was at a garage sale with my grandma and i saw a new bird cage. she aready new i wanted a small pet to love and care for. i asked her for it. she said no, but that we could go to petco a get me a better cage. i was so happy. i got a cage with a whole bunch of stuff. she couldn't get me a animal because my mom still wasn't totally ready for this pet yet. so i went home and my mom made me pay my grandma back for the cage. i did. november came around and i still had no pet. it would be about 2 weeks till my birthday. i had been at my dad's office counting my money to try to get my pet with my money. i worked so hard to get more money for my pet. i went on the internet, trying to find the lowest prices. one day i went on a trip with my friend. i spent all my money not thinking to keep it for my hamsters. 1 and a half a week went by.(i was on spring break)i was so misrible. crying and wishing that god would send money down to me, i went to work one day. i went straight to my little area and started crying again. lunch came and i still was crying. my dad's secretary asked me if i noticed anything different. i said no. they said check again. there was a towel covering somethig big. i took it off. i saw my hamster cage that i had gotten, with a bed, water, wheel, and food. i looked around in the cage and i didn't see anything at first. then a head of a hamster popped out of the bed. a hamster crawled out. i started crying again, i was so happy! i spent a day with my hamster and she looked unhappy. i asked my dad if he could get me another hamster for my birthday. we went to petco and i got the last shorthaired hamster at petco. my life was truely together. one day my dad got really mad at my dog because she pooped on the chair. he took her to the humaime society. i was sad but there was a happyness too! i wondered why, then i thought that there could be a dog out there you needs my home too! it may be a good or bad, dog or puppy but it needs me. i will asked someone, and i will love that dog as much as i love my hamsters. bonnie and victoria (my hamsters)will love me and i will love them. i have learned that it is not how much you want the animal it's about what god wants you to have. and you must love that animal no matter what it looks or feels like, but you must love that animal like u would like the other animal that you wanted. katie p. az 1/3/02 I have 3 dwarf hammies, Oreo, Wee Wee and Peenut which I house them separately. They have very different temperaments and personalities.
Oreo, the guy, is always nice to any visiting gals. Hardly run the wheel or budge from his fave spot, he is often seen snozzing in a lil corner of the smallest of the 3 cages. The only time he is excited is when he can smell gals walking across the top of his cage. Like awaking from a deep hibernation, he runs and climbs like crazy. Apart from his wild obsession with gals, he prefers to sleep most of the time or chew on green cookies. Yes, he seems to love green ones so much so that even his poo-poo is green!
Wee wee, my gal hammy is an avid runner. She loves the wheel so much that you can hear her noise at night and at dawn all the time. Being a very bossy gal, her brother and sister, Oreo and Fairy, could hardly take her nonsense that they ganged up against her. However, I love her very much as she is always waiting at the gate when I walked pass her house. She used to be fairer than Oreo, that is why I named him Oreo. However, ever since Mummy put her in the balcony she has a nice tan. In fact, she only has her face tanned.
Peenut is the only one which is a pearl white of normal colour, unlike her parents who are pearl whites. Papa wanted to keep her as she is the only brown baby. That is why she is named Peanut. Peanut soon becomes Peenut when I see how messy she can get. She pees alot and does it everywhere and anywhere. It takes me great patience and time to potty train her. Greediest among all my hammies, she snatches any food I put in front of her. Whether or not she likes the food, she just stuff them in her cheeks and later hides them in her fave corners.
One day, I was at the table in my bedroom when I felt something scratching my toes. Gosh! It was Peenut. She apparently escaped from her cage and had enough sense to travel all the way from balcony to my room, only to be captured and sent back to her house. So you can see how dumb Peenut is.

the owner of Oreo, Wee Wee, Peenut, Fairy Godmother, Piggy, Keeper, Masca, Fluffie, Flakie, Ballie Ballie, Agro and the whites.

I went to the store about 2 years ago. I went in and saw this hamster in a cage and it was on sale I just fell in love with it. And I still have her. Any way I saw her in the cage and I asked to buy her. So I asked the lady if it was a boy or a girl. she said it was a girl. Just for a couple minutes I felt upset because I wanted a boy. But when I looked up the lady had the hamster in her hands and the hamster was just looking at me and I looked back at it. It felt like the hamster was saying I'm cute to. And that's when I thought just think about it a girl a cute baby girl. I named her Magi and I care for her alot I'm not crul I'm loving.

owner: Samantha Bergeron
age: 11

my hamster is a black bear hamster he was sitting on my lap while i was watching TV i looked down to check on him and he was on his hind legs yawning he looked just like a real bear!!!!!!! I went in to the petstore one day and a cute hamster greeted me, I came to get another one. I picked her up and she settled into my hands. Her name is Teddy, she's my baby!

Owner: Chelsie one day i got a hamster i named it-o sod e bin ladin. then my cat killed it. I have a black bear hamster named Kirby. I jus got him about a week ago. Any ways, I'm having trouble with him trusting me. The first few days I'd come in and he would run between the wheel and ramp... I was fine with that, because he's scared and all, but he wont even let me pet him. I'm trying all the advice I've gotten so far... My question is, how long does it take for a hamster in general to get used to their owner. I'm getting sort of discouraged, especially coming here, and everyone apparently has a hamster that trusted them from the beginning. Any tips, please post on here. I'd appreciate it, thanks!
Lynn C. Just play with your hamster and it will get tamed after a while Lynn C. I did that and it worked out fine. Jake F. day i got a hamster. it died i got another 1. it died too. i got 1 more and of course it died. one day i found a hammy. we put signs up and then i just kept him. he has lived four more than three I have a hamster named Hamilton and one time I was playing with him and my cat was out and it bit the top part of his ear off. Blood got all over him. I was really sad. But it healed and got better but he is still missing the top part of his ear. So if you have a cat never let it go near your hamster unless you want it to get hurt. One day I was sitting in the batheroom watching my pet Hamster and it finally came out of it's little house that was in it's cage I guess shes getting more used to me now. I was at my local pet shop and I was gonna pick out a hampster. so i take down a cage of labled male hampsters and guess what? There were little pink babies under it!!!! I had always wanted a hamster. well i got 1 4 my b-day when i was 12. she is soooooooooo cute i named her ollie. When i take her out of her cage 2 put her in her ball she gets all fusy. then when she is safly in her ball she goes crazy. when she is finished she falls asleep in her ball it is sooooooo cute. Oh ya, she is a teddy bear hamster. and is brown an white. One day I came home and the top of my hamster cage was pushed to the side(i have an aquarium) and my hamster was gone. All af a sudden i heard a scratching noise comming from my dresser. I thought to myself, my hamster must be inside or under it. I looked under it and she wasn't there, then i listened more cosely and checked behind my drawers and there she was. The next day the same thing happend and i found her in the same spot. After having experienced freedom of her cage, my hamster decided she liked it. One day when she was walking around the living room for exercise, she crawled into a space between the cabinet and the wall through a small hole at the bottom. I couldnt get her out, I could't even see her. I was devastated and was scared she would suffocate or starve or die from dehydration. For several days i knocked on the cabinet so she would move to let me know she was alive. I gave her cheerios on a metal coat rack that i stretched out. After four days of climbing and burrowing in this space between the wall and cabinet, I tried to give her food and her little head popped out. I didn't want to force her out, so i kept trying to let her follow my hand with a yoggie in it. after about half an hour she came out to me. She must have been so hungry and thirsty. I let her run around in her hamster ball and cleaned her cage. I put her in her cage and she started building her nest right away. I knew ! she had missed her home and i was happy to fall asleep to the sqeek of the hamster wheel. :)

by Eva A. hooked into your hamster site I have a three legged dwarf hamster I am not sure how old he is or how he lost his front leg . we found him on our deck on memorial day last year, my big fat cat was hunting but was not sure what he had when we seen it was a hamster we picked it up & took it in took us three days to see it only had three legs , by then we had already named it baby as we did not know what its sex was which we did find out later he is my little sweetie. My hamster was very special to me, and I'll tell you why. He was called Ginger and he died on December 21, 2001. It wasn't a very long time ago. Be careful not to cry, but this is how he started to die. It was on a Saturday, Dec.21 and I was playing on the internet, until my brother came and told me Ginger wasn't moving at all, so I rushed upstairs and saw Ginger crouched down and not even moving, at first, I thought he was dead. Well anyways, I started to cry and then he opened his eyes, but then I realized my hamster had a bone sticking out of his side. After an hour, he still didn't move, but I then saw him breathing hard. I felt bad for him. I called my mom and she came after a bunch of minutes. She and I put him in a little box and put him next to the heater. He was warming up, and he started to move more. I felt more comfortable when he was moving his hands and legs, but he still didn't stand up or wash his face, instead, a tear trickled down his eye, and this is not a lie. I was crying after he was crying with me, all of a sudden, he opened his eyes really widely, got on his back, his hands rose up, then his eyes got wider than the biggest sea I could imagine and crossed his little, furry arms. Then his right arm dropped down slowly while his left one was up, then with the last tear he had, his big, sweet eyes and his cute little arms, fell down. His breathing faded, and then soon, he died. Ginger was very sweet, because he never bit anyone. The funny thing about him is that, he taught me a lot of things, and found me my lost library book too, but that's a different story. He could tap dance, and go kiss people. He also learned, like a dog, how to stay and come. My friend, Linda and I were very disappointed when he died. He was the precious thing I've ever had and seen. My sweet little Ginger, was almost 4 years old. He was a Syrian hamster. But I also learned one special thing from him too, living things die, because that's how they were made. I got him on October. 14 and I guess that's his birthday. I miss him and loved him, he was very entertaining too. Your best friend could die on any day. ok 1 day my hamster amber got out of her ball that rolls around on the ground it was 4 days after i got her i was scared that my cat would get her but later we found my dog following her around and i was so happy by the way my dog is so scared of amber and once my cat snuck into my room and amber saw her but i did not and i was holding amber and she freaked as my cat jumped up and i threw my cat over by the door with 1 hand and amber went running towards the end of my desk so i grabed 4 any part of her so she wouldent fall and she thought i was the cat attacking her so she bit me and tore my skin i put her back in her cage and i was not mad at her i was proud if that was my cat grabbing 4 her amber would have kicked kitty booty. I was playing with my hamster Jazz when my mom told me that dinner was ready so I put her up. I came back in to my room and saw that she had something pink in her mouth. I was wondering what it was so I opened the cage door, and she put what she was holding and it turned out to be a baby hamster. I was so happy that Jazz had a baby.
                                                                       By, Cody Once we went for vacation, and I left my daughter's hamster with our friends to take care of, while we were away. Our friends also had a bunny, so they knew how to take care of the pets.
When I went to get the hamster back, we were chatting in the hallway. My friend held the hamster in his hand and his wife held the bunny in her hands. They let them close, and both animals started sniffing each other, whith their nose moving vigorously. It looked so funny. The hamster looked so tiny, compared to the bunny, but they behaved the same way.

Suddenly, the hamster opened his jaws as wide as he could and bit the bunny's nose. That was not nice!!!

- story from Ferenc

I have a hamster named Hammy. I love my hamster so much that i do everything with it. Yes EVERYTHING. One time I fell asleep with her on my bed. She is 3 years old so i didnt think much of her getting away because she always sleeps, but tonight she was fealing adventureish. While I was sleeping, she slipped away, down my hallway, down the stairs, past the cats, and into the computer room where my dad was sleeping on the couch. Some how some way she got up onto the couch and stood on my dads chest. Hes was awakened by the movement of my hamster washing its self. He freaked and put it in a box. It was really dark so he didnt know what it was. The next morning i woke up to get my little Hammy and remembered that I fell asleep with her. We looked for a while but didnt find her 'till I went downstairs and my dad said: " Did you lose a hamster?" He told me to look in the box. I looked and say a small ham sitting in the corner sleeping. No harm was done and she lived happily ever after. The end to a true story My hamster is named Dewie. I'll tell you about Dewie first, then his adventures second. Dewie is a teddy bear hamster, with a torn ear and a pudge body. We bought him at a place called Pet Supermarket, home of the sweetest hamsters! Dewie caught my eye as he was going from igloo to igloo <the glass cage they were in had hideouts that looked like igloos> staring up at me with his big black eyes. He was also the only brown and white hamster. There was another one, but he was a golden hamster and had a "black outlining" around his white and brown fur. My sister and I rushed to the hamster cage, and at first, Dewie was the only I saw. Then, a black and white one came out and ate, then a lady picked up the igloo and tons of them went running! When she put the toy down, Dewie, who was the only hamster still near her, was still running back and forth. He was going to be my pick, and I knew for sure when my mom told me to "pick the curious one" which was Dewie. He was so small, 3 and a half inches, and now a month later, he is about 5 and a half inches, and a lot pudgier! He has the "Critter Trail One" cage, with tunnels and tubes shooting everywhere, but on Saturday I'm going to buy him Critter Trail Two. Now on with his adventures---

Adventure number one: The Get Away

When I come home from school, I always find Dewie asleep with food stuffed in his cheeks up in his 'doughnut tunnel.' I'll put on my Aeropostale hoodie, sit in our recliners, and put Dewie in my hoodie pouch. I was contently watching "Trading Spaces" when I felt Dewie moving around. Dewie had been calm the whole time, and sleeping, so I thought maybe he was rearranging. And he was---to the crack in the recliner! He slipped out of my pocket and burrowed in the crack! My hoodie pocket was still 'pooching' out where he had been, so I thought he was still there. Then I went to pet him, and he was gone! The first place I looked was in the crack, and sure enough, he looked up at me with one ear perked, the torn one folding down, and his big black eyes staring at me! I plucked him off and kissed his back and took him back into his cage.

Adventure Number Two: 'Rolling Hills'

Late at night, about 11:30 pm or so on a Saturday, my sister and I were flipping through our YM magazines cutting out pictures to decorate our lockers with on Monday. Dewie was in his neon glow run about ball <which you can spot anywhere> and kept hitting our feet from under the table. Krista <my sister> told me to go downstairs and get more magazines, which I had left the down there. I opened the door to downstairs, thinking Dewie would stay in the kitchen, but he didn't. He was sneaking behind me! As I was coming up our steps with the armfull of magazines, Dewie came rolling down our steps! I dropped the magazines and yelled "DEWIE!!!!!" My mom ran to the door, and by that time <not even half a second later>, the top of his ball was off and rolling down the steps. Luckily, Dew was in the bottom part and was spinning around. I picked him up and handed him to my mom, and by the time she grabbed him, he was ready to take off again!

Adventure Number Three- The Great Escape

Dewie was once again rolling around in his run about ball contently. He would run into walls, the fire place, our recliners, the T.V., the couch, anything! He would always back himself out of it, and if our 20 pound cat would corner him, he would run into her fat belly and she'd run off. Anyways, my mom was folding laundry on the couch, and on one of the socks was a ravel. She tore it off and went to throw it away in our bathroom trash---and guess what she found? Dewie waddling toward our bathtub---our cat ready to pounce! My mom throw the ravel her and yelled "OH MY GOSH!" She plucked Dewie off the rug, and yelled for Frisky <our cat> to leave, but she acted deaf and waited until Dewie was gone! His lid of his ball was on the other side of the room. I'm not sure exactly how this happened, but I'm glad Dewie was saved!

These are Dewie's adventures, I'll try to update them as soon as they happen <lol> but I've only had Dewie for about a month and a half so not much has happened---but I'm already attatched to Dewie! Hehe...gotta bounce! ~holly~ ~*Marky The Dwarf Hamster*~

I have five dwarf hamsters. The baby one of them all is the cutest little thing ever. His name is Marky. He loves chewing the holes in the lookout tower of his cage. One Day, I thought it would be nice to treat him to some peanut butter in one of the holes so he can have some tasty chewing. Well later on that afternoon, i had forgotten all about the peanut butter, so i opened the top of the lookout tower and he climbed on top of it. I noticed that he kept trying to lick something on the other side. He kept trying to lick over the edge so bad that he fell over and landed on my hand. It was soooooooooooooo cute. He looked pretty scared. I couldnt stop laughing. It reminded me of all those funny videos of people falling overboard from their own little boats. I just bought a male teddybear hamster named Clover.I really don't know if I like him or not, so I'm going to exchange him for another one at the petshop.Why,you ask?Well,I don't know myself.I,as an animal lover,am surprised.I mean,he is a sweet little dark cream colored hamster,and at the petshop,he was climbing around trying to get out of the cage to see me.Very curious,healthy,and a great build for a hamster coming out of a petshop instead of a breeder.I guess there's no connection.Furthermore,I borrowed money from my grandpa to buy it's cage and the hamster.I mean,he lent me 40 bucks.I'm so confused right now.I'm afraid the petshop people will think I'm a mean person or something for getting a different one.What if I don't like the next one I get?I have a dwarf which I love to pieces...sorry for writing like this is a journal...I needed to get all of that out.Thanks. On one sad Tuesday morning, my hamster, Hamtaro died of an unknown cause. I was very upset and wanted another hamster to love and care for. (I love hamster and would not consider another animal besides a hamster) My dad didn't like my hamster so he didn't want another one neither did my mom. So I was even more upset and started crying. All week I was upset knowing I'll never get anopther hamster. Until Saturday morning, when my mom and dad blindfolded me and drove me somewhere with my sister and brother. I had no idea what suprise it would be. Once my blindfold was off, I saw that we were parked right in front of petco! I was sooo happy. We went in and I took a half of an hour decided which hamster I was getting until I saw this very very tiny golden hamster curled up in the corner. I wanted that one, and I told the clerk. She said that the hamster I was picking was very friendly so I liked the hamster even more. I already had all my hamster equipment at home ! so I only spent $8. We went home and it took alot of thinking and we decided her name was Honey. We've had her for a day so far:) Christina When I went to my grandmothers,lovey my hamster got out of his cage and fell off my desk and had freedom .My mom heard a sound in her closet she looked in and there he was. What more.

By:Monika.N.Banfield and lovey once my hamster furry got lost 100years later we were moveing and i found hin once my hamster twich got lost.oulii My hamters Stormy and Cloud got into a fight. My friend was over and we started screaming we were both scared. I broke fight. Hey this is Holly who wrote about Dewie. I've been reading a lot---and there are some tips I've learned myself without the help of books, the internet, or magazines. I'd like to share them with you.

