Really, it's more a links page than anything else. Some, on the Hellenic Pagan rings and on the Greek and Roman history and culture rings, will have Pass_L ratings. We create entry pages for them here, maybe tell you a little about each site as time allows, and then link into their sites. End result, the Pass_L becomes a pass until they manage to fix things. Much nicer than suspending people, don't you think?

There will be other material as well, but I still haven't decided what. The index of wayward Pagans follows.

  1. Homage to Pythagoras
  2. Caelius' Greek Deities Page
  3. Satellite & DeLaura Latin Club Homepage

We have a few from the "Pagan Unity Ring", as well:

  1. Ailes de la Ailes:pagan basics

My thanks to the staff at "Feebleminds", which was the source of some of the graphics you see here.

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