Hello everyone and WELCOME TO MIDNITE PANTHERS WICCAN WEBSITE !! i am amara and i will be your guide today .I know its been awhile since i have updated and i am truly sorry life got in the way but now i am back and my guest book is no longer full so please give it a sign ! Please enjoy your stay here and remember here you can be yourself:) Blessed be Amara
What is Wicca List Of Gods
List of Goddesses
The Wiccan Rede
The Wiccan Creed
Basic Elemental Colors
Basic Code Of Conduct
Totem Animals
Thirteen Goals Of a Witch
Three Fold Law
Sabbats and There Meaning
Principles of Belief
Amazing Grace (witch Style)
The Law Of Power
Pagan/Wiccan Funnys
The Tenets of Wiccan Belief
About Me and My Family
Finding Your Craft Name
A Traditional Witch
Different Traditions of Wicca
In time i will be adding some more info to the site but right now i am updating all pages and getting everything just right again and then will start adding more info for everyone !!!!
Soon to come!!!
More funnies
Childs bedtime prayer
raising Wiccan/pagan children
Ritual blessing
Yule carols
candle colors
aura reading
adopt a freedom of religion ribbon for your site

If there is something you would like to see me add please just email me and tell me and i will be more then glad to add it the more information the better :)
blessed be and much love AMARA
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