WARNING! This page includes and emphasises lesbian writings, so if you have a problem with that, please find another poetry and literature page which is more appropriate for your interests. Everyone else, please enjoy!

Last update: February 23, 2004


Poetry and literature are two of the greatest forms of expression known to genekind. Little else can give the needed emotional release that writing can. Poetry and literature are like good songs without the music and they can soothe the soul in much the same way that a great ballad will when you're lonely or sad. So, the next time you're having a bad day, take the opportunity to write your feelings down, even if only for yourself. After all, some of the best poetry is that written only for the author! But, for now, why not check out some of the really great poetry available on the web? You can read some of my own original poetry and short stories below! By combining the power of the internet with the power of poetry and literature, we can share some of the passion that we as writers feel with other all around the world. We can also share in that passion in others' works! So, come, come and celebrate the art of poetry and literature!


These poems are gemstones from my soul. They are highly personal as they detail the many different journeys through my life. Some of these poems have been written in the past few weeks, some date back as long ago as a decade. Below you will find poems which are remnants of many days gone by, days when I felt any of the many possible human emotions. There are love poems, and breaking up poems. There are poems which I wrote when I was coming out as a lesbian and poems which helped me through the healing process as a child abuse survivor. There are poems which may seem like nothing more than constant rambling from a confused young woman. These poems are not offered in any order by subject or even in order of their writing. As you read through these poems, you will make a journey through part of who I am....a human, a woman, a lover, a friend, an ex-girlfriend, a wife, a daughter, a child abuse survivor, and hopefully, the one thing that you will take away with you after reading these poems and short stories is that through all of the joy and sorrow, I came out a better, stronger, happier person.

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ADULT MATERIAL WARNING: Some of these works are inappropriate for those under 18.

CHILD ABUSE SURVIVOR WARNING: Some of the poems and stories below deal with issues stemming from my own abuse as a child and may serve as an unintentional trigger for other survivors. So, please use caution when reading these works and do not read anything that you feel may have a negative effect on you.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: All of the poems and short stories linked below are original works and as such are protected by international copyright laws. You may NOT reproduce any of these poems or short stories in ANY form without Beverly Greene's expressed written permission. Violations of these copyright conditions will be followed up to the full extent of the law and bad karma!!

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