If you are switching a hamster's cage with another rodent's cage---

Recently, my sister bought Critter Trail 3 for her gerbil Stitch and I got her Critter Trail 1 to connect with my Critter Trail 1 for Dewie <which he loves.> You cannot absolutely cannot immediately switch the cages---it takes a good amount of work. I had to empty out all of the Carefresh bedding, take out the wheel, take the tunnels apart and some more stuff like that I will explain later! ;-). I used Dial Dish Dertegent, which any LIQUID soap would work, bar soap might be slightly hard to use. I poured one long squirt into the bottom of the cage and filled it with boiling hot water. I let it sit for about 10 minutes, then scrubbed the sides, and scrubbed the bars which were also removed and placed the bars inside the bottom to soak for another 10 minutes. After this time is up, lay the bottom of the cage and the bars on anything but the ground, the ground will collect dust and may have serious effects on your hamster's respiratory <sp?> system. I then moved to the tunnels. They come apart in halves, so plug up your sink or whatever, pour a long amount of liquid soap into each half and let the tunnels soak for 10-15 minutes, these must soak longer because hamsters <at least Dewie> like to spend a lot time in their tunnels, whether resting or getting to the top layer. The next step was the top. It wasn't too hard, you just mainly have to let the layer part <if you have Critter Trail 1 its the top layer with the green top that pops open> sit in very hot and soapy water for 10 minutes. The purple part may be whiped off with a damp papertowel. After all the cleaning has been done, DRY ALL THE PARTS OF THE CAGE OFF! I used a terry cloth to dry it off. ALSO IF YOU USE LIQUID SOAP MAKE SURE ALL BUBBLES ARE WASHED OUT, AND YOU CANNOT SMELL THE SOAP ON THE CAGE AFTER ITS SOAKED AND DRIED OFF! A TIP I FORGOT WAS AFTER LETTING YOUR CAGE SOAK WITH SOAP, DRAIN THE SOAP OUT AND FILL THE CAGE UP WITH HOT WATER. THERE MAY BE A FEW BUBBLES, BUT BE SURE TO RINSE YOUR CAGE OFF THOROUGHLY SO NO BUBBLE OR SOAP SPOT IS ANYWHERE! I REPEAT, DRY YOUR CAGE OFF SO GOOD, YOU CANNOT SMELL THE SOAP ON THE CAGE! Also dry off every tunnel and in the tunnel as well. If a hamster gets in the tunnel while it is wet then has a breeze or a draft, he can catch a cold! So that's something to make sure of OK! Ok.

This is the only tip I have---sorry but as for the updates on Dewie---he's doing great and gets larger every day! hehe. gotta bounce~hol~ well i had a hamster and when we bought him we did not know he had wet tail and he died six days after we got him so we got a new one and we have had him for about a month and he is very healthy I THINK It was a normal day,like any other day.I would wake up and go to school, but This day was different.When I went downstairs to go eat breakfast i noticed that both of my parents where looking at the ceiling,I asked them why and they told me that my brother's hamster Sparky had escaped(He is an escape aritist) and found his way to the floorboards on top, we tried everything but we couldn't bring him out.Them after i came back from school, my brother told me that they had found sparky(before he left to school) sleeping in his dirty laundery, i guess sparky found his way to his best friend by scent! I got a hamster,who I named Gabby, for my b-day! I love her even though she bites HARD!! She can get grumpy but most of the time is sweet.I'm still scared of getting her out of her cage! I love her and hope she's with me forever!!!!! One day, me and my friend Chelsea were watching tv and my hamster was on my back. It tickled me so much that i told Chelsea to take her off. I looked at Chelsea and she was playing with the hamster. I thought she might want to hold her for a while and play with her. Then i asked her if i can have the hamster back. She said," i thought you had the hamster" and i was all like,"OMG..where did you put her then?!" we looked at each other and started to panic and we looked all over my room. We looked on the bed, under the pillows, under the blanket, on the floor, and even under my carpet. I told Chelsea,"if we can't find the hamster you're going to pay me $10.00!" The last place we looked was under the bed. We looked and looked and looked. She wasn't under there. Then i heard a scratching noise that sounded like my hamster!! i found her under the bed all the way at the back. Me and Chelsea were relieved and took her back to her cage, washed our hands and then went back to watching tv. One day i was watching tv and i put my hamster in her little cage.When i looked in her cage she wasn't there i looked all over for her.At last i found her curled up in a ball in one of my sweaters and i was so happy.

Age:9 I have a cute,adorable, and sneaky con-artist hamster! His name is Milo and he is now 1 yr. old!He's a teddy bear hamster and really fuzzy! When this happened he was about 9 months old. Around 3:00 am I woke up cause I heard a scratching noise so I ran to mt mom's room and woke her!

"Mom, I think there's a mouse in my room cause he's making a lot of noise"I said poking her. (cause we do have mice in our house) I went back and whispered loudly "Go away you stupid mouse!" (no offence now, i like mice) so i jumped and stomped. Slowly I went over to my trunkwhere the sound was coming from and crept over. My bed skirt was in the way so I flicked it and there was Milo!. He was biting a pencil and chewing on it. A couple days later I was cleaning my room and i saw behind the trunk was a fallen hamster treat that he was probably after!

age:12 Heres my story of my hamster Carmel...1 day i had my whole family over a party. ME and my cousin decided to have a sleepover so i went to her house. I forgot that that i took my hamster out to show my 2 little cousins that are 5 and almost 3 . THen my older cousin had to leave and so did my younger 1's so i put my hamster away and i put the top on but i only forgot to seal it so that night my hamster got out... I have a dog his name is shadow he is always eyeing my hamster because he wants to eat it. well it got out and the next morning my mom noticed it was gone so i was looking all around the house and i went into my family room and found that my dog got at my hamster before i did. so it died :( but i now have 2 hamsters 1 black and white oreo and another Iris who is really fuzzy and only 10 weeks old
~Courtnie 11~ One day i got a hamster and one week later i woke up to find that its cage had blood everywhere he was bleeding from the nose and eyes his theeth were also scrwed up tried pulling it out and i did it but 5 months later it died..... Hey this is Holly AGAIN -Dewie's owner- and I wanna tell you some Dewie moments! Well a little after he got his "double wide" lol he learned how to escape. Well Dewzer is hyper at night...and me and my friend had just gotten back from a dance and it was 11 pm or so and she was giving me a french manicure because it was the friday before spring break and i was goin places and my nails needed something...well i heard Dewie biting on the side of his cage and that's normal he always does that then i hear this little squeak and i look over and Dewie has the cage door open and is crawling out!! So I get up, pluck him off the dresser <his cage is on my dresser&rt; and put him back in and wait to see if he does it again. He does it about 4 more times, so I go and wake up my mom. My mom comes in and ties the cage door and the wires together with bread ties. 3 Days later...I'm laying on the living room floor watching Lizzie McGuire and I turn around and said something to my sister and I just happened to glance over and Dewzer was walking across the living room floor heading into the kitchen! So I shoot up at speed of light and slowly approach him....I plucked him off the carpet and go into my mom and dad's room...woke my mom up and told her Dewie can untie the bread ties and get out...and I told her about him going into the kitchen and all~~~so she gets up and I swear we were fidgeting with his cage for like 45 minutes before my mom took one of my colored paperclips <pink is so Dewie's color lol&rt; and straightened it out, wrapped it around the cage and the door and twisted it. She did this to the other door too...and guess what---it's been 2 mos. and Dewie still doesn't know how to undo it! The paperclips won't hurt him because all the sharp sides are pointing outwards...and when he starts chewing on the carrots I slide him a carrot between the wires and he eats it right up!! And he still runs on his wheel...gets fresh food...but since I can't open the door, I have to take the top of the cage everytime I want to feed him or hold him or put him in his ball...anything! <BTW I have Critter Trail with connecting tubes to another Critter Trail> Dewzer is soooo cute I love him! Oh...and he hits the walls so hard with his ball the top comes off! My mom and dad and my brother and his girlfriend and I were all playing cards and i went to use the bathroom <TMI I'm sorry> and I saw Dewie's ball and the lid on the other side of the room...and so I turned on the hall light and Dewie was beside my door and was trying to get under the crack <I keep all doors shut when Dewzer's in his ball so if he gets out he can't get wedged under a bed or something lol>! So I plucked him off and put him in his cage! Now I'm on 24/7 alert with the Dewzer!!! this story is about my teddy bear hamster shibby.i had just got him that day and i fixed his cage and all i was sitting their looking at him when i had to go do some.i came bak and looked at him he had climbed all the way to the top and wasa hanging by his back legs like he was in the gymnastics or something he is so cute. One day, my hamster was running in her hamster ball and my cat came into the room. And guess what. My hamster chased my cat out of the room! It was so funny! My hamster is a Golden hamster and her name is Fuzzball ( or Fuzzy for short.) Hi, I'm Kayla, my hamster Goobs, poor thing died Friday May 9th, anyway, here's how I picked him out: We live in Indiana, and one day, my grandpa and I went to search for a hamster. We went to D D's pets, and we went to the hammy section, a whole bunch of Syrian hamster we're pilled up, sleeping, there was one standing on them all, and I said to Grandpa, "Thats the one." He was so calm! The guy let me hold him! The others kept jumping, but Goobs was calm. Hi, Kayla again! Here's two stories of Goobs escaping:
I had my friend over, and had 2 cages for Goobs connected. Well, I accidently kept the 2nd cage wide open! (Goobs doesn't usually go IN the second cage!) So, it was on a Sunday morning at 2:00o'clock, and my mom woke me up. I was so terrified, we looked all night in my bedroom. Barney, my dog, was at my mom's dresser sniffing, mom put Barney in the bath-room, so he wouldn't eat goobs. Later, we realized, that we should let Barney find him. So, we let the dog out, and he went to the dresser, mom started looking through the drores, Guess what we found? A cute little hamster! Goobies!!
The 2ndd time, Goobs broke open his top of his cage! He was powerful! I was worried this time. I took a shower, that morning (it was in 4th grade on a mon.) And realized Goobs cage was gone, later I went to school, and dad found goobs, in the drorer, and had turdies all over moms PJ's. My hamster, Sunny, is a bright yellow and white. The night I first had her, I felt a little something on me. I looked behind me, and there was Sunny, sleeping like a baby. (aww!) I picked her up and put her in her cage beside Oxnard, my other hamster. She looked at me like I was punishing her! I gave her 4 sunflower seeds. She ate them and went to sleep in the corner of her cage. aww! I already had a hammy, (Oxnard) But still, what could be better than 2 hammies? I went into my mom's room (It was like 10:00, she was doing her makeup.) I asked her for another hammie. She said, "Well, ask your father, it's okay with me." So I went to dad and he asked me if I would take care of it. I said "I take care of Oxnard, don't I?" He said "I see. Yes." So, later that day, we went to Pet Valu and I was watching the hamsters, (It was in the morning) And a little yellow (Bright yellow) and white hamster came up to the front of the cage. It looked at me, and I said to the lady, "Can I please have that one?" She said yes, and put it in a small blue box. I went home with a new cage (That I just bought) and put her in. She looked around, not knowing what to do. I said "I'm your new owner, Emily." And she just looked at me. She looked like she was saying 'well, who am I?' haha. I looked at her bright fur and said, "Alright, I'll call you Sunshine. hmm..........But Sunny is shorter, so now, you will be known as Sunny! Go explore." She ran in the wheel a bit, then went to sleep. My two hamsters are the sweetest little cuties ever! My 1st hamster Kibbles was sneaky. One day I got a call from my mother,-I was at my friends house- and my mother asked where Kibbles was. I told her in her cage, she is probably sleepy in her hiding spot. So my mom said okay and hung up. A few moments later my mom said she was not in her cage. So I got really upset and went home to look for her. Kibbles was not the friendliest hamster and bit a lot. She was not tamable. But when I got to my house we were looking and looking and then I spotted Kib on the floor skittering around. I grabbed her without my gloves and she bit me two times and I put her in her cage. I was bleeding. I had to give her to the pet store becuase they said they would get someone to tame her and then sell her to a different family. Then I got a new hamster dingo who died in April. It was sad. She never bit. I am getting a new hamster in July though but I will never forget Kib or Dingo! Expecially Dingo! Hi my name is Lauren Trippe-(Trip)-and I have a hamster named butterscoch. One day my hammy got lost and I found him in a closet. Hechewed a hole in a box of old clothes. Every time he got lost i would find him in the exact same place but the hole would get bigger and bigger. Butterscotch passed awaywhen he was three years on 5-8-03. I have a hamster and I'm gonna tell you about how I got him first then I'll tell you about his adventures. I had been begging for a hamster for about a year and we were celebrating my birthday along with my dads and aunts 'cause they're all in september and it was september first. my sister took me to a petshop on that day and she was gettin' me a hamster. When we got there there was a big cage with a ton of hamsters in it. there was this one in a corner by itself so I chose it. the next day i had realized it needed a name. i didn't know if it was a boy or girl and in its' cage it looked extreamly happy so i named it happy. on this one weekend in september we had my birthday party. my friend Traci knows all about hamsters 'cause she has one so I asked her about mine so she looked at it and told me it was a boy. That's how I got him and found out he was a boy.

Adventure one: the dirty laundry
One day i put my hamster in his ball and he was in there a long time. i guess it was too long of a time 'cause when I went to find him he was gone. i searched and searched for him for hours. Of course it had to be nine thirty and i had to go to bed at ten thirty so i only had an hour then i heard a scratching noise coming from one corner so i went there then it was coming from in the laundry room so i went in there. it was coming from one corner of the room so I went there. it was then coming from below me so i looked down there was somthing covering a bucket so i took it off and there was my hamster with dust on his fur.
I'll write some more adventures later, Jessica

One time my sisters friend came over and she asked to hold my sisters hamster.My sister took her hamster out[Rosey].Her friend dropped Rosey.We think she broke her neck but were not sure.A few days later we took Rosey to the vet.She had to be put to sleep.A few days later my hamster died of old age.But now both my sister and i have cute dwarf hamsters. :0) One day I wanted to get a hamster. My parents said no, so I begged and got grounded. So, then they pinched me and I called Difus. Now, I am in an adopted home, w/out a hamster and grounded for begging. So hamsters don't solve anything, DONT GET ONE, LOOK AT WHERE IT GOT ME! LOL!!!
NEwayz, i had a hamster it ran away, then i found it, it bit me! It had been talking to my evil cat and they called all of the animals on the street to attack me at 5:30! RUNNNNNNN! my hamster i got like 4 days ago is so cute!his name is scamper! his nick name is percy! well my sis said 2 me dat if you take a picture of theam they will get blinded!is it true?well i tried 2 look on the web for info on it but there waz none things about it.but now i know how it is like 2 have theam,the worst part about theam waz at night tyme they would make noise,loud noise. one time my ferret bit me on the nose because it was mean and i bit it back on the nose and it came up and started kissing me. hello my name is margaret and I am 12 yrs old. my teddy bear hamsters name is peanut. he is such a good boy. he knows who his mommy is and he listens to me very well. he has never gotten away on me yet and doubt he will. when he starts to stray off I just call his name and he always come back. I let him play on the floor everyday and I dont need no box or nothing to keep him around. he always like to climb around and through my legs. my hamster was really sick every. day my mom would say one day your hamster will die then one afternoon i went to my uncles house fergeting to close the cage door the cage door . and somthing weird happend while i was at my uncles house.For some straing reason i wanted to go home so badly but why? So we went home and when i got to the cage she was gone at first i didn't see the cage door open but then i did. My mom and i franticly looked around and then i remebered her favorit spot behind the coach by the time i checked a mouse trap that we didn't know was there had my hamster traped on it so thats what happened.and when i looked at her she squealed and she was gone

by:Alan I just got a new hamster. Her name is Nubby. She is the cuttest ever. Anyway, she has a supper tall cage, and there are 3 floors. 1st is just food, and water and stuff, 2nd is the wheel, and 3rd is the little house she sleeps in. Well, the wheel had spaces in it. So she would climb in between the wheel and the wall, and get stuck. So we had to hold the wheel, and then she would fall. IT was so funny LOL! Well thats all. One day my hamster was looking around in the house. All I did was look at my sister for one second and I turn around to look at her and I see her butt and legs in a hole in the wall next to a coupord and thougt she climbed into the coupord but I was wrong she went into the walls. We are still tring to get her BACK!!!
            P.S it was my hamsters second day at the house .We got her the day before that .We are all sad. My hamster Phebee is so cute! She's a female teddy bear hamster, she's all silky blonde! We have three blondes in our family, now four including her!!! Anyway, one night, I was trying to get some sleep, and I decided to get up and see what the loud 'pheebs' was doing, so I went to her cage, and her a scratching sound, she was underneath her wheel, scracting it! She also runs on top of the wheel, and doesn't even use the tubes! She climbs, just like my hamster, Goober, who died at 2years on May 9th. He's was so CUTE! One Day,I took the gba (gameboyadvance)and took my hamster out.(her name is P-chan).When I turned it on, she bounced up!! she said "WOAH!"

The end By: Chistina Kullas

Hi! I have ten hamsters. Five grown dwarf hamsters,A Syrian Hamster, and four baby dwarves. My story will be about my Syrian,Rocket. Here is how he got his name...


My friend Emily had four hamsters. Her mom said it was okay,but then her dad said to get rid of one,or two. So Emily's mom asked me if I wanted one and I said yes! (after my mom said I could have one of course) His name was Esther!(At the time we thought it was a girl) The weird thing is that she had TWO SYRIAN hamsters living together peacefully! I think that is sooooo weird! DON'T TRY IT AT HOME THOUGH! So we went to the park the next day and my friend Emily was there. Her hamster had seven babies!!!!! I was going to get that hamster to, but her little sister cried all night! So I got a different one. So we had to name the hamster a different name. He was already tamed and liked to be held,but he was a bit skittish at the time,and he would zoom down the tube like a rocket! So that's how he got his name! I will keep you posted on ALL my hamsters adventures!

