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You Might Be A Dancer if...

dance is life and the rest is just spare time.
your vocabulary includes bandaids, sweat, determination, and guts.
you use your swingset to practice fouettes.
you sit in a straddle when you are watching TV.
you have blisters on your feet for life.
you use rosin more than soap.
your point shoes are your babies.
People mistake your for a rubber band.
your body cracks loud enough to stop class, but you don't hear it.
pirouette and fouette are two main words in your vocabulary.
your feet have more blisters than toes.
your pointe your toes...even during situps.
you dance down the hallway...instead of walk.
you know most barres aren't for jails.
you do plies and tendus while waiting in line.
you do grand jetes in parking lots and crossing streets.
you can't remember when your feet were soft and uncallused.
you perform calmly before crowds yet suffer anxiety during tests.
you are well coordinated in class, but trip when walking.:)
you have the ability to balance your body on 5 toes, but can't bend over
     clean your room.!:)
a new leotard makes your whole day.
every hard floor is like a place for practicing.
you walk with your toes first unconciously.
you use every handrail you see for practicing fouettes.
you actually sit up straight in you chair at school
you hear music, and you need to dance.
you don't dance for a week, and even your brother notices.
the top shelf in you closet is stuffed with your old dance shoes.
your friends ask your to oversplit...just for fun.
you know more French than English
you have an entire drawer devoted to your dance stuff.
you have washboard abs from those 100 sit-ups before each class.
you have bigger muscles than all the boys in school.
you suddenly can't count past 8.
you can learn the dances to music videos lik that(in a snap).
When you spell "point" you always mispell it "Point."

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