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Feb. 1, 2006

Welcome to Paradise Island

"Ah, greetings. I am Jakambryl; the Majordomo of Paradise Island. The Crystal Dragon offers her fondest greetings, bidding that you enjoy the small realm in which she holds sway."


"Pick a path from the bottom of the page and I will lead you to the destination; all are clearly marked and filled with information both important to prospective adopters, as well as little fun things that the Regent has tucked in for the amusement of herself and others. I would suggest starting with the Acknowledgments heading and then continue on from there. If there are any problems feel free to send a message to the Regent, or just sign the guestbook; she always welcomes a friendly word or comment from visitors. Anytime you are ready, we can depart," text.


Latest News:
February 2006 ~ GRAND OPENING!!!!! Four Faerie Dragon clutches; bearing ten eggs for adoption.

August 25, 2006 ~ Only one Faerie Dragon has been adopted. Sadness :( Won't someone read the instructions and adopt?

November 21, 2006 ~ Due to lack of rule following, the Adoption Rules are being re-vamped to make it easier to adopt; check back for more information. By the way... why have so few of you visitors signed my guestbook?

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Adoption Brief
~Faerie Dragons~
# of Clutches: 4
Available Eggs: 9
Abandoned Creatures: 0


Paradise Island/Isle and (most) things found within belong to me, Crystal Dragon.
Please don't steal my graphics, layout, or anything that is NOT up for adoption. 2006

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