I have a hamster named Hamilton.One day my hamster felt like being an acrobat.So he went to the top level on his cage,and started to run on top of his wheel. He started to slip but he jumped onto the ceiling on the cage,then he swung for a while.Finaly he jumped and did a flip.Then he landed safly on the soft bedding.
One day he was runing on his wheel.Any ways he was so tired that he fell asleep while runing.he slow sliped of the wheel then he would wake up before he would fall.And he did this on and on.Until he finaly fell of and rolled on to the floor.HE WAS STILL ASLEEP!
Oh ya he is a tedy bear hamster.

Brandonage:11 One day my hamster hamilton was runing on his wheel.Any ways he was so tired that he fell asleep while runing.he slow sliped of the wheel then he would wake up before he would fall.And he did this on and on.Until he finaly fell of and rolled on to the floor.HE WAS STILL ASLEEP!

Brandon           age:11

Furbo, I love him so so much! Here is a tale about Furbo, a really smart hamster. One night he excaped from his cage and we couldn't find him for a week. I was so worried about him since it was hard for a hamster to find food or water if not in his cage. Ok, so what happened was one morning we found Furbo in a small crack/hole in the kitchen where he slept. When he came out of it his soft tanned and cream coloured fur was all dusted. So recently my hamster had escaped out of his cage many times already until my mother had got fed up with him and tied a string on the door of the cage. He adventually chewed it off and gotton out until now we put a big book on top of the cage so that naughty Furbo would not get away. Funny, funny Furbo now a days is using all his strength to chew the cage open. God don't let that happen! hi!its Chissy again!im going to write another story with my ham P-chan!~_^ once i left the door open on her cage(its CritterTrail2)so she escaped, me and my sister were saying"were is she?were is she?" like 10 mins later my sis found her on the keyboard under my bed!ill write more stories later,ok bye! hi! its chissy (again)once i gave P-chan a nibbie stick and held it in her mouth like a doggy bone! :D thats all P-chans adventures!bye! my hamster ran away hi i'm a hamster lover this story is about twiglet my hamster .she ran away and when i found her she was under my bed eating a biscuit i left there !!! Hi it is me again, Jennie the girl with the escaping "Furbo" hamster. Here is another tale about my hamster which is quite different from the other stories about escaping from cages. It is weird and funny as well. all started when I was watching T.V with my sister Nancy. Flipping through the channels while holding Furbo, was hard because mum was cleaning out the cage at that time. Suddenly I felt some watery liquid on my hand, the one with Furbo on it. This white liquid was on me and Nancy started screaming "FURBO IS PEEING WHITE MILKY LIQUID STUFF!!!" She is not that mature since she is only 9. Anyways I am now scared to hold my hamster and Nancy is more horrified to hold him because of the "milk" incident. Once she dared me to touch its butt for one dollar. EWWW! OF course I love money and some how she does have a bigger allowance then me so I did and she tricked me into doing that. I still love Furbo though, love him toooooooooo much!!!!!!

Jennie Lu-12 years old

One year ago my sister had 1 hamster and i did to and my sisters was a girl and mine a boy and one day my dad bought a boy hamster and thought it was a girl and put it with my sisters girl hamster then found out it was a boy and put it with my hamster thats a boy and it was making out with it then it ran in a cornner and mad a nois.
P.S.I THINK KYLE NOLIN STINKS! Okay, here is 2 adventure stories about my hamster, Jade.

~New ham on the block~
I was sitting at the computer desk, typing up some things when I heard a squeeking noise. A walked into the other room, thinking it might be coming from the TV. I saw Jade on her hind legs in front of me, on a toy block. I picked her up, then picked up the toy block. I put the toy block on the shelf and put Jade in her cage.

~Jade the builder~
I was in the workshop making a bird house, Jade by my side. I heard her squeek, and looked over to see her chewing on a screw driver. I put her in a crate type thing, and went to work. Once I was done (I had the roof done.) I went to see Jade to put her back, and saw that she chewed right through! I searched and searched for her, but didn't see her. I went to check under my work bench and there she was, sitting on a hammer.

Well, those are all so far, I'll right them down as soon as they happen. Bye-q people!

a few years ago i had a hamster named Rosie.Now Rosie was a very inteligant hamster that knew escape routs.well when my babysiter closed the cage wrong(that was a problum)the adventure began for Rosie.she first fell off a desk 40cm high(i know that because thats were her cage was)and went right at my door.As soon as i come up the stairs theres Rosie at my bedroom door(as soon as she saw me she turned the other direction)i quickley caught her and she just sat in her cage looking at me i just looked back and i knew she wanted a new adventure! Hi, I just got my new hammie Last night. I am still debating on names. It is kind of hard to find names for boy hamsters. I like the name Cody. Any suggestions? Tell me them on a message and post it here. He is a white teddy bear hamster.

Anyway, I had just got him and he was chewing a hole through his cardboard box, and he was half out when he got stuck! He had bit my younger brother earlier, (my brother bled like crazy and was crying) so i was scared of helping him with him so terrified of me. Finally i got up the courage to reach down and rip the rest open, pick him up, and put him in his new cage. Then he just spun around and around in circles like he was dancing. It was soooo cute! I can hold him a little but i am so scared i'll get bit. How can I train him not to bite? What should you do when he does bite?


Hi hamsterowna!

Don't pet or pick up your hamster the first day, but offer him treats like sunflower seeds, and in a few days your hamster will learn not to be afraid of you, and will gladly come to you for treats. Then you can try petting him, and if he's gotten used to petting, you can pick him up and play with him, let him crawl on you, etc. Good luck! Hamsters rule! =^.^=

i am looking for a hampster on the internet because he said i can have one if i can be one on the internet i have been on it for 2.20 mins Hi!my names Laura!:)Ill give out some adventures!!I put P-chan on the keyboard so she typed"fffhhg3444"LOL it was soo funny!!! one time i was watching tv down stairs when i wanted to check on my hamster Honey well ofcorse it was day time and the most cutest thing happend i went to go say hi when she was sleeping and you wont beleave how she was sleeping she was on her back tummy facing me and her hands where folded and she was out cold because we just came back from the park and we both had a hard day

Kayla thomson Windsor Ontario age 11 comment

hi im katie and i am a first time hamster owner any way ,my hamster,Chibi died yester day . for all of u there that have ever lost one how did u get over it .i have been crying almost non stop since yester day.

thurs july 23,2003

hi katie again i forgot last time to tell u somthing that waas really funnyaabout my haamster. any way,my caat wass ssoo funny tthhaat sshe was scared of him it was really funny!!!!!!!!!       new ham(cindi)

I got a new ham a few days ago!shes very cute,ill tell u why we got this ham.when i was picking a ham there was a cute topygrey colored one thatwas looking at me and my mom with bright blue eyes.My mom picked it up and held it...It was a very calm hamster that was 2 months old.She was very scared of course so she tryed gnawing out of her box.I then dropped her in her new cage that she was checking out.We both played with her ,after she got used to the cage.She didnt bite nor fret.She was calm as a clam!   vanessa 11

Hey, i got my hamster today and his name is Stewie!! Hes a black bear and hes all black and white.Hes the most cutest thing i've ever seen. Ok when i got him in his Space cage, he was checking everything out.. I was watching him really close to the cage then i said 'Come here Stewie!'(just for fun)And then he just stopped, came right up to the cage and stared at me for 10 min. After he put his nose threw the bar and i gently put my finger close to his nose and he liked me!!

Blaire(age 12)

HEY! Its Blaire again,

Well Stewie today scared the heck outa my mom and dad! I was sleepin and i guess my mom came in the room (she hates hamsters:P) and she saw Stewie stuck behind the wheel! she started to spaz and ran to my dad he ran in and took the wheel out and Stewie just dropped to the ground. My dad thought he was dead, the i woke up and he was putting his hand in to get him out but when i went up to the cage he was asleep! we figured that Stewie was climbing over the wheel then got tired and slid down and go stuck between the cage and the wheel.. He fell asleep!! (o and my other story i ment to type'i gently put my finger to his nose and he licked me!'

Blaire!!(and Stewie!)
July 28

one time my hamster critter got out of his cage and i thought he ran away. then the night i found him and figured out that he just wanted to run around because he always came back. this is funny one night i woke up and he was crawling on me because he wanted me to put him back in his cage and he new i would. but he dont do that any more. p.s. he loves me very much My hamster, her name was Missi, died this year 2003. She always wanted to get out when she saw me. one night i was going to bed and then she was wanting to get out then. i told her it was bedtime (because sometimes she understands me) and she was still jumping up and down. i had a dream of Missi dying, then my sister woke me up because she had a nightmare. She was still jumping up and down. then, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves came on and she stopped. I thought that she was sleep, but then she died. when i woke up for school, just to prove my dream wrong, i went to wake her up, but then she was dead laying on her back. I was sad, ALOT!! I cried all day at school, we made a funeral for her, my dad almost cried because he liked her most. My best friend was very sad, because she was her "Godmother". I miss her nipped ear, hashbrown colored coat, her little face, everything!! I really miss her, alot. and she was very loved because im not the only one. We were all ready to go to Canada. And then my funny hamster, Snoopy got out of his cage for two days and then when we come in from roller-skating and the my sister Oliva found him eating Carly's food. He is the funnies little thing in the whole world! Ppl.. i was wonderin if grass is good for hamsters.. cuz when i took Stewie outside in his ball he keeped on eatin the grass.. is it ok? Blaire..and Stewie! Hi Blaire!

I think it's okay, since a bunch of other rodents eat grass as well. Just make sure that the grass is clean (like not next to a busy road) and wasn't treated with chemicals!

Hi I'm Angie

I have 4 syrians hamsters and 2 winter white dwarfs hamsters. They are very smart. Every morning when they scent me around in the kitchen, they will all peek through the wire cages (i have 4 cages), "jumping" for food because I feed them bread and sometimes noodles. They will not go back into their "rooms" until I had fed them. The syrian hamsters are the smartest. All of them got a name and they respond to my call.

Hi I'm Sharon, Angie's younger sister.

I too own 3 golden hamsters. One of them has its photograph pasted in "Hamsterland" on page 2 photo no. 241. His name is 'Mao-mao'(because he is very hairy) he is a real beauty, with long golden hair. I have to trim him every two months.
Another one is golden brown with a white band around its mid body. She is very shy but adorable. The 3rd one is so playful and cute. she looks like a miniature bear with thick golden hair and has a tail that curls upward and flat against its backside. She likes sitting up with gazes around when i am near her cage.

Hi!this is Laura here,My ham P-chan made this big pile of ham treats and THEY MELTED!!!i said "P-chan!?(ewwww!)now i have to clean your Cage!"it was GROSS!! o few days ago my critter cindi got out of her cage and came down stairs to watch a movie with us(her appearance wasnt excpected)she jumped and jumped so we would notice her,of course we did and put her back in her silly cage.oh how she loved that adventure! cindi 3months old by vanessa:11 one day my friends where over and we were playing with my hamster we make her a maze and than she peed blood i don't know what it means but i think she is going to have babies i'll write again if it happens


Hey! Its blaire..yesterday at about 3 pm i went into my room where stewie was and he was sleepin of course.. then i was playin my radio and reading then he started makin weird noise..almost like a pig..? y was he doing that

Blaire and Stewie

hi this is furbo talking the hamster of nancy and jennie. today i will be teaching you what happned i died bye-bye oh fine oh fine i know you miss me so i will come back from the dead scince you really want me orelse youll cry forever so im BACK! Ok i got this hamster named Bijou BE-SHO and its a brown teddy bear hammy heres her story: ONe day my owner brought me to this other humans house and there cat sniffed me and sinse have big bars for my cage i sprayed the cat with pee pee:D:D That was exleast 3 minutes with.. BIJOU THE HAMMY

From: unknown hammy

I had a little grey, short-haired, cool, intelligent, charming hamster named Wednesday. One day, I walked up to her cage, looked in, and there she was, lying there... cold and lifeless. I figured she was dead. So, I reached in to pick her up, planning her funeral. I found she was still flexible, and although it was unusually slow, she still had a heartbeat. So, i wasn't gonna give up on my baby just yet. I held her in my hands, trying to warm her back up... which seemed to help, but very little. I was just wondering what was wrong w/ her. Her little nose wasn't twitching... and she wouldn't even blink her eyes. After about 15 minutes of holding and warming her, I put my thumb on her chest to check her heartbeat. It was beating a little faster. So I got my hopes up, thinking, "maybe she might make it." But she didn't. About 25 minutes, and 2 seizures later, she died right there in my hand. After the first seizure, she was just laying there, looking half dead and like she was gasping for air. And that went on for about 23 of the 25 minutes. Then for 2 minutes, she had one last seizure, in which she looked like she was straining every muscle in her body, she crossed her front and back legs, and she urinated all over herself. And right after that, her heart stopped and the color slowly drained out of her nose and her bottom lip (when hamsters die, their nose and mouth turns a kind of lavenderish color, and they get blood in the ends of their toes, and they get stiff and their stomach turns yellow... geez... i think i've dealt with too many dead hamsters... i had nine of them all at one time when i was a kid.) But anyway, that was my happy hamster story. Wednesday will be missed by all in the Walters family. Though you can't hear me, I love you Wednesday. Hey! its blaire again..Well we got extentions for stewies cage(the space kind) and it goes out a lil then straight up and its pretty high..he has already tried to get up but he falls back down..i thought hamsters cud go up high things? I have a little Syrian hamster name Biscuit. She is absuloutley adorable. One morning I came down stairs and went to check on my hamster. I looked inside her cage to find her missing! Then I started looking all over the floor and saw that the bottom of the door was all chewed up and then i started hearing some noises. it was coming from the sink. so somehow during the night, she must have escaped, crawled up the washer, and fell right into the sink. she was really mad and was trying to use her teeth to get up the wall of the sink. she didn't want to play for the rest of the day. that was her scariest escape. but their have been even more " sink traps" after that, alissa age 11 Hi! i just got this adorable Black Bear Ham-ham her name is Baby Starburst Starla(Starla or Baby for short)i have a lot of qestions 'cuse im new with hammies 1.for the first cuple of weeks my hammie(Baby) eats the seeds i give her now she stuffs her cheeks with them is that a sign that she likes it with me???
2. she won't use her wheel weird huh:)and she has this 3 story House she wont use the ladders she scales the wires whats up with that? the way i met her was so unbeliveable and cute:D this is the story : *THE SIGN*
I went to the pet shop looking for a pet that i would be freinds with at first i looked at all the B.B.H.s(black bear hamsters) there were only two i looked to see if they were energitic only one was walking the other was napping.i instantly fell in love with the hamster. i asked my dad if i could get it; he asked a couple of qestions like " are you sure you want a hamster, why not a gerbil"(i had a gerbil before all this i said no that my hart was set on the cute B.B.H. he askeds the the woman that worked there to get the hamster. again i was asked if i was sure that i wanted that hamster,that there were rats that were nicer EWWWWWWWW!! I HATE RATS they may be mice only bigger, but i said noo!(i had 2 mice) i said no and my dad and the lady talked while i looked at the hamsters then the ham-ham that had been walking around came up to me and put its paw to the glass it actully smiled at me i put finger where its paw was i got my dad to look and we both agreed that i would have that hamster. we took it home after i signed some forms. so far Baby has not not bitten me again since last sunday, and she is soon going to have a roll-around-ball to play in.

P.S. Hamsters RULE!

Hi Jules!

1. That's just a thing hamsters do. Hamsters hoard the food they don't eat right there. Just make sure you clean out the stash every few days to keep the stored foods from getting spoiled, and replace it with a few fresh seeds isntead!
2. Don't worry about your hamster climbing up the wires. But about, the wheel, maybe it's too small? I bought a cage once with this plastic wheel in it, that was so tiny! My grown-up hamster could hardly sit in it, let alone run in it. (It was probably for mice.) Thumbs up for the roll-around-ball! Just make sure it's large enough so your hamster won't outgrow it later. =^.^=

my hammy rocks her name is Baby Starburst Starla is my first hammy


Jules here,
any one if your looking for a pet choose hamsters if they bit you they are agitated are you woke them up or they are scared right???
oh and Baby says Hi! Jules here with a funny story, i got the roll around ball and put Baby in it pooed right smack dab in the middle my father made me take her out and clean the ball;) i'll keep you updated.


P.S. dang they are fast, got to go catch Baby!:)

P.P.S. do hammies like cheese?

hey!!! ihave a hamster his name is buddy.he is a nice hamster.sometimes he does the hamster dance

so as i was saying i do have a hamster and he has some tubes

my old hamster Bijou,was asleep on the 2nd floor of her cage.(right by the ladder!)Me and my mom were watching her and all of a sudden she just tumbled down!She looked like she`d seen a ghost! hello..

