More links!!! Have fun checking them out! And if you'd like me to add a page, just e-mail me!

Sugar Glider Haven -- This page is about sugar gliders, not hamsters. I never knew sugar gliders were so cute!

Peaceluv's Pets -- Selling vests for hamsters and other rodents! Also look for her on eBay!

Pet Crests -- A nice site with the coat of arms of all kinds of dog and cat breeds.

Cherry's Hammyland! -- A very animated, colorful page.

Teegs_2k's Hamsters -- A brand new hamster site-- send your stories and pictures here, too!

Hamsters Galore -- A hamster page with stories, names, and lots more.

Dwarf Hamster World -- Pictures of Marky and Kirby, lots of info, and cute bouncing little hamsters on the front page!

The Hamster Page -- Tons and tons of pages-- names, pictures, info, unbelievable hamster story, and much more!

The Hamster Nook -- A hamster page, with pictures, a quiz, hamster facts, and tons more!

Hamsters -- Adoption center, names, a cool quiz, and the most adorable hamster pictures!!!

Cats Central -- A gallery, a recipe for cats, cat tales, and more!

ChinchiWonderland -- A page about chinchillas, info, photos, memorial page, and more, with a hamster section as well!

My Dwarf Hamster! -- Sky's page about her dwarf hamster, Foo Foo, with pictures and a few hamster names!
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