Joan's Taz Web Page

 You have entered the webpage of a serious Tasmanian Devil collector.



My quest for collecting Taz began 20 years ago the day I acquired

this blue T-Shirt printed with "Taz" saying,

 "Don't Mess with the Best."

As for the rest of my collection it has continued to grow over the years. I have collected over 2000 Tasmanian Devils and related memoriablia which include everything you can imagine from auto accessories to T-shirts.  As you will see Taz has become quite an obession.

In addition, there are 83 Tasmanian Devils in my collection

that you will never find anywhere else since all of them were designed specifically for me. 

 Some were hand crafted by my very artistic and talented husband such as the Tazmanian Devil backsplash which is located in our kitchen above the stovetop and is carved out of the same blue pearl granite that our the kitchen countertops are made of.



And then there are others that were designed and hand carved 3D wood hanging figurines  that were created by some of my very artist and talented friends.







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