We have 2 hamsters.. The first one, Misty,we got as a kindergarten graduation gift for my daughter.
Misty is white,with a little apricot spot on her head. She has red eyes and tufts of silky fur.
About a month or so later, we were in the same store where Misty came from and were playing with the hamsters and a lil syrian kept climbing on us and did not want to go back. So we got him.. His name is Joey. I was a bit worried when I put him in the cage with Misty.. He is about half her size.. She accepted him and they curled up to sleep. I think she was in"heat" at the time! Who knows.. we might have baby hammies in a couple of weeks!??

a few days ago my dad said i could get a hamster so i went to the pet shop 2 get 1 and when the shop keeper tried 2 get her out she climed up her arm and bit her!!!!

then when we got her home my dad tried 2 lift her and she jumped out of his hands and it looked like she was flying (hehehe) super ham

ONE TIME MY HAMSTER GOT LOOSE IT WENT UNDER MY DOOR INTO THE LIVING ROOM WHERE MY AUNT WAS SHE WAS DRINKING POP AND WHEN SHE CAME IN MY HAMSTER WAS DRINKING HERE POP! BUT HE DIED BUT IM GETTING A OTHER ONE. My hamsters name is Rolo she has this slide in her cage but she keeps on peeing on it it is like so annoying!!! she is cute though I also have an attachment wheel and so I went to go and brush my hair when my little one year old sister started to say uh-oh room sister room Rolo I ran into my room and I seen that the wheel wasn't on tight so the hamster was hanging out! I picked her up and made sure she was okay she was thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey! Its Blaire With Stewie! ^ iI just got another hamster i named him CHIP *_* i dont know why i named him that but i love him alot well i built a pin for him and when i was wathing t.v thenmy cat came she was running to get CHIP i jumped out of my and tackled my cat! she did not get hurt but i dont think she liked that much HaHa know everytime my cat comes CHIP runs up my sleeve well thats it but if annything else happends i"ll tell you its alex and chip well i put him in his ball in my kitchen.And my cat and dog came running in and when my hamster would run my cat and dog would run for cover! I have a hamster named mystery and he is a black bear hamster . Every time mystery gets out he run to my closet.

     brittany ,MD

one day i forgot to close my hamster fuzzybutt's cage door. well, being the smart hamster he is he got out! I looked all around my room(he had to be in there) for two hours and then decided to give up for awhile. I was in tears thinking i might never find him again and then i remembered i had a box of cereal under my bed(cereal always cheered me up.) I picked up the box and took a handful out and started to eat it, then i hears a rumble from inside then cereal box. I opened the box and there i found fuzzybutt!!He was all fat and his cheek pouches were all full of cereal!!It was so funny i started laughing so hard that my neighbor heard me and called my house to see if i was ok.

written by erin murphy(in memory of fuzzybutt*died of hamster sickness*)

my hamster chip is only a baby but she sleeps alot i love hamsters


My nephew has a teddy bear hampster named Seymour.Now he's looking down his tunnel in his cage and is cleaning himself,so cute!!!They are so friendly!!I recommend you get one! He has this really big cage with a wheel attached. Seymour carries all his food and shavings up there at night.It makes so much noise!Now he's itching himself and eating his carrot. He's at the bottom of his huge new cage he just got.He made himself his own little bed in the wheel!It's so cute when he goes down his tube!He went up his slide and looked down.So cute looking!!!!!

   Samantha 11    Isaac 7

my hamster is called Yum Yum i love her so much i do not want her to dye you can not explain now much i love her she is sweeeter than any other hamster and she can hold on the bars and swing she is a sandy coulour she is like oxigon i can not breathe with out seeing her she is my best friend in the wourld

   love Hatty

I got a black bear hamster named Dj he is so cute and since the first day i laid eyes on him.... il saay da storie i went 2 petco i saw him he was running on his wheel then when he saw me he got offf and stare d i instantly bought him i now have a hampster friend hammies rule!! ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ poor Baby... Jules here morning over the loss of my sweet little munichkin Starla ( whoes real name is Baby) when I woke up on saturday I went to see my hammy she was really lathargic.(it means it would not respond to sound and went limp in your arms) i cied for my dad and he came over and asked me if i did something to make it that way i said no and started to cry my dad took me to petco and we got a teddy bear ham ham in case Baby died she died soon after and now i cant hear the name starla or i'll cry. Hi this is Nancy the person that has Furbo. Furbo is the cuttest little hamster in the world! He would sleep in your hands. ill tell you how i got Furbo. I always wanted a hamster. so i finally got one for my birthday. I got Furbo at P.J'S pet shop he was the only one awake. He was climbing over other hamsters while they were asleep. he was chewing the metal bars so i bought him. he is now happy to live with me. but once i put him on my bird cage and my pet parakeets Marhmellow and Banana started pecking Furbos butt!now i know to never put him om my parakeets cage
The End.

Nancy Ilenre in Georgia; 9 years old

I have a Black Bear Hamster named Padre. He's so daring and a total sweetie. I got him last March and he used to be so scared of being held. Now, he climbs into your hand and loves attention. I also have a Teddy Bear hamster named Baby, she's beyond hyper. I've had many hammies but Padre is just such a sweetheart. I love hamsters so much!!! I have only had one hamster in my life her name was candy she was so cute and my whole family loved her about the last five months of her she became crippled and couldnt even walk, finally one day she died in my hands. In memory of Candy Cane Pedregon DEATH:10,05,03 OWNER:Juliet 12 hello I am Nancy Ilenre in Georgia and I am 11 years old and I dont have a hamster named Furbo How Rude his name is DJb Jules here i still miss Starla but its weird 'cuse u see my friend Grace told me since all the small animals i had before had names that inclued space such as Nova and Comet i said that was funny but i didn't belive her but Starla died now i lisen to her P.S. i named my new Hamster Cocoa cute huh Jules here Cocoa Wants to say hi to all the other Hammies on this page Cocoa ran away for two whole days and he still is trying to escape (hehehe) he also scales up the wires (hehehehehe...HAHAHAHA) Spider Ham...       keep 'ya clued in Jules and Cocoa I have A hamster called bubbles it is a boy hamster and one day I went to the pet shop and bought him.He loves to watch my t.v.He is also a long haired hamster. A girl who lives down the road from me stayed the night abd he bit her on the neck she cried and cried by Allyson Suther land My hamster likes to watch t.v and one time hee went down the stairs and sophie laughed !My name is Heather and im 11. i have a hamster called honey(its a boy).WHEN I WENT TO THE PET SHOP TO GET HIM HE RAN RIGHT UP TO ME.on the way home he cHewed through the box and nearly escapED I have a hamster called honey he's so cute. Hi im heather and i want to tell you about my hamster honey.He's so cute! He's small and fluffy and i got him about 8 months ago.i loved him straight away because he ran right up to the glass and had a pleading look in his eye.I got him for half price as no one wanted him.I love him so much. here are some of honey's adventures!

Adventure 1:On the way home.
I was travveling home from the pethop with honey in a box on my lap when suddenly i herd a noise from the box. It stopped so i forgot about it. The next minute honey's head was poking out of the box. We called him houdini after that!

Adventure 2:The great abseiling hamster:
It was a normal saturday morning. My best freinds, cindy, stacey,emily,amy and helena and i were trying on our new clothes. Honey was scampering on my bed when sudenly amy yelled out "heather ,m honey's abseiling"!I was amazed! I love my hamster and i'll be back soon to tell you more honey moments. BYE HEATHER(11)

Your story can be as long as you want. Hi, I'm Rebecca, and I have A hammy called Patch He is so sweet and I luv him so much. Anyone else out there with a hammy called patch? If you do tell me! Luv Rebecca (11) First of all, my hamster, Cocoa, died yesterday. :( We had become very attached. Anyway, everytime I would pick him up, I would say "I love you" and kiss him.....I told you we were attached....anyway--he picked up on it, and after about a year, he would open his mouth right after I would say it, like he was saying it too.
R.I.P. Cocoa, and Shiznik *my first hamster*, and Peanut Butter, and Jelly. Jules here, at my school my hammy Cocoa is at ho This is a true dwarfie story! Beware!

I used to have two male campbell dwarf hamsters who both shared two attached Habitrail Space Station cages. They were always playing together, and only got into minor fights about using the water bottle. (I think one was diabetic.) Anyhoo, I checked on their cage on day and I smelled this horrible carrion smell. I gazed quickly into the cage and I found this weird...thing that looked like a dead bird. It was one of my hammies, eaten by the other! I was so sad- it was 2 days b4 my birthday! The pet store said they could live together and they couldn't! So please be wary when housing dwarfs together. Thanx!

I have a Hamster name Precious and she is 1 year 2 months and 13 days old :). Anyways I think she is one of the best Hamsters you could ever have! She is so nice and gentle with everyone she meets! She has only bitten 1 person once and that was my sister Rachel, who took her outside and she was very afraid and so useing her teeth she bite her (not very hard tho.). She is also a very pretty Hamster too!She has a light brown body w/a little white streak going down her tummy, and she has 4 white paws, She is sooooo adorable! She LOVES her Hamster ball which I let her in as much as I can, And she also has this HUGE cage which as three leverl wich she can go on and she also had all the supplies that a Hamster should have like two feeding bowls, Some tubes, a little ladder, water, and a place where she can sleep in during the day (that is if she wants too!). I had to bug my parents for at least year or more to convince them to let me have Hamster, but in the end my parents finally said YES! So a couple hours later I went to Earl May's and picked the cutest one they had. I spent all of my money on her which, was over $100 but it was worth every penny. I hope my Precious will have many fun and happy years to come. I love my baby girl Precious! name is crystal.i have 3 is name ms.twinkle,stich,and last but not least, first hamster.i love them so much. hi there! about a month ago i was holding my hamster, cheeky while watching tv, when i realised he was missing. i looked everywhere and figured out that he was inside the sofa. there is a tiny hole undeneath it, so i called mum in and we carefully had to turn our heavy sofa upside down, and poke our fingers in, without dropping it. we stood there for bout 5 mins and my foot started to itch. i bent down without looking and felt a tiny ball of fluff- cheeky, twitching his whiskers up my leg. i had to hold the sofa in one hand, grab cheeky with the other- it was disaster zone! in the end i put him back in his cae and he fell asleep. certainly living up to his name! hi this is heather again i just called to say that my lovley honey passed away yesterday. every time i look at his cage i burst into tears.Iloved him and still love him and will do forever.Ireally wish he could be here and i'll will never forget you honey iu love you......... Today was the first day my hamster Nibbles let me and my mom pick her up.At first when we picked her up she was jumping up and down trying to get away from us.Well later that day my grandpa came over and he wanted to pick her up so my mom picked her up and handed her to my grandpa.Well as soon as she got in my grandpas hands she started jumping up and down again and then she started peeing all over my grandpa.It was so funny.Everyone started to laugh. This is a story about my hamster, Ginger. One day I went to feed my hamster like always, but when I got to my hamster cage, one of the cage doors was open! I search the cage but she wasn't there. For three days I searched and searched but my family and I could not find her. Then in the afternoon on the fourth day I heard a noise, it was coming from under the sofa. I looked under it and, there stood my little hamster staring at me. I put her in her cage and she ate sunflower seeds for the rest of the day!The end. My hammsters name is tim red and my brothers hammsters name is black eyes thier both Teddy bear hammsters when we got them afetr three day i pet my brothers hammster and it tried to bite me and it ran to the door of the cage and it got out so i put him in his hammster ball/one thing wait for two or one week for your hammster to get use to you... i got a hamster today its name is canyon like the grand canyon orange and white the belly is purple when i put my finger bihind her ears she rolls over and lets my rub her tummy (i think that meens im hurting her) lol she likes it once, my friend came over, and wanted to make my hamster fly(we were only 2 at the time, so we didn't know better). we stood on my bed and threw fidget, my hammy, up in the air. all of a sudden, he flew right through our panneled ceiling! my mom put a can of peanut butter in the hole fidget had made, and down he came, with a nosedive into the peanut butter can! Rebecca,10

P.s. did you know hamsters like peanut butter?

One day I decided my hamster charlie should have a new cage. I went to the store and bought a super cool cage. It had a weel up on top of a tube. The weel was on a rack and when my hamster ran the weel would spin around on the rack. It also had a spirle slide that went up to the weel, and a tube that curved into a sleeping den. Anyway when I went to atatch his new cage to his old cage I found out the tubes were completely difforent sizes. I just put Charlie into his new cage, It was a better cage anyway. Charlie was used to his bed being up in a tube, so he made his bed in his weel on top of the toob.I had to take off his weel until he got used to his sleeping den. We didnt find a way to atatch his new cage to his old yet, but we are working on it.(this happened recently, dont worry!) hey

w0wza!! just read preatcically all these storys and they r awsum!! hamsters i think r the best pets..
myn is so addicted to me its funny
today i was holding him and my dad came yo pet him and im like 'dont let him stewie hes evil' and then he hissed at him and ran down my arm lol

well neways bibi x0x0
blaire and stewie!!

i got a golden hamster named, zoey, and he loves to escape! Well one day he was in his ball. Unfortunately, the lid came off, and he escaped! I told my family and they starteed lookin for him. I said to my brother " Gaurd the back of the bookshelf to make sure he dosen't go behind it." Well he didn't do a very good job cause he got behind it! We had to take off all the books from the bookshelf and put crackers and yogurt drops so he would come out. He did. After ward we had 2 put all the book back on the bookshelf This is how I got my hammy Charlie. One day, my friend got a chinchilla. I wanted a pet to take care of too. I asked my mom for a hamster but she said never, she hated rodents! Well months passed and I begged and begged. It was my birthday on June 17. and I was going to visit my aunt for the summer. She lives in Arizona and I live in Maryland. Well I was happy with my presents, and there was one left. A big one too! I opened it.Thankyou Thankyou!! i yelled and ran over to hug my mom. It was a hamster cage! A week later I went to visit my aunt, and while I was there I did lots of research on hamsters. Finally I got back home and two days later I went to PetPantry. That was not a good place. They had birds in rodent tanks! Is that bad? Anyway the hamsters looked unhappy AND unhealthy. I wanted so much to get one out of there, but my stepdad didn't let me. We went to petco wich is a pretty decent place and I saw the cutest little hammy! I got him and his name is Charles Diggens Pinney.(Charlie for short!)

-Skye Pinney


R.I.P. C.P.

pip was a very fussy hammie!
His owner lucy tried all sorts of things for him to do so he would'nt get bored, but he diliberatly broke them all!
so lucy gave in and played with him normally
lucy has now finally coaxed pip to appreciate toys, and he loves them.
pip's fave toy is his ladders, he climbes them and wont come down.
hes the best hammie in the world! Hamsters rock!

I have a hamster, my freind Lorin has a hamster, my friend Chelsie is getting a hamster, and my stepsisters getting one.
Hamsters are getting really popular!
  I have a few questions:
#1: Do hamsters usually chatter? My hamster chatters sometimes.
#2: Is alfalfa bedding ok for hamsters?
#3: Is lettuce ok for hamsters?
I know I have weird questions, but i'd really like to know the answers. Oh! One more question! I heard that if you leave hamsters alone for too long, they can forget you. Is this true? If so how long does it take for a Syrian hamster to forget you?


Hi Skye!

1. Hamsters do chatter, and this is a warnings signal~~ it means "Leave me alone."
2. Yes, it's alright to add alfalfa hay to the bedding. I read that your hamster may or may not eat it, but hamsters usually enjoy using it to add to their nests.
3. Hmmm... I wrote in the 'What to feed your hamster with' section that it's alright, but I just found on a website that iceberg lettuce is not okay, because it can cause diarrhea. I'd better change this on my page...
As for the last question, I don't know. Let's hope your hamster won't forget you if you leave for a long time, but even if he/she does, I'm sure you'll be able to make him trust you again in no time!

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p.s I'm a hot bubba, hubba hubba!

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Hey its skye with Charlie, well, actually Charlie's asleep. He said to say hi though. Hi my name is Beth. I have a hamster at school. I take him home on Holiday weekends. His name is Jr. One day at my school, everyone was packing up to go home for a Holiday. I gave him some extra food and water than I went home. When we came back I went to see if he was there. He was not in his cage. I asked my teacher if anyone went to see him. She said no. I then went back to see if he was in his log house. Jr was not there. I asked my teacher if I could use the phone. She said yes. I called my mom. She told me to make steps of books and but the cage on the ground and the books against the cage. I thought that was a good idea. My teacher did what my mom said by making steps of books and then put the cage against it. The next day I went to see if Jr came. He did not come I put some food in the cage and some water. Everyone in the classroom went to see if they could help me. I told them that if you see him let me know. After a week I started to wondered if this would work. My firend came over and said that maybe he will come tonight. The very next day my friend and I ran upstairs to see if Jr came back. There he was in the cage eating his food. When the bell rang everyone in my classroom went to see Jr. Even the teachers. I went to call my mom, I told her that Jr came back. My mom wanted to talk to my teacher. I told her ok, I told my teacher that my mom wanted to talk to you. I went back to see Jr. My teacher called me back to talk to my mom. She told me that she has a suprise and that she would come to school with it. I told her good by. I went to play with Jr. After a hour my mom came in with a cake that said welcome back Jr!

 1 Why do hamsters sometimes bite you?
 2 Why do they look like they are scared when they look at you?

Hi Beth!

