Stuff not to mess with


Murray's Beeswax

This stuff is super greasy, it doesn't have a strong enough hold. It will make your knots slip apart with all of it's petroleum grease. and it will get all over your skin and make you feel slimy.

Egg Whites

Yea right, egg whites aren't sticky at all, like that's going to hold your hair together. Besides they will get stuck in your dreads and start to rot, smell bad, and then you'll have to cut your dreads.

Products with petroleum in them

They will make your hair greasy, and the knots in your dreads will fall apart.


It is super sticky, but it's not thick enough to hold the knots together, it just coats your hair with sticky sugar. It also attracts bugs, and dirt.


Conditioners will make your dreads fall apart, never ever use them.

Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter

They work really well when the hairs on your dreads are brittle, or feel dry. But it's not sticky enough to hold the knots together.

Regular beeswax

This stuff is way to brittle to hold the knots together and it chunks and flakes out of your hair.


Yea right, this stuff won't work unless you have a plaque buildup on your dreads. It gets stuck in your dreads and it leaves a nasty coat that everyone can see. You'll probably have to cut your dreads out if you use it because it's really hard to get out.


Just don't even think about it. It's almost impossible to get out and even if you do get some of it out you will always have some of it still in your dreads. You'll Probably have to cut your dreads off if you use it too.
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