The Pride of Shasta is located in Northern California. We are a small rabbitry, giving each of our animals the  attention that they need. We are currently breeding purebred and hybrid Lionheads in attempt to achieve the standard set fourth by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

The Pride of Shasta has teamed up with Second 2 Nobunny Rabbitry to create a French Lop mother and daughter team.

Proud members of the following associations and clubs:

The American Rabbit Breeders Association.
The Lop Rabbit Club of America.

The Pride of Shasta
and Second 2 Nobunny
Striving for prefection in the French Lop and Lionhead breeds.
Christine Ensminger
Lionhead Bucks
Lionhead Does
Babies/For Sale
Registered Rabbitry# U322
Up and Comming Litters
The Pride of Shasta is selling out of all Lionheads. Please e-mail for a complete listing of all animals.
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Click here to meet my son!!!!
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