First of all, glad you found Jr!
1. Hamsters bite you if they're scared. They might bite if you frighten them by waking them up suddenly or if you handle your hamster roughly.
2. I don't know why they look like they're scared, but if they do, try giving a treat such as a sunflower seed, a bit of walnut or a raisin, and the hamster will probably be a lot more brave and friendly. ^^

hey wuts up its skye? I red all these cool storys here there awsome.My hamster charlie likes the one about the hamster kickin' kitty booty, he thought it was awsome.He also likes dewie's stories best.He doesn't want to be rude to the other people though, he likes theres alot too.Well i think people should submit there hamster stories more often, the ones here are gettin' kinda old.Well thats all and people who see this, PLEASE SUBMIT A STORY!!!!! Hey its Skye again. last night I slept over at my step sisters house.(she lives with her mom) It was fun, my mom took care of Charlie my hamster. Today I stayed at her house for a while, I bet youre wondering what kind of hamster story this is supposed to be. DONT STOP READING!!! It was awsome! We went to get a hamster cage for my stepsister, then we got her a baby hamster. His name supposably is A.J. He's sssoooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! He's brown and white with an adorable face! Anyway this is how we got him: We walked into the petstore.Oh by the way my stepsisters name is Elizabeth.We walked towards the hamsters. There were 4 or 5 difforent colored baby hamsters. One was moving around the cage. "I want that one."Elizabeth said. He was so adorable.
We went over to get a cage and other supplies. We got a really cool cage. A man came over to help us. He reached in with a scooper to get the hamster, the hamster was squeeling. I think he was scared, thats what the man said. We paid for everything an left. when we got back to Elizabeths house we put the hamster in a big tub with one of those hamster beds so he could sleep. It took a while to get the cage set up. The hamster was chattering, he just wanted to sleep. When the cage was ready we put him in. I stayed for a while then went home. Now at 5:19, on January 31,2004, I'm typing this. I'm so glad Charlie's not a squeeler, that would get anoying.
Well thats it, buh-bye! hey, i got a short but sad one.there was this kid, he needed a friend. someone who was always there for him, just a good friend. his parents got him a hamster. he loved that hamster so much, he'd do anything for him. it was his b-day, and you wanna know what was so bad? his hamster died right on his b-day.sad i know.

p.s. this story's not about me, but its true.

hey its skye i just finished reedin all thees stories their cool. i know alot about hamsters cause i research every day. i think people shouldnt play with their hammys the 1'st or 2'nd day they get them. you have to let your new ham-ham get used to its cage, then you. last nite i gave my hammy charlie a piece of carrot. he just stood there when i offered it to him.i put it close to his face and he just moved his nose was sssooo cute!later i gave it to him he took a bite out of it,jumped, and then stared at me as if saying thanks for the carrot its great!i took him out of his cage and then he tried to go up my sleeve, he's sooo weir Hey it's Skye. Nothin much goin on besides the fact that Elizabeth's (my stepsis) hamster A.J died. she called me after they threw him out. I know that sound's mean, but they tried to dig a hole. It's so snowy and cold that you cant do that so her mom put him in a plastic bag. She said she cried like all night. She only had him for a week but they were so atatched. She got a new hamster though, his names Smokey. She says she thinks he's a dwarf hamster. She says he's grey with a creamish belly and a black stripe down his back. Charlie's ssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo nice and caring and loving and soft and so on and so forth. I'm happy he's still with me. Well that's it keep ya updated. My hamster Ninny had babies(3) and I didn't know until i was messing with Ninny in her tubes hooked on to her cage and while she was in the tubes they fell and baby hamsters went all over my bedroom floor. Today when i was on the comptuer w/ stewie i heard all these scrapes and rips and i looked behind my n stewie was eating the chair!! and pulled him away and he put his claws on the chair and i cudnt pull him off the chair!! but after when i did there was this gr8 big hole.. my dad foudn it later today and when i had stewie out he was about to smak him.. and i no wut stewie did was bad but shud b punished but not being hit!! so when i guess i didnt notice when my dad was sneeking up wehn stewie was behind me he started hissing and i looked back and stewie was hissing at my dad!! wut a guard dog eh?

blaire and stewie

We just got a hamster (our first one) and the first night our cat knocked the cage off and was trying to get the hamster. He wasn't hurt but he won't let us hold him and he chatters at me every time I try to feed him. I haven't seen him drink any of his water although he does eat. He won't play all he does is run in and out of a hiding place in the corner. The hamster is for my son and he is very upset that he can't even pet or hold it. We have had it for 3 days and it just sleeps and hides. Please help-should we take him back and get a different one or maybe just get him a friend-hes a dwarf hamster. Thx Hi!

Your hamster is probably really scared since he got into a new home, and being chased by a cat just worsened it. You'll slowly have to earn your hamster's trust. Take the sunflower seeds out of your hamster's seed mix, and offer them one by one from your (or your son's) hand. Your hamster will learn that there is nothing to be afraid of. When he'll bravely approach you to take the seeds from your hand in a few days, try this step: put a coffee can into the cage and gently nudge your hamster into it. This way you can lift your hamster out, play with him or let him run a bit in a closed room, and use the coffee can to put him back. Earn your hamster's trust, and don't let the cat near him, of course! Good luck!

A long time ago I had a cute hamster named Oreo. One day, he got out and i thought he ran away. I was calling a friend to got get another hamster when he popped out from under the door! I guess he didn't want to be replaced! Written by Chels(HAMMIES RULE!) Hey it's skye again nothin new but i have a question.My stepsis Elizabeth has a roborovski hammy named Smokey. She says he's awake during the day and go's 2 sleep when she does. Is that normal? I know Syrian hamsters dont do that but I dont know much about roborovski hammy's. Also i saw on 1 site that roborovski hamster's are rare in the US is that tru? well thats it 4 now write later. Hi Skye!

I'm not really sure about that, but I think it's normal for roborovski hamsters to be awake during the day. Other roborovski hamster owners out there, can you help us?


Ahh! My Hamster's dead! Oh that F****** cat! One day my hamster got out of its cage and I was like crazy I went all around the naberhood looking for my hamster Max.Max was missing so I went to bed.The next moring I woke up and I found him in my bed.I was happy.THE END

by Elizabeth Gutweiler

I wish I was a hamster.


   My hamster Hershy was a new born pinkie when I desided I adored hamsters. Well on the first night I was able to take him from his mom,I relized that his enterence to his look-out was open.[by the way this is at my Moms house]And since he blends in his fluff,I couldn't see him.So I opened the enterence,and I did not relized that he was right there.But by the time I saw him i't was too late. He fell out and right in front of my cat Splash! Right before she ponsed, I picked him up and ran crying to my Mom. Now I keep him at my Dads house. hi its skye again i have sum questions. #1: What kind of hamsters bite the most? #2: Why is cotton wool bad 4 hamsters? #3: Will hamsters come if they here there name? #4: Can hamsters have pineapple? Thanks. bye Hi Skye!

1. I don't know, because I haven't had the chance to compare different kinds of hamsters, but I think every hamster is different and this doesn't depend of the species.
2. If hamsters nest in cotton wood, they might accidentally get strangled by it while they're sleeping. The same with cloth. Pine shavings and hay are best for nesting.
3. Yes, they might, but they have to be really good friends with you. But maybe even then he might not recognise his/her name. I'm not sure.
4. No, they shouldn't. Pineapple is a food that a wild hamster would never, ever meet in its natural environment. Best not to give tropical and exotic foods to hamsters.

Hello everyone!

i just wanted to tell you the story of my teddy bear hampster Coco. i got her for my 16th birthday from my boyfriend...i always wanted a hampster but my parents would never let me get one. so my boyfriend got me Coco and it was the best present i got!! Coco was like my baby! this is really sad but i loved her soooooo much! she would wake up every time i came into my room and poke her head up with her little ears...she would even chill in my hood of my sweatshirts a lot of the times. but last monday we had a house fire and i wasn't home to save her...i lost her in the fire and i thought i was going to die! she was so helpless in her cage! i felt so bad that i wasn't there to save her! but she is buried peacefuly in my moms garden...

By: Katie Simpson
Hudson, WI

I have 4 dwarf hamsters (2 female in one cage a 2 male in another), and I put a small bell hanging from the door in the top.... They're still pretty small, and the bell's out of theirr reach.... One day I looked over to discover that they learned in one of them runs up each side of the wheel, it won't turn.... At first I thought they were being smart, but then I saw one hamster reach out with one arm and smack the bell (which was a bit too far out of his reach, 'cus he fell and the other hamster spun back and forth on the wheel).... I know it's mean to laugh at that, but it was so funny! All that work just to ring a bell.... One day my class decided to get a hamster. Every day he would escape from his cage. Our french teacher didn't really like the li'l guy. When he disapeared he olny vanished on french days.Everybody suspected him. 1 week later we found out the real problem was the, it was a rabit cage. my hamster, millie (named so coz we thought it was a girl, turns out, after a thourough check-up we were wrong!)is the smartest hammie ever. when you call him, he would respond and run to you with or without food... one day i bought him a playmate named milo (supposedly a bf for millie before the gender mix-up!) and whenever milo would go on the wheel, millie would hold the wheels edge and make it stop! it would go on like this until milo gets off the wheel and millie got on! what a big bully huh? My hamster is off da chain it ia a white long haired hamster it is so fluffy and cute. Well anyways one day my hamster got lost and I was searching hi and low for it well later on that night I got up to like get a drink of water and I see this rodent and i'm thinking ill we have rats but comes to find out it's my hamster honey she is so precious and i live her just like she was my own daughter.              -ashley Hey. I bought my two hamsters, Fluffy and Muffin, two months ago. They're both females. What I didnt know was when i bought my two hamsters from the shop, they were already pregnant. I didnt know that until a week after I bought them, my white one, Fluffy, gave birth to 3 babies. However, I thought that the mother was the black one, MUffin. So I took Fluffy, the real mother actually, out of the cage and inot an other container. Coz I didnt know that FLuffy was actually the real mother. I thought that MUffin was the mother. At first Fluffy, the real mother(I didnt know that at first) gave birth to 2 babies. I didnt see how she gave birth, Only when I came to school I saw 2 babies. And then I took Fluffy, the real mother, out of the cage. And living MUffin, which I thought was the real MOM, alone with the 2 babies. It was only then I realized that Fluffy was the real mom. Coz when I took Fluffy out of the cage and put her in an other container, she gave birth in that container. Then I just left them alone. And I thought, did my two hamsters give birth on the same day? Or Fluffy is the real mom? Anyway, when i woke up the next day, i was sad to see the babies gone..... they were eaten. A month after I got my two hamsters, Muffin gave birth. Now I was not mistaken. I knew that Muffin was the real mom coz she got soooo fat days before she gave birth. I knew that she was pregnant! So she gave birth to 1...2...3....6!!!! But one died coz it was a runt. The five babies made it threw the seventh day. They already started growing hair then two died I dont know why. Then there were 3 left. Then the next day, which was the eigth day, only two was left. And then the ninth day, i saw the two left baby hamsters dead and headless. The mom was eating her babies!! Why? I never disturbed them always gave them proper food and milk like it said in the internet. I only take a look at the nest when i wake up and before sleeping. But for the reast of the day im either in school. Or if not, I dont take a look at them. Like the internet said. Its funny..... my cage has a house on the second level. And whenevr I changed their bedding or clean their cage, I would put the hamsters back to their fresh clean cage. And they would stuff Lots of hay in their pouches and spit them out in the house.... hehehe My hamsters name is Bubba. He likes to run around his cage. Well, one day I was thinking of what to get with my b-day money. Well I got Bubba. I went into the pet store and my dad asked the lady where the hamsters were. we went over there and I saw that there were teddy bear hamsters and one dwarf hamster. I asked the lady if i could see him. She got him out and she said he doesn't bite. So she let me hold him. From that moment I knew that was the hamster I wanted. Then I got a cage and a hamster ball and bedding and food. Then we drove home and my mom put him in the ball and then my baby bro said Bubba. Well I had to think about it before I named him.Then we were on our way to the movie store and i decided to name him Bubba. So I named him Bubba. Oh yeah this is Lily G. Once upon a time.."Wait,grandma!""What is it know,akira?!""Can i tell the story?""Well....alright,but don't take too long..""It was a dark and stormy night..."...
As i sat at my computer,awnsering posts on my fav. meassage board,i heard a loud "THUMP!"I got up from the computer with a jolt,i ran into my kitchen and heard it again"THUMP!"I ran faster this sounded like it was coming from the outside,as i ran outside,i saw this cute little hamster..."aawwww"i went...suddenly,it turned into a gaint rabid sewer hamster!!!I tried to run,but the hamster had already put me on his chopping board as i felt the pain being butcherd,i died...

                  THE END.
    Submitted by:Beth Fletcher.

Hi my name is Marissa.I have been on this sight many times.I am asking for you're addvice.I have a VERY agressive Dwarf hamster,his name is Goofy.
He is very cute and I love him, but he bites VERY hard.I don't wanna hurt him (I would NEVER hurt him),but it would help if anybody gave me addvice.


Once I was asleep and my hamster nocked off his wheel and went all the way up 22 stairs up into my mothers bed room and Skared her.And I started laughing at my mom because she sceeremedAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.nOW THAT WAS FUNY It was about two days after I got my two hamsters Peanut and Butter. Well I took out Peanut and put her on the floor while I was talking to a friend. Well we have an entertainment thing and Peanut went in between a speaker and got behind the entertainment center. Well I got off the phone with my friend and tried to call my mom but she was on her way home. so i pulled out the entertainment center and Peanut went under it. well my mom came home and my dad was out golfing so she had to call our neighbor to come and lift it up. Peanut was over by a wheel of the entertainment center and my mom couldn't reach her. so I had to go and get a meter stick so my mom could poke her so she'd move. well then Peanut move and my mom caught her and we put her back in her cage. That is my Hamster Tale. when i bought my hamster thier was three 1# 2# and 3# i named them by numbers becuse i made littel shirts out of socks and i put thier number on back i put it on them and the next mornining i saw the cage and they took it of I have an adorable little black hamster named Pie. The first day i got him, he taught me a very good lesson. I had let hm out of his cage so that I could hold him. I put him down for literally 2 seconds while I had to have both of my hands to do something. I looked back and he wasnt there! I just got sight of him going under my bed. I had to pull all the stuff out from under my bed (which is a lot of stuff) but when I looked under after all the stuff was out, he wasnt under my bed! I thought it was very strange that he wasnt under my bed and I hadnt seen him come out. I turned back to look near his cage and there he was, sitting right by the door of his cage, looking at me as if I was crazy! Pie taught me to never underestimate a hamster, because they can be too smart for humans sometimes! one day i came in to my room and looket in my hampsers cage and she was gone so me my bro and my mom looket all day long and then my mom saw her she was hideing behide my hot water heater she was fast asleep!

this story is lucy my hamster she died in 2004 i love her still!

Ok, once I took my hamster out of his cage. I turned on Linkin Park and he started dancin like it was the 80's. Then i turned on disco and he did the locamotion. I turned on sailor music and he started dancing like Jay-Lo. I gave him some carrots and he said "Whats up doc?" He jumped out of my hands and ran to Sweden. I couldnt catch him so I went home.100 years later some guy in Sweden called and said he found my hamster. I ran to Sweden as fast as I could and got there in 10 minutes. I held my hamster and siad "You are such a doll!" We walked back to the U.S where my home is and sat on my bed and watched Full House. the end my father's friend gave me two puny sized golden hamsters.I decided to name them Squigles and Tubby..both of them grew amazingly, i have to keep them seperated because they would keep day, i went to the storeroom with squigles in my pocket.while i scraped around for sunflower seeds,squigles,always the inquisitive one,scurried out and GOT LOST!i was really scared because there were simply hundreds of stuff in the storeroom!my mind was filled with horrifiying thoughts about Squigles body crushed by old television sets or old rusty electronics.i had a vague idea about what to do when hamster gets lost as i had read a book about it yesterday.i placed handfuls of seed in every nook and cranny.Suddenly,a scuffling sound could be heard.i practically ransacked the whole room but i coudnt find him.when i sat on the floor,nearly weeping with sadness. Squigles suddenly appeared with a seed in his mouth and he hopped onto my pal and looked up as if to say,"hey!that as a fine game of hide-and-seek,wasnt it?can we move now?"he drank water as soon as he got back to the cage and curled up and fell asleep. One time my little brother had put a music tape on top of my hamster's cage, a while later my hamster had swallowed almost half of the plastic tape! I said "Oh my God!" then he noticed me so he took it out with his two little hands and it seemed like it will never end. One time my hamster Rocko escaped out of his cage to explore around the house. The next morning while my dad was taking a shower, he saw something crawling on his bathroom floor and he saw that it was Rocko! I was sooo happy to see the next morning !!! I didn't even know he escaped!!!! one day i came in to my room and looket in my hampsers cage and she was gone so me my bro and my mom looket all day long and then my mom saw her she was hideing behide my hot water heater she was fast a sleep!

this story is lucy my hamster she died in 2004 i love her still!



hi I'm Arlene. I have a question. I have a teddy bear hamster named Marshmallow. Cute, yes but that might all end. My hamster got diarea and now I think it has wet tail.-_-. How can I help my hamster to goet better?? Please hurry before my hamster dies!! Hi Arlene.

This is what the site Caring for Hamsters says about wet tail:

"All hamster potentially can carry the Wet Tail bacteria, and most will fight it off. However under the influence of stress hamsters can be overwhelmed by the bacteria. The symptoms are diarrhoea, stiffness, inactivity, strong musky smell, wetness around the tail, loss of appetite. To cure this you must take the hamster to the Vet ASAP. In the meanwhile feed high protien foods like a 21% protien dry dog food like Repnor Gold, pinkies. The Vet will give a protien suppliment and then an antibiotic."

My comment: There are also lots of proteins in soybeans.

One day as I came from school I picked up my hamster Amy. We had just eaten french fries so there was ketchup all over my shirt. As I picked up Amy I had an illusion that she was bleeding but it was just ketchup. As I put her back in her cage I found that my nightmare had come true. Amy was bleeding just close to her eye and she looked like she was crying. I got very sad and started crying because I was afraid about her future. Amy just stayed sleeping all day and I gave her all my love and attention. Then I found out that my dad hed taken her to his freind's house for some treatments. Then as I came from school he told me that I wouldn't be seeing her for a little while. As a week went by,my dad went to go see her. Amy was going to stay there for ever. The next morning my mom showed me three nice hamsters. And right now one of them has three little baby hamsters. Although I know Amy is happy right now with a boyfriend she will always be remembered in my heart. -Massiel Sandoval ''I LOVE AMY AND THE BRAND NEW BABIES'' one day I saw my hamster siting in her cage then I went to pick her up and when i pick her up I saw about 10 baby hamsters siting in her nest. Then I went my mom and sister. One day I went to go pick up my and I saw about 10 baby hamsters in her nest and about 1 week later I saw my sisters hamster sitting on about 2 baby hamsters.      made by Bradon One time my Hamster opened his mouth and it was all red inside! My name is cassandra I got 3 black bear hammsters one is a baby the other one is the dad and the other one is the mom the mom had babys with the dad she had 8 babys we kept one and thats how we got the baby my hamsters names are minnie bj and benny I love them all the same and I will allways treet them nice hi my name is maria victoria calumba gomes here is a funny story about my hamter and my parrot one day i noticed my hamter was not in her cage her name is angel we look every where than we notied she was on her back and my parrot was flying!!!!!! but angel never let go and my parrot didn't seem to mind and now we let her ride on our parrot's back every day they are friends to the end One day when I was holding my hamster Goku, I heard a voice coming from behind him. I turned him around and I saw his buttcheeks moving like a mouth. It was talking! It said it was going to take over the u.s and Canada. It called George W Bush and said "Eat more chicken at KFC. Youre butt's too big."

