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      Shari Emami is the CEO and Co-Founder of her own cosmetics and skin care line. She was formerly a full-time model, and is now an entrepreneur as well.

*Pardis by Shari Emami *("Pardis" is derived from the word "paradise") is a new line of revolutionary skin care products devoted to women in the age range of 18-35. The skin products consist of all natural vitamin e products, emu oil (the hottest oil on the market today!), and pumpkin seed extract. The most popularly anticipated product is the sugar scrub made of out natural lemon extract, pure lemons, olive oil, and sugar.

When Shari's company opens and starts advertising, she will be her own spokesperson in all her ads. Shari has done trade shows, print work , commercial print. and work / projects for many different companies. She is managed by Janelle Star from ISM management, and Ross Kenneth from Affinity Models/Talent.

Shari is also the star of all the
Pardis ad campaigns.
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