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Hey Everyone!

It's been a super long time since I've really updated this webpage. I'm sorry for that. I doubt I have any regular readers, especially since I have a Xanga, Myspace...and yes, a Facebook. I'm a nut. Here's what's been going on with me:

I graduated from Temple Baptist College in June '07 with a degree in Christian Ministries. My focus was Biblical Languages and Missions.

I'm currently teaching English as a Second Language in Shimonoseki, Japan! I'll be returning to the States April '09 sometime and continue on in my ministry back home. I'm having a great time! If you want more information, please check out my Xanga. And if you'd like to be on my update list, please email me: and I'll be more than happy to add you! I've been out here for 6 months so far, and am loving it! I work with a church in their English program and evangelism. I've also developed a burden just to help grow the believers here and discipleship. I pray that I can be an encouragement not just to the Japanese people here, but also to my church family back home. (9/22/08)

On to UPDATES about the page:
I took out a bunch of "junk" that I had on the page to kind of streamline it. I may possibly start revamping it or whatever until I get more comfortable with it.
I continue to write more poems, although this year has been rather dry for me. I hope that I can keep getting the new ones up as well as some older pieces as I'm finding old journals. Thanks for your interest.

God bless ya! and have a wonderful day!
Sarah ><>

Poems New Entries!! (9/22/08)
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Everybody's got a water buffalo...

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Since I go by Cricket a lot...I thought y'all might like to see my antennae! Let me know if you like them...if not, I'll hit you with 'em. :)

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This is the airplane I've been training in. I'm on a sabatical right now, though.
Lack of money. That's my instructor, Rusty, and I named the airplane Sparky.

Answers in Genesis

Featured Poet of the Month
Words of Wisdom by a Hero of the Faith
Test Me
Ruth Bell Graham

Test me, Lord, and give me strength
to meet each test
unflinching, unafraid;
not striving nervously to do my best,
not self-assured, or careless
as in jest,
but with Your aid.
Purge me, Lord, and give me grace to
bear the heat
of cleansing flame;
not bitter at my lowly lot, but mete
to bear my share of suffering
and keep sweet,
in Jesus' name.

"Behold God become human, the unfathomable mystery of the love of God
for the world. God loves human beings. God loves the world. Not an
ideal human, but human beings as they are; not an ideal world, but the
real world. What we find repulsive in their opposition to God, what we
shrink back from with pain and hostility, namely, real human beings, the
real world, this is for God the ground of unfathomable love. God
establishes a most intimate unity with this. God becomes human, a real
human being. While we exert ourselves to grow beyond our humanity, to
leave the human behind us, God becomes human; and we must recognize that
God wills that we be human, real human beings. While we distinguish
between pious and godless, good and evil, noble and base, God loves real
people without distinction. God has no patience with our dividing the
world and humanity according to our standards and imposing ourselves as
judges over them. God leads us into absurdity by becoming a real human
being and a companion of sinners, thereby forcing us to become the judges
of God. God stands beside the real human being and the real world against
all their accusers. So God becomes accused along with human beings and the
world, and thus the judges become the accused."
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer -

I just really think this pic is cool...
spiderman rocks!...too bad I can't figure
out how to put music on my page...that
would be fun..any advice?

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