-Lauren L from MD

Hi! It's Lily G. again. I have another story. One day when I came home from school my mom said " Hey Lily! Today I went in your room and got Bubba out of his cage. I put him in his yellow run-around ball. I said ' come here Bubba ' while sitting on the floor. Isaac came in, puck up Bubba and about threw him when I ran over there and took Bubba. It was so funny,". I just laughed. Lily hey every one i rilly need your help i just got a new hampster and i have no idea what to name it!! plllzzz i need help before its name is nothing for ever (sorry about the spelling) :) Yesterday Stewie past away
He has a heart attack
I miss him sooooo much On Friday my parents picked me up from school. They drove to my stepsisters house(she lives with her mom) and picked her up and we went back to my house. When me and Elli (my stepsister)were going upstairs my mom told me to come into the kitchen, she had to talk to me.
"What did I do now?" I asked.
"Nothing, it's just that Charlie got out of his cage today."
"How?!?" I asked.
"He must have pushed the cage door open," my mom replied.
"When I came down to the basement I saw his cage door open." She continued.
I ran downstairs to the basement and saw his cage on the floor with the door open. My mom put it there incase he decided to go back to his cage. I looked for him but found nothing.
Awile later at night I went down with my stepsister and we put food out in dark corners and little places Charlie might have been at.
We left and came back later and found some clues.
#1: On some black shelfs in the back of our basement we saw little nibbles of his yogie's
#2: We saw some food where we hadn't put it.

We didn't find anything after we looked for him some more, so we went to bed. The next day we made a bucket trap. We put bedding in it for a soft landing and some food in it. He would smell the food and climb up the ramp, jump in to get the food, and not be able to get back out. That didn't work so we put penut butter on some seeds and put the seeds on the ramp, one on the bottom, one on the top, and one in the bucket so he would fall in.
That night I went to check the bucket and I heard chewing sounds. I looked for Charlie around where I heard the sounds but didn't find anything. I got my parents and we searched evrywhere and took all the plastic storageboxes out and looked in them. We found nothing.
He is still lost. Dont worry he has only been lost for a little bit, its Sunday now. Can you give me some advice?-Skye Pinney

We got two hamsters in February and we were cat sitting for a friend around Easter. My son left the door to his room open when we left for an easter egg hunt. The cage got knocked over and both hamsters were lost-we found one but are afraid the other one is long gone. Well since then the one we found the one "he" has been fine. Then for the last two weeks he wouldn't let me pick him up or put my hand in the cage so I left him alone and only fed him and watered him when necessary. Now we have seen baby hamsters running around and we are not sure how old they are. The babies are walking around and their eyes are open and they are eating some of moms food. Are they old enough to start handling and to clean the cage? Thanks Jenn Hi there! I'm Shaila, 14 yrs old. I own a hamsters, Starburst, or I nicknamed her Starla. She's a really friendly dwarf and loves to be picked up. She's been with us for 2 years and during those years we've encountered many adventures.
Like the time me and my younger sister Maylin title "The Midnight Hamster Bash." It was a really stormy night, and the thunder and lightning were bashing together so loud that I was worried about Starla. So I walked down the stairs, and, her cage is on the kitchen counter. (Hard to explain. You know the house where Full House is shown? Yeah. Its like that.)
I looked around in her cage and she wasn't there. I got really worried, because she has a nest in the corner of her cage (She's expecting) and I was worried she was in there, scared to death. I checked through it. Nope. I searched all over the house, pretty much, and she wasn't anywhere. Exhausted, I went into the kitchen again and got a glass of water. I then saw Starla scamper across the floor behind me! I put her in her cage, and she got excited to be home again, i guess.

A month or a few later, we encountered another adventure, which Maylin nicknames, "The Best Mother".
Usually when I let Starburst out of her cage, she climbs around with me. When she has her daily outing I leave her cage by her, in case she wants to go back in. Now, I give her vegetarian food, since I'm quite stubborn about her diet. She stores this food in her nest, and its really full. So she's started another nest in the other corner, one to steal food from, and the others for the babies!
Now back to the adventure.
I was reading a Celebrity magazine, (looking for pictures of Brad Pitt...^^;) and realized that Starla was venturing back and forth from my magazine to her cage. I wondered why until I saw that she was tearing pieces off of the magazine to her nest! I patted her on the nose, and told her "Starla, baby, thats not very good. I don't know if that'll be toxic or not!" Then when I went to get the pieces out, I saw little pink things! They were the babies! I was so happy for her!
But now I guess I'll have to tell you about the time when I got my little Starburst of Joy, now.

"The Beginning of a Frien
ship." -Maylin I was so anxious I got up at 7:45. Why? Because today was the day I was going to get a hamster. My younger sister Maylin, who is 12, had been wanting one for a while. I decided I would like to get one as well, thinking it would be an experience of nature.
We climbed in the car about 10. Dad drove us to the local pet store, which was not far from my house. When we reached the pet store, I followed Maylin to the hamster section. They had alot of different kinds, and I remembered reading about dwarf hamsters. I immediatley asked the owner if she had one of those kinds. She nodded and showed me to a cage of babies. One of them was kind of fat. I thought that hamster looked very cute, so I bought that one. The hamster was a mix of cream, brown, and white. Since it had so many different colours I called her Starburst. The lady warned me that she might be pregnant, but I decided that it was okay. My sister came towards me with a box. She told me that in the box was her hamster, who she named Loalina.
We bought all of their supplies, and now, the hamsters, the cat, my sister and I are happy that we live mom and dad don't mind the hamsters, either!
Wow, you're still reading this. Yay you!

Also, I have some questions..
1. Are hamsters afraid of lightning?
2. Are magazine chewings bad for babies and their mother?

Thanks for reading!

Hi Shaila!

I guess hamsters are afraid of lightning the first time they hear it, just like humans are. But you'll have to see for yourself if your hamster is afraid or not.
As long as the hamsters don't eat the chewings, it's fine. (And even if they swallow a bit, they'll be able to digest the paper. You shouldn't give hamsters bit of cloth or plastics, though, because of this reason.) I'd be afraid of the chemicals and ink, though, if the eat a bit. I give my hamster unscented white tissue paper, which she shreds up for herself.

Hey my name is Cynthia and I am 12 years old! Well I am going to tell you a story about all the hamsters I have woun't be long b/c I haven't had alot of hamsters in my life!

Well for my 8th b-day I had been wanting a teddy to my surprise that day I saw a hamster in my room. so natraly I went to my mom 4 an explanation. After I found out she was mine I decided to name her. I named he Speedy b/c she ran so fast in her wheel I thought it was going to fly off. Well that summer I went to my grandmothers house. I left Speedy in my mothers care and my aunt and uncle came over to see her one day. they had lice so my mom had to sprray the house. When i came home and found out it had killed her i cried for hours.

A few months later I found out my cousins babysitter's hamster had babies. I asked my mom if i could have one. They came over to drop them off but they brought 2. They were bothboys and I named them Chip and Dale. I had them for 3 years. The sweetest onne died off wettail.His brother went histaric and started bitting. he died only a year ago of 2 tumors. that time i cried so long my eyes got swollen.

Now I have a black bear hamster that is only 7 weeks old and his name is Peanut. He is really smart and has found out how to get out of his cage even when i thought it was impossible. i hope he lives to be verry helthy and big.Right now he is crawling all over my keyboard making it allmost impossible to type so sorry to all who read this and notice a lot of mistakes.

A bit of a worning for people with younger brothers and sisters....never leave your siblings in charge of your hamster. my brother took peanut and dropped him off of my top bunk on my bunk beds yesterday(thank god Peanut didnt die....I would have killed my brother).


~~~The great Escape~~~ -by Skye Pinney (This is a made up story)

"Darn you cage door!" Charlie squeeked. He had been trying to get out of his cage for the last 2 hours.
"When is Skye going to get back?!? She has been gone for a day, almost two now! She didn't say she was going to be at her friends this long!I want fresh water!" He pushed and pushed at the cage door, but it didn't budge.
"I want but a bit of nice cold water, is that to much to ask for?!? Why cant her mom just refill my bottle? I'm not THAT mouselike! Elida (Skye's mom) needs to get over her fear of rodents."
Charlie climbed up the cage bars and and jumped back down. There was no possible way to get out.
"You cant make this easy can you?" Charlie asked his cage door.
He began to run on his wheel. After awhile he got tired and went up to his bed. He climbed up the curly tube and sat in his bed, and to his suprize, was able to push his bed lid open!
"I'm free!"

--- to be continued.
Well I found Charlie in a drainage pipe (In real life when he escaped. The story is somewhere above). I was so suprized!
Well thats all I will finish the story in a little.-Skye Pinney

Akhem. My name is Maria an I donot tink it veree nice tat u peoples rite storees bout yor as u cal dem "hammies" cuz i "hammy" to. i fom China an u meene. as futur "hammie" rular oof worl, i demand u beee nicee. KK-ho c ereza chung!
ggot tat!?
u betta! o know, hear com pepl!     PLEASE READ WE REALLY NEED YOUR PRAYERS!!
My mom really didn't want me to get a hamster but i'm not sure why.We bought my hamster a day after my birthday. We were out driving one day when we passed Petco,and I asked my Dad if we could stop. We went in and started looking around. I was looking at the hamsters and my Dad asked me if I wanted one so I began looking at cages and food, then I went to look for hamsters. Sidney just stood out from the rest of the litter. She was the cutest one (I felt bad because they were giving away a hamster that didn't have eyes) When we came home my Mom was really mad at my Dad and I because we'd bought a hamster without her permission. When she saw Sidney she started talking in this really strange voice to Sid (the kind you use when talking to babies). Just recently Sid fell down the stairs and broke her back. Right now She can't move her hind legs at all. We bought medicine for her and I hope she will get better. Please pray for Sidney Boykin she needs a lot of help. Thank you for reading.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR SIDNEY'S BACK!! Thanks again
Sarah E. Boykin one night i was walking past my hamster cage and i kept walking and then i walked over a pile of clothes and i heard a crunch and i jumped back. i was like "o'shit!" and then i picked up the clothes and i saw poor little buttercup squrming in circle and blood gushing everywhere. i was pissed but about 2 minutes later i woke up... all ends well.................................... Well, I guess I might have a few stories. I've had 2 hamsters, but have 3 at the moment. The past ones were Charlotte, (Really my brother's.) and Cuddles (Heh. My first hamster was vicious.)

Anyway. My present 3 hamsters are Oxnard, (or Cow-kun, he's the oldest.) Shaggy (Shagster, the second eldest) and Charlie Brown (Charlie, the youngest of the family.)

I've written about these three when I was younger, but not about these two escapes.

Now, Oxnard is the most tame. A few minutes ago I was walking about the house with him. Shaggy is shy and timid, but if you hold him securely he is very affectionet! Charlie Brown (Charlie) climbes all over you, he's adventurous, I tell you.

Believe it or not, Charlie isn't the escape artist. Though I don't really trust him with escaping, I double check his cage every day.

Oxnard has the habitrail home and fun park, so he couldn't really escape. The other two reside in the CritterTrail one home.

Moving on to the story. One night while I was about to retire to bed, my mom checked if I had refilled the hamster's bowls. I had of course, but that wasn't what she noticed. What she noticed was that Shaggy wasn't in his cage! She called me in. I was shocked. I had never owned an escape artist! I put my detective skills to work and figured out that the day before, my friend Melissa had come over. Shaggy had bit her, to my surprise, and we hadn't shut his bedroom lock!

We looked all around the house, shutting the dog out. We didn't find him. The second thing I did was come here, searching for lost hamster tips.

The next morning, around 6:30, my mom got up and, surprise surprise, found Shaggy behind the table of his cage! It wasn't a long fall, more like a ramp, so he wasn't hurt. Mom called me into the room, afraid he would bite her. I picked him up, and set him in his cage. I was quite relieved!

Well, maybe a few months later, I was sitting at my computer, which is on a green desk. The three hamster's cages are beside them. I was searching up on Hamster Breeds, when I saw something beige out of the corner of my eye. I turned, and saw my little fluffy Shaggy walking around by Charlie's cage!! I was very surprised. From that day forward, we put a lock on Shaggy's bedroom door, and alas, no more escapes!
This one still remains a mystery, though. Charlie's cage is much higher up than Shaggy and Oxnard's. Charlie resides on a green table, seperate from Shaggy's. Is Shaggy an expert climber? I feel as if that was a dream, but I know it wasn't.

Oh well, I guess I'm just jabbering on. Bye now, thanks for reading.
~Emily (Natsu)

Ho HO from ham hammie villiage. you tink yo ham ham is stupid and sleeppsss al day, buttt nooo.
your gos offf att nite andd parties. evry hamy cagee inn ta worl hass a bilt in trapp dor yu noo seea. yo tink mee stuppidd, butt noo. so ha yo neva fined mee, cuz I hammiey              Maria the hamster:
Adventure #1 ~life at its finest~

HO HO from ham hamicox! the plase where your hammies goo at night and somtimes during the day when yo no lookin. Oh, hey, I here' bout stewie. sorry. ham hamicox is like your world, exept for hammies. My buds are bubba angel and amy. but four mee life is as its finest cuz i popstar latest sensation and super model. it no adventur but tat ocay cuz, uh, sttuff.
Well, HO HO! from mee an Myy bestesst pal

IVE GOT A HAMSTER CALLED BEANY i have 3 hammies...TRIXIE, DIXIE, AND SUGAR. they are all really cute! i love em a lot...they are 2 years old now ... k.c. I have 2 dwarf hamsters Sunny,and Lucy.One day as I was cleaning their cage Sunny tried to get out of his box I totally FREAKED I thought Sunny was a rat... my little sister is still laughing at me.By:Shayna Uswale one day my dad got me a hamster and my niegbor (he is 4 years old) came over to see it. Well then i closed the cage and sent him home. i then went and took a shit not nowing that my niegbor had snuk back into the house. then i heard a scream and i got up pulled my pants up and ran to my room, (my butt was now getting smeared with poop). then i saw the kid pointiong at a bloody ball of fur. he told me that the master bitt him and that he threw it at the wall THE END I had boughten a hampster when my friends hamsters had babies. I had named him Rufus. I loved him. My bro and I would clean out his cage and play with him. We dropped him on the floor a couple times and he had started to limp, and I had started to cry but in a few min., he got back up and started to walking normally. One night he was not getting up. He was stiff but twitched. I cried over him, hoping he would bite me or give me a sign that he was ok. It never happened. We were going out to dinner that night, and my bro had said to me not to put it near its bed and if it's ok, it would have crawlen back to its burro. When we came back, IT WAS IN ITS BED!! I washappy but then my bro told me later that he had moved it. I knew Rufus was not ok. I cried so much my tears could that I could not stop. I held Rufus in my hands so long and every time he twitched I would think he was ok, never the less I knew he was not. The next day he had died. He was stiff. I never wanted another hampster after this happened, but I will get a dwarf hampster, that will always remind me of Rufus, when he died a couple weeks after we had purchased him. Rufus was small, and so is a dwarf, so I'm gonna get a Robovorski Dwarf Hampster, to remind me of his size, his energy and being so active, and him. This is a true story if you are thinking it is not. Rufus was about 2 inches when he died and I liked him small, and I wished he would stay that size. My wish came true, and I will always regret it.         A poem about my hampster Rufus....

Rufus, best hampster of them all. You never bit me and in your size, you were so small. I will remember the day I got you, and I will remember the day you had died. When you died, I was not ready to let you go, I would watch you and cry. I will remember you sincerly, I will remember you with my heart full of pain, I will cheresh you,even if I go insain. I hope you come down to me, and tell me that God is treating you well, and you never again got dropped out of his hands, and fell. God is the most powerful one of us you see, but nobody will ever love you again, as much as me.

        This poem is based on a true event where you can find a story that I submitted earlier that you can read, so you will know the whole story.

i had A HAMSTER NAMED MUFFIN, she was a good escape artist she probably didn't like her cage it was for baby hamsters. ONEDAY, i found her dead by the on the floor i knew my dachshund had killed her so now we are very careful with the 6 week old hamster that we have now 6-21-04 ~devin ~ stebar~

PS the hamster we had was gone for over 6 months

i have always had hamsters. So when my hamster Cleo died i went to the petshop and bought two hamsters gin and tonic. the woman in the petshop said that chinese hamsters could live together so i happily took them home and put them in a cage. itamed tonic and he was the sweetest hamster you could ever wish for. he never bit or nowt. but gin refusedto be tamed. he stayed evil and awful. after i had had them a while i went downinto the utility room to feed them. i screamed. gin was layed dead in his cage and tonic was no were to be seen. i waspset at school becaus gin was dead and tonic was lost. my friend aggreed to come round and help me look for tonic. i found something that looked like wire withbits of fur stuk on it. upon closer inspection i found that gins mouth and feet had loadsof blood on it.sepbyoy guessed it,vwhen i looked more closely at the wirething. i found it had a head and claws. yes. gin had eaten tonic.then hehad died because they are not supposed to eat meat. oh well thats life. When my sister and me was sleeping and than I saw something in the cage it was a male Hamster in the cage and than woked my sister up an than we turn on the Lights there was Babys in the cage I do not do now a Male Hamster got in are house. There was 52 Baby Hamsters I said That is cool and than I went to my sisters home and than I went in my moms and dads home and they came in are home and saw lots of Babys and my sister said can we keep tham and he said no so we gave tham away THE END Before i tell my story, here's a little history. when i was in the third grade we had a ton of class pets. The coolest though were the hamsters. There were tons of them in a huge cage. Some fought while others got along. sometimes we would have to seperate them because they hurt each other. One day two of the golden hamsters mated and made a litter of about 5 or 6 pups. It was awesome. But at the end of the school year we had to give away some of the older hamsters away so the young ones could grow up. All of us wanted them but only a few got some. luckily after i jumped up and down saying me,me,me, i got to take home the mother of the litter. I took her home in a shoe box and took her to my mom. I named her snow white because of her white coat. She was already tame so right after i put her in her new home we bought i started playing with her. it was pretty cool because she would crawl all ovwer my neck and down my chest. i had her for less than a year when i went away on a trip. my mom said she would water her but when i got back she had forgetten. snow white had dehydrated and died. man, did i feel bad. i wrapped her up and buried in our back yard. 3 years later here we are at earl may, an outdoors store and im lookin at the hamsters. when snow white died mom said i could get another. so i asked and she said yes. i took home Birkin the hamster. im still taming him and so far its going pretty well. every day he lets me play with him more and not getting scared. i hear hamsters are escape artists but with Birkin thats not exactly the case. in fact when i opened up the top hatch to pet him he put his paws on the side and slipped off. he got scared and ran off in my room. having tried everything else i opened up his cage and set it in the middle of the room. in less than a minute Birkin showed up and climbed right back in. it was pretty cool. even though we've moved into a new house and ive got a new hamster named Birkin i know ill still never forget snow white and the good times we had.         A Simple, but not, Hamster ball Escape


                    BY SHYANNE N.

Ok, so of course the animal freak I am, I completely spoil my chinese dwarf (Marley)!! Like, this is a hamster that's a bit smaller than most dwarfs, but nooooo he couldn't have the mini cage (that fit him just fine lol) he had to have the biggest cage out there!! I actually wasted my money on the smaller... then decided that "Marley wasn't happy" and bought him a BIIIIG cage!! He lives the life of a prince in that thing! It's big enough to house an adult syrian hamster :). lol, so anyway that really wasn't my story.. lol. Ok, so one day I was cleaning out his cage and started to re-arrange things a bit (because you know princes often get tired of monotonous surroundings, they must be changed to his pleasing) and decided to switch the lid around so that I could make the petting zone on the other side (I dunno I was bored) so in order to do that I had to punch out one of the two disks that covers the hole that hold his water bottle (uh.. yeah that made sense..) anyway of course the hole is at the top of the bloody cage so I think "nah, no way." well stupid me didn't even think of thinking of (haha) the wheel that was RIGHT there! doh... anyway, the next morning I was in the kitchen (he usually likes to retire to his house to sleep right after the sun rises.. I think the heat of the day must make his head ache and make him feel ill I'm getting a hamster for my bIRTHDAY! hey guys,i'm leanne(9)and i come from malaysia.last saturday,when i bathed them with bubble bath,squigles seemed like wading around in the warm fact,he bit me when i had to take him outta the water.are hamsters like that?i thought they HATED water.anyway,i dried him with a towel and covered him with my uniform(just got back from school)a few minutes later,i found out that he seized this golden oppourtunity to take a quick nap.he was adorable!he looked so grumpy when i woke him usual,.my mother saw this and scolded me coz she;s so fussy about cleanliness.i dotn mind coz squigles is the apple of my eye! Hi there,
      One day when I got my hamster out he was all wet and his water bottle was half full and I had filled his watter bottle full that morning and we finally figured out that he took a bath.
         Jon & Mr. Whiskers(my male hamster)

P.S. If you want to Email me my adress is

Hi there,
     One day when I got my hamster out he was all wet and his water bottle was half full and I had filled his watter bottle full that morning and we finally figured out that he took a bath.

                 Jon & Mr. Whiskers(my male hamster)

June 4, 2004
     One day me and my friends, and my brother where playing outside in my backyard. My friend Kim thought she saw a mouse so ofcourse when all my friends saw the so called mouse they ran inside and watched me and my brother from the window. I am a complete crazed animal lover so me and my brother where looking for the so called mouse,in my mother's garden, when finally my brother caught the small animal in a bucket. Turns out the mouse was actully a hamster. It was so cute.When we brought him inside all my friends hovered over the bucket to pet the hamster. she didnt bite she was really friendly. We fed her grapes and pieces of an apple.We named her Speedy because she was so fast and so hard to catch.When my mom came home we told her the storie of how we found the hamster and we asked if we could keep her. My mom said definatly not until we showed her the cute little hamster's face she fell in love. So we took all my friends home exept Kim cause her parents wern't home, and ! we went to the pet shop. We bought the hamster a cage food water bottle and bedding.We brought the hamster to the pet store with us. The pet store person took one look at speedy and told us she was a campells russian dwarf. When we got home we set speedy in her new home and then my mom made us put posters up around the neighborhood incase someone lost the hamster.3days later our nextdoor neighbor Katie called and said she saw our posters about a found hamster and that she had lost her hamster six weeks ago. So katie came right over and claimed her hamster. The hamster's real name was Spunky.Katie also had another hamster named freckeles and katie said we can visit spunky and freckels any time we wanted,and that we can watch them when she goes on vacation next week. It's been 4 months since katie took spunky home and 1month ago spunky had babies! Katie let us keep 2 hamsters because we helped her find spunky! One hamster for me and one for my brother! We named our new hamster! s Snickers and twix! My name iz Amber I'm twelve years old and I LOVE hamsters! Gabriella,PA AGE 9 (OWNER OF A BLACK BEAR HAMSTER )


Hello! My name is Cortney, while visiting a local pet store 1 month ago I decided to purchase a hamster. The gentleman working behind the counter said that they only had 2 left...I took a look and they were not very attractive - being older one was losing his hair and the other was seemingly blind. I asked when the new shipment was coming in and he believed tomorrow. He then said most people want younger hamsters that's why they plan to "dispose" of these to once the new shipment came in. Being older and both males they had no use for them. My heart sank and I agreed to take both! The man bing estatic gave me both for a dollar and gave me free food and bedding (as I already had a cage). I had them for no longer then a week when I heard some sqeeking from "rockie and bullwinkles" home. Bullwinkle had had babies!! I was confused and called my good friend at the pet store, he on the other hand was upset...if he would have known one was a female he would not have wanted to dispose of them. He then continued to explain that syrian hamster usually don't live in pairs and that I should seperate the 2 right away. I did as I was told, he then went on to inform me older hamsters do not mate...but it could have been the new enviroment that trigered these "feelings" but because bullwinkle was older and she knew she probally couldn't take care of them she would slowly kill each pup over a course of 24 hours. Although sad I understood it must happen. Today rockie and bullwinkle are still seperated - except for short playing about a month they should be ready to share a cage once again. As for the pet store...they supply me with food and bedding and I keep hamsters that would normally be disposed of. Currently housing 4 I know I am doing the right thing! My Hamster Spunkster loves yogurt drops and when ever I make I crunching noise he shoots his cute head out of his burrow no madder if hes sleeping or awake and stands on his hind legs waiting for me to give him one..-Owner So one day i decided i wanted to walk my hamster his name is hammy and he is a dwarf so he is very i said hey if u can walk ferrets and other small animals why dont i walk hammy so that day i put a small ponytail around his body and then i tied string to it and it worked!!! so i had to show my mom b4 i walked him on the driveway or street and of corse when i showed her he slid out of the ponytail and ran tward her. i couldnt believe it!!! One day i was looking at my hamster and then i put my hand in the hamster cage then my hamster came and starting biting me hard then i put my hand out then there was my hamster hanging on for his life.


by daieny chin

one time I was doing my homework and i heard a loud crackling sound and I checked my hamster and she was gone! Iwent to my room and there she was! eating my homework! the next day i told my teacher {MY HAMSTER ATE MY HOMEWORK!} ouviously she didnt belive me so I HAD TO STAY IN FOR LUNCH. LATER MY HAMSTER DIED AND WE WERE ALL SAD.
 KELLY My hamster likes cheese and he had sex with my dog Hi im Bridgette i had 6 hamsters but they passed away except for one and that was cookie. i had 2 hamsters i bought, and one day my friend jennifer bought 2 hamsters but her mom said dhe couldnt have them so she gave them to me and then i had 4. then my friend sabrine 8 yrs old gave me her hamster cuz her mom said she couldnt take care of it, then finally my friend rachel got a hamster and left alon all summer. no clean cage, no food, no water and i came over her house and saw it, i was mad at the way she treted it. she said it was mean. i asked her if i could have and she said yes. so i took it home and gave it a cage cuz she had it livin in a carrier( verrrrrrry small) and i picked her up and she wasnt mean at all. i took good care of them and i got them a load of things fro X-mas i spoiled them and they only 5 died out of six and died of old age, not all at the same time. thru out the years. and they all died peacfully in a warm rooma nd were loved verrrry much. they will always be in my heart. the names were cookie pumpkin cupcake pinelepe speedy and daisy. the one that survived was ookie which was the one that was rachels hamster and up till now she is a nice lil hamster and is living in a nice loving clean home and is doing well. actually she is doing great. True story, i hope you all enjoyed it. oh and aliz i love your drawings they are awsome i wish i could draw like that. and i love your site. if everyone or some of you liked my hamster saving story than e-mail meh and we could hamster fan friends. One night, i was talking on my phone near the cage. Suddenly my two dwarf hamsters woke up from its sleep and walk down the ladder. they look at me curiously. they look funny...... why do hampsters run there weels at night????? Hi!

In the wild, hamsters run many miles every night to find food, and having no better options, I believe hamsters in cages follow this instinct by running on their hamster wheel. Also, the hamster might just not have many other things to do. Though hamsters can get addicted to the hamster wheel, so make sure you play with your hamster often and rotate the other toys in the cage!


My li'l sis is getting a hammy! We are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!
And, I might get one in a seperate cage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But probably not. my beloved adorable dwarf hamster, doozie is the best hamster ever...i bring her out wherever i go...she follows me like my friend....i put her in a small box whenever im out with her and she just stay quietly inside there n follow me...she a winter white pearl dwarf. she loves to run around my body n sleep in between my chest...and she will looked at me angrily each time i'm out without her... One time I was watching my Teddy Bear hamster. It was quite amusing. (his name is Snickers)He went up on his wheel constently falling every time.I have an fish take for his home. I`m thinking of buying another.!!(: My cute hamster chibi,always nibbles on her cage because she loves attention, so every night i take her out and giv her a stroke(which she loves)! Sometimes i put her in her ball and get ready for bed cos she is usually quite safe in there.I put her in my mums room.I got ready and went to get her out of my mums room, BUT wen i opened the door all i saw was a empty broken ball on the floor with no hamster in it.I got quite scared cos we have a cat called annie but i was relieved to find that(after looking around the room for ages)that she was hiding behind the dresser with her ears pricked up.She looked like she had a great time there!I have got a new ball now.Another time she managed to get out of her cage wen the door of her cage was shut and we were out of the room! She has got out her ball twice now! And her nickname is harold houdinis wife(u know houdini,the escape artist)! We have a gerbil called houdini! ( and a gerbil called cheeto and a hamster called smokey and a cat called annie!)as well as chibi!
P.S chibi also ran down the stairs in her ball and she is still alive now!
By Lauren Garden
Chibi is a long haired banded white and cream syrian hamster,female,with black bright eyes Hello, Groo here! I have a new hammy named Popcorn, but she always wants to bite other people but not me! The story is real funny. Poppy put lots of food in her wheel (it is covered all around but she can breathe) and ran 30 miles an hour and the food went FLYING!! One day i was playing on my computer when my mom said"SKY COME QUICK!" so i went and i looked in a nest and my Dwarf hamsters had babys! So we took the male away and put him in the box. SO if u want a baby Dwarf Hamster please contact me im from utah in magna so yeah, BYE! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Hi,Im Mikayla i think ur site is very cool and this is how my story goes---> One day i was at this HAmster farm in Texas and i saw this Mother with these little hamsters well one of the babys was soo SKINNY that i saw his little bones WHEN HE WALKED:'( i felt soo sorry for the little HAm HAm i told my parents i wanted him and my parents asked me why would i want i UGLY hamster like that. And then i freaked out and said it wasnt UGLY i thought he was really cuteall he neede was some food in him. Well my parents said yes and i took him home i named him Texas because thats were i got him from and dnow he is too FAT hahahaha maybe i liked him skinner :) Well thanks for letting me shar my STORY i HOPED YOU ENJOYED a little about my LIFE THX From The Little Hamster LOVER
Mikayla I LUV HAM HAMS I LUV HAM HAMS I LUV HAM HAMS I LOVE HAM HAMS Hi,My name is Courtney and i would like to tell you about my hamster story. Well my hamsters name ia Buddy he is a Teddy Bear hamster. One day i was getting ready for school and i locked the door but then i remembered i fogot something.So i opened the door and went into my room and got it and my hamster wasnt in his wheel he WAS ON TOP OF IT! well i said what are you doing up there and he just of and ran into his little house. one time my hampster was having sex with my hand it was gross it had white stuff on it My Female hamster called Nibbles had a very bad experience today. She had a fruit and nut stick as a treat which was covered with honey(which made it sticky). She put as much as she could into her pouch, but had problems getting it out again. 2 Minutes later I saw her going mad and trying to pull what looked like a long piece of cardboard-looking stuff off of her. To my horror I realised it was her pouch that had been pulled out and got twisted and also had some of this sticky food caught in her pouch with bedding caught on that. Everyone I have spoken to has never heard of any thing like this happening before. If anything has ever happened to you, please feel free to drop me an e/mail at I would really like to here if anything like this has happened to you. NOTICE TO ALL HAMSTER OWNERS:Please beware of "Johnson's" Hamster and Gerbil Super fruit sticks!!!!!!! This product can be harmful to your pet!!! My hamster is the best she's called Jenny she has one black eye and one red!!!!!

but sadly she is very old (5) and is getting weak! so when the day comes which might be soon, i just want to say i love you Jenny. i hope you have fun in hamster heaven xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi! im the owner of 2 (well 8 now)hamsters. They are black bears and they had a short playtime in the arena i built for them and then i had to go to the bathroom. I came back and they were hiding under the wooden hammie box...mating... i hoped she wouldnt have babies, cause they hard to take care of. She had six. This is how I found them. I came home and she was in her underground part of the cage and she kept transferring food down there so I look and there are six little babies! Hehe, each day my hamster has escaped this week, and each a diferrent way! One day she chewed so far throungh the floor that she made it into the basement. Luckely, there was a stack of cushons down there. I got up one morning and she came running out and jump up on my pants and clung there. One day i had to clean out my haamster ant decided to put her in the top bit of the cage.I had just walked up the garden to empty the wood shavings out of the cage. When i walked in to the living room and realised that she was not in the cage. I looked everywhere when i heard this scratching noise. I then realised she was in the cupbord chewing away at the wood. I was so happy that i found her. Hi,
My name is Kelly. I have a hamster named CocoPuffs. He is a brown hamster with a white stripe down his underside. He loves to roll around in his ball and eats anything. He iorld. One day when I got back from school I helped with the grocies, Then I had a snak ( celery ). I had saved a small pice for my dwarf hamster Elmo and my mom bought her some wood sticks. I went upstairs to see her and give her snacks. She usally comes to see you when you open her cage. She didn't come!!!!! So I took apart her cage And I saw...BABIES!!!!!!!!! I yelled 3 times "BABIES!" "BABIES!" "BABIES!"!!!!! My sister 13 came and saw the babies and told me to get my mom downstairs. So I got her and she told me to go on my computer and look up what to do.     I AM STILL SHOCKED TO THIS DAY THAT MY FIRST HAMSTER HAD BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!

AGE 10

I got a hamster on January 2nd, he was so friendly, cute and very kind. He died in a week, on January 9th. I cried a lot. I think it was cold in my room, that's why he died. Always turn the heater on, adjust it at least on 70F. Noone had told me about it in Petco, and I wouldn't know about it. I miss him very much and I love him. I got a new hamster, he's also very cute, but he 's affraid of me and doesn't come to me at all. I love him too and I care about him a lot.     Arthur I have a 3 month old Black Bear Hamster her name is Smoky Bear. She really loves her exercise wheel and her race car. She is crazy. She drives me bonkers at night. Them being nocturnal animals. I'm also nocturnal. So I have gotten use to her being in her exercise wheel. She also loves Sonic vanilla ice cream cups. She loves carrots and cheeze puffs. i have two hamsters they are the best animals in the world they are soo cute well lets get on with the story my two hamsters live in the same cage so one night i woke up like at 12:00 i look in my hamsters cage it was full of little babys???????!! I was pulling on my hamsters wonkers because I thought it was a baby ralph ralph ralph rslph ralph ralph ralph ralph. i have 6,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo, ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,oooo,oooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,oooo,ooooooooooooooo oooooooooo,ooooooooooooooooooooo,oooooooooooooooooooo,ooooooo ooo,ooooo,ooooooo,oo1 and 5/8 hampsters. thay sleep in my bed. I huv to sleep on da flow. when they are mad they make a wave like in da ocean. thay break my butt and hand. have a good 2785 tears! i hab 945,003,047,023,846,945,474,834,375,957,284,274,648,001 and 3/4 of hamsters! dey all in my 5 by 5 foowt ruum and dey run around no cage. i throw them crackers and dey eat it all up yum eat it all up all of it ALL OF IT! I luv ferets n my mum say i can't got 1 cause me huv 5,000,000,0000,000,000,001 and a half humsters. what but u? I no u wont 1 kaled billy bob joe buff punt. anyways we want to a put stere and bawt a humstar wheel. Butt i seen a feret at the put stere and ascked mi mum if i coold steel one. she said no. but said i cood steel it poop. it said to b runny. so me licked it and it toasted well. so my mum bawt me a feret so it could make poop all day!

               signed one with good brownies

i tink hamster cute cuz day is sooooosooooooooooooosoooooooooooooooooooosoooooooooooooooooooo cute cus i SAYS day so cute cuz my hammy named billy bob jo buufet pants eats a seed for dinner and he stuff his chhek full i mean FULL 2 BRIM wit food and stuff i love him and he has livs for 100,000,000 years so far i bot him from apet store and at first his name was gregory da great but i anded up changing it 2 billy bob jo buffet pants billbobjobuuf fo short so billbobjobuuf so cewt he rock my sock man seroisuluy he does man i love him pleez dont tink i sum loser dat has badd spellin cuz it aint tru man you lie to me man stop u iz makin me blush you callin me silly willy even do my name NOT willy i tell u beleev me it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tru.
by loser in kaki jeans yo yo yo Im in the hizzood! you all need to know whats coming to earth yo! I know was I seen! it was a dang metiorite! I know what I seen! it come right tords my face. My eyes was is popping out in do hospital. y tougne is came out of my fowhead. U should teach how to learn what a meatyowrite looks likee dawg. Peace out yo!

this story was write by A guy who had saw a meatyowrite.

In Memory Of Charlie

This happened a while ago, but...

I had gotten back from visiting my sister in AZ, and Charlie was sick. He had wet tail. I did all that I could to cure him, and I thought I had. I hadn't. I walked down the basement steps, and walked over to Charlie's Tank. I tapped on the lid to his bed. Nothing, just stillness. I opened the lid, and tapped on the side again. Still nothing. I was afraid and confused, so I yelled for my mom, and soon enough she appeared at the basement steps. I told her how he woudn't respond to my tapping, and she touched his back as I stood at the steps. She reached her hand into the cage, and fell silent.
"He's a gone, gone, goner." She said. I understood. A tear came to my eye, and my mom hugged me.
That whole night, even in my dreams, I thought about Charlie and all of our memories.
I know I will never forget Charlie, he was the best. I cant help but feel horrable knowing that before he died, I wanted him to. I didn't feel like taking care of him anymore, and didn't once think about how much I really loved him. Now that he is gone, I know how much I miss him. As the saying goes, you dont know how much water is worth, until the well runs dry. If you dont get that, just think about it for a while. If you STILL dont get it, ask your grandpa.
He's old, and he knows alot. Infact, go talk to your grandparents right now, you never know how long you have with them.

My Hamsters Death!

On January 1st,every thing was going okay and stuff. Well after Me and my grandma and my grandpa ate we watched a movie called Charllie it was about a Loin.Well after that I went in the kitchen and,started to read then my cousin Mikel My brother shane and his friend Arone nocked on the door and said... Katie,Katie,your hamsters (DEAD) I said not on,they said I swere it's dead.Well I went to use the phone but my grandpa was on it so I walked over to my house.Well while I was walking they said...Markie my little cousin picked it up and took it down stairs and said look the Hamster sleeping but your Mom said it was dead but,Markie diden't beleave it.So I ran fast.and my cousin said it's in the basement in the boxs.So when I got their I went down stairs and pen the boxs and there it was (DEAD).So then I started crying.So I took the boxs over to my grandpa's and asked him to berry it.

               From Katie Spears

La la la la la said billy the boy. he is a humman boy, no hamster. he wants hamster though. yuppers he sais i want hamsters. he gets a cage and he gets food, bedding, ect. he by a wheel, so dontt werry. ok ok, now to da hammy gettin part.

Billy stepped into the empty petstore. He ran his finger over the counter, and stared at the thick dust layered upon it.
"Oh geez." Billy said, worrying about the condition of the animals in this store. He stared at the rodent tanks.
"Oh gosh." he said as he walked over to the tanks.
In one tank there were three adult Syrian hamsters, five white mice, two gerbils, and a rat. This was all in a 20 gallon tank. There was a small amount of food left, a trickle of water in the bottle, and the animals were snapping at eachother. "Can I help you?" a tall chubby man asked Billy.
"Yes. You can help me by seperating these animals by group. Hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, all seperated. They are going to fight and get hurt if you keep them like this any longer." The man stared blankly at Billy, then chuckled.
"Whats so funny?" Billy remarked.
"I just sell them, kid. I'm not here to care about them, just to get paid."
Billy sighed then walked away.

yes id did write dat stary, im not lyin. i just like 2 be funny so im writin like dis yo. buhz buyz!

I had a black bear hamster, Janice. and a long haired hamster, George. I wanted them to have babies so i put them in the same cage. one morning i wake up and see tons of pinkies drinking milk inside the hamster igloo. I was a grandma! and at the age of twelve too. I was so happy. but as time progressed Jan consumed 8 of her babies, and i would find legs in her food bowl. but in the end, i gave away 4 of the remaining babies. Janice was pregnant again when she passd away. George ran away with one of the babies. two of the babies died. and that's all i remember, except for the good times. I love you Janice and George and your 15 little babies!!! Hey, I'm planning on getting a hamster for Christmas!!! My presious hamster nala died Dec.15,2004 from wet tail. i came home from school and my mom told me that my dad took her to the vet and se had a prombelm with her intestines the doctor had to put her to sleep.. i was soooooo sad i was crying, i loved her so much she would never ever bite anyone and she would always lsen to me. she was sybarian teddy bear at least shes having a great time in heaven? should i get a new one? i dont no i dont wanna be sad. email me at

p.s. im 12

If you give your hamster what anouther person says, your hamster will be happy along with you.


I was at my cus is house and we were going to play with there hamsters but his hamester wasnt therer so we looked everyware but we couldent find him his name is lucky and we still havent found it    December 16,o4                     The Tale of a Lost Hamster

     Iíve had my hamster for 4 years. Heís really old. His name is Santaís Little Helper. Heís a golden-brown teddy bear hamster, he has long hair. Heís about the nicest hamster you will ever meet. Heís never bitten anything except things that are food and things he thinks are food.
     My story begins when I was in the beginning of 5th grade and my hamster was almost two. On November 5th.
     It was a Friday at school, so me and my friends were going to go to Panera, to get some food. My friends were obsessed with my hamster because he was so nice, and it was a warm day, and there was an outdoor part to Panera, so we decided to bring the cute guy along.
     "I get first dibs!" My friend Meghan called.
     So Meghan went down to the basement that Santaís Little Helperís cage was, and we soon heard a "Heís not there!"
    As soon as I heard that, I sprinted down to the basement. I looked into his cage, not seeing him sleeping, eating, drinking, or doing anything that he would normally do. There was only one solution, he was lost.
    My friends and I soon started a search party. Some of the friends didnít really care, so they stayed upstairs and watched TV. My friends and I looked under the couches, in closets, everywhere we could, but we knew there was not much hope in the little hamsterís survival, so we went to Panera without our cute, cuddly friend. And that, was only day 1 of his disappearance.
     My friends blamed Meghan for jinxing us. They say if nobody called him, he would still be there. Of course, I wanted to get to the bottom of how in the world did Santaís Little Helper get out of his cage and running around loose?

     That night I instant messaged my friend Grace. Her dog had had to be put to sleep that day. She put cry faces in her messages. I could barely tell her about the hamster incident. She loved that hamster just as much as me. She kept telling me that he was just exploring, but my told me to be ready for the worst.
     Also that night I walked down into the basement and talked. I said please come back and that he had so much to live for. And I cried as I talked.
     I had to prove to myself he was still alive, so I put a bed and apple slices out for him. It only took me a few hours to want to go and check so at 9 pm, I went down to check the plate, which to my surprise, was empty. I immediately ran up the stairs to my babysitter, Patricia, and told her that someone or something had eaten the apples. At that moment I felt all my hope of finding Santa had come back.
     I also found out that night how Santaís Little Helper went missing. What happened was my younger 6 year old brother had been playing with his friends when one of them had suggested taking him out and putting him in his vacation cage. His vacation page was a cage where we took him on vacation in. We never knew how he escaped from the cage, but he did. On November 4th, 2004.
     That night I wanted to stay up later, but Patricia wouldnít let me. I told her that maybe I might find him if I stood up later, but it was way past my bedtime, so I couldnít.
     I cried in my bed that night too. I was thinking of all the wires to chew on in my basement, and all the storage rooms that happened to be open when SLH had escaped.
     To cheer me up I thought about all the other escapes SLH had been through. Most of them had not lasted more than an hour. And every time he had turned out just fine. I told myself what Grace had told me, he was just exploring, and went to sleep.
     The next day, Saturday, I searched online to my most trusted hamster website, It told me that if your hamster was loose, set up a bed, and food that your hamster likes, so I did. And to my liking, everytime I set it out, he almost always ate it.
     On his 4th night of his escape, my mother was doing laundry when at 10:00, she saw SLH walking over to cheese I had laid down on a plate. She yelled for me, but I was asleep.
     I finally heard her, and woke up. I rushed downstairs,only to hear the story of how stupid my mom was to not grab the hamster.
     I went back upstairs and went to sleep.

     The next night I was looking for SLH. I took a flashlight and crawled on the floor to shine the flashlight under the couch. Suddenly a teddy bear hamster crawled next to me. I couldn't beleive it! I was so excited. I waited about ten seconds, but he didn't go off running. So, as always, I gently picked him up and went upstairs.
     I showed Patricia, and she was soo excited. It only took about a minute for my mom and dad come home, and they were excited too. My mom called a bunch of her friends to tell them the hamster story. I put Santa's Little Helper back in his cage, and he walked back into his 'burrow' and drifted to sleep. I LOVE ANIMALS ESPECIALLY MY HAMSTER!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my hamster (Oreo) about 3 months ago. and one time my freinds came over, and they thought they could pick up oreo out of her cage.well oreo doesnt know them so she bit them and when she bit them she hung on with her teeth. i was laughing like crazy.. way to go oreo. Once I had A hamster I was taking care of my bf's little brother's hamster for a week. My brother and I had him loose in my sisters bedroom. {She is in collage.} Well, we left him for a few minutes alone with the door shut. We went back in and looked everywhere! He had dissapeared! Well, I had this paper, {I'm an artist}, and he had managed to get behind the dresser and between my paper! We were so happy when we found him! He's so small! I guess thats why they call him Jr.
Well, see ya later!
Courtney,11 OK one day me and my cousin,tiana made a paper house for my hamstier hamiy but she ran under the tv stand,so when i cleaned the paper up i put a toy on the the stand and there she was standing up on her 2 back legs, but a few weeks leter she passed on away.
SHE was only 2 months old.
A year and a hafe leter my 15 year old cousin david could not thake care of his 5 week old hamstier and gave it to me ,so i called it smokey. THE END




Hi! My hamster's name was Anthony and he died of course. I'll miss him. Bobby Park I had a cute little dwarf hamster.He might of been sick because he was acting strange.He passed away.His name was Sparkey.I'm going to store his body in the freezer and bury it on the date I got him.I LOVE YOU SPARKEY! One day i got home from school and i had my snack (celery). then i went upstairs to give my hammy Elmo a treat. And when i got to my room and checked on my Elmo and i saw some pink muntaints(babies) and i yelled "BABIES" "BABIES" "BABIES" and finaly my sister came. And told me to get my mom so i did. And now i have 5 hamsters instead of 1 but on Valentines Day i will have to give them away :(:( :( :(

by Nicole and Elmo Lamontagne
age10 and unknown

HAMSTERS ROCK HAMSTERS ROCK HAMSTERS ROCK HAMSTERS ROCK HAMSTERS ROCK hamsters rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a hamster named patchies who is very cute and very furry.One day patchies ran away and i couldnt find him anywere and me and my mom noticed that my cat was just sitting on the floor next to the wall staring at something so me and my mom walk over to my cat and sitting infront of her was my hamster i was so happy that i found my hamster and that my cat didnt eat him. THIS IS MY HAMSTER STORY!!



i had a hamster called hudini i called it that because it was flexible and sliped though the bars of the cage well anyway, 1 day i was in my bed an i heared somthink movin i looked an it was in its ball roling around it ad sliped though the bars of its cage and fell into its ball it was so funny Everyday I will come upstairs and see my hamster i will usually see her jumping off her wheel every once and a while i will see her doing flips now that is what i call a athletic hamster!!! one time i got a hamster and like it bit me and i was like ouch and i put it back and like i fed it and like it went to sleep... I hamne an hmnper. ints coot. i likee int int ins coot. ints broo and woot poopoo heehee. i like my dog. its cute. im glad all of you like dogs so much! i especially like the dog called teddy bear. Hi-
I have a hamster named ginger. she always gets out of her cage and hybernats under the house.


hi my ham tar-tar stinks - What shall i do ? Hi!

Usually, the reason a hamster might stink is because his cage isn't cleaned well enough. The poop doesn't smell, but the urine does, so be sure to take out the litter in the "bathroom corner" out every day. And if your hamster urinates right where he sleeps, then no doubt that's the problem. You may have heard that you should clean the sleeping corner less often, but if you hamster makes it really dirty, you should clean that out, too.


Dusty Dexter wer da cutest hams in da world

from : spam the ham luver

one day I want to go get my hammy, her name is Yogi. My mom like that name so i named her yogi. so on with the story. I went up to by room and i went to take my hammy out(she has a tower with a hatch) and i lifted the latch, she looked up and then she scurried down the tube and wouldnt come out for about 3 mins until she came out with caution. so she want back up and i took her out. the most funny thing ever happend to me and my hammy at that point is when i ltfted her out the laughed at me. she went e e e e e. gosh that hammy is so funny. she got a extra treat for that. She likes to climb up on my shoulder every time i go and sit down. funny thing about that is when she turns around she will lay down and stare at the t.v, man i think shes a messed up hammy. she is also so cute that u would want to hold her right away when u c here. she has a circle thats tan around each eye and shes all grey accept the rear end, its a tanish brown. also she doesnt like the dogs that we have, whenever a dog walks by she will crouvh down, wall i g2g ppl l8r. Yogi says l8r too. she has been tryin to sleep well that what i think she is tryin to do when i was at my school my mom fould out that is was dead her mouth had black stuff on it and her booty had black stuff on it we do not know what is wrong with her we guess she is dead i gotz a hammy yesterdai itz name is hammy.iz so cute Peanut butter is so sexy i could eat it all day. Oh ya it toast good.

\have u heard the one with the elephant and the bannea? welll iy goes wlike this
i once was a tea pot short and stout heare is my handle and here is my spout. whne you tip me over milk come out tip me over and milk comes out.

it great with cheese i like cheese and pickles and macroni cheese i like pie and pickles can't you see em momma, i like to poop all day with you and i like to sing a song ba ba ba bummmmmm.
(sing to the tune america amerrica)

from: the song writer unknown.

i is a sexy wexy hammstar boy sais littl hammstar joe. littl hammstar joe is a good boy butt he is no ordinary hammstar cuz he likes chilli soup yah babe. ok never mind lets not tok bout hammstar joe none more yo. k letz tok bout my hamster his nam jako. jako so kute cuz he liks his face and cleens himself so kute. he sneezed once, so i tot he sick but he was reely jus chokkin on seed so i grabbed him and shook him round and round and round and round till seed cam flyin out hit me mys butt rite in cheek. i skremmed ooooooooooww man dat hert saaaaa badd ouchies i said says i. pulled it out and no hurt none more. mommzy sais it be ok and she put sum nemo sporin on it and a big bandij. i said feels good like chicken pot pie and she jus laff an wok way awayz. i den colred an pixure of jako u no mine hammstar jako yah u remaber him i tokked bout him in storty wile ago yupper pupper. i habe to goo bye byz butt i must cuz mine me mom has to spank me 4 been a bad kid and etting choco monkyies when i am isnt suposed to eat da choco monkyies. hey i like this site it cool. i hab a kwestion for you. is it possible for hamsters to fly cuz my hamster was flying once I think or maybe it was jumping? wut do you think? also is a milkshake chocolett milkshake swirl with wip creem and a cherry sprinkles too and maybe a scoop of peanut butter in the middle ok for a hamster to eat every now and then cuz i had 1 of those last night and it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! so can a hamster have it it so yummy to tummy.

-from a person at a friends house that has a hamster named Booger Breath


No, hamsters can't fly, haha. But they can jump. Especially when they're trying to escape, or if they're felling really happy.


Hey maker of this site I have a few suggestions. First, you should check your mail more often because there are a lot of people who want their stories on here. Also, you should read the stories and not post the ones that are bad and have bad stuff that little kids shouldn't see. I had a couple of hamsters before. Pine and cedar bedding is bad. So are crittertrail cages. Do you like hamsters? I think they are cool... yep. For more wonderful hamster stories and info, visit today! It is a great chatboard in wich you can post hamster questions and get answers, write a story, chat with other members, talk about other pets, and much, much more! Sign up now!
If you are afraid that people will be talking about bad stuff, using curse words, and all of that junk, you dont have to! Hamsterific has a bunch of moderaters who can delete offensive posts, and also administrators who can delete posts, AND user accounts. They only do this if the user is repeatably being rude, dishonest, and stuff like that.
I know I am very greatful for Hamsterific. It has helped me learn a lot about hamsters, and how to take care of them. Charlie was my first hamster, and Hamsterific helped me take care of him, give him the proper diet, and re-capture the little demon when he escaped!
Hamsterific has many members just waiting to answer peoples questions, and you can always be sure that if you have a hamster questions, you can post it, and people will be answering it in no time!
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My hamsters' name is Tiger, and I think he is the best hamster in the world. He only bit me twice. On the day that I got him was a day after Christmas. My parents gave me a cage, bedding, tubes, toys, and a little green wheel for the hamster I was going to get the next day. When we got to the pet store, I zoomed up to the hamsters' cage. There were adorable little fuzzy hamsters everywhere. My favorite one was a little hamster peeping his head out from a little pumpkin house. He had big black, happy eyes. The person that worked there came up and unlocked the cage. I stuck my hand in. A few hams tried to bite me. About five jumped on the wheel at the same time and tried running as though they could get away from me. The ham peeking out from the house was still standing there. I picked up the house he was under. He just sat there. He had soft, brown fur, with a black stripe running down the middle of his back. He had a little white tummy. I reached toward him. He flinched, but he still sat there, staring at me with those black, adoring eyes. I picked him up and put him a box. We payed and walked out of the store. When I got him home, I ran up to my room and gently set him in the cage. He hopped out of the box, and I watched him happily as he ran on his wheel. The wheel was very loud. I went downstairs. That night I woke up at 12:15 because my hamster was rattling on his wheel. I went over and stuck my hand in the cage. My finger was just in the cage, and he jumped up one foot and bit me. My hand shot out of the cage. He was dangling from my index finger. I walked down the hall, hamster on my hand, blood trickling down my finger. I woke my mom, and showed her the ham hanging from my finger. I pried him off my finger, and he sat contentedly on my hand, looking as if he just won a million dollars. I got him in December, and now in march, I still have a little scar from where he bit me that night. Last week I got out my hamster and sat down on the couch to read. He fell asleep, and soon I did too. He crawled down my outstreched arm, and fell. I woke to the sound of a "plop". Tiger had fallen in my dogs' water dish. The dish was full, and my ham was wading around in the water. He looked as though he had no intention of getting out, so I watched him. Finally he crawled out. He was sopping, so he shook himself like a dog. He walked over to my foot, crawled up my leg, onto my shoulder, curled up, and fell asleep. Rachel Bules PS Tiger says water is fun and good for you. one day i put my hampster down on the ground and she rar streight under the tv . she wound not come out she poked her head out and myn mom got her i was so happy.

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