Welcome to my humble website. Okay, I'm not that humble. Heck, I'm not humble at all.

I am Pandora Milonis, maintainer of this small piece of cyberspace. My webpage is devoted mostly to the Matrix (if you don't know what that is, you can crawl back under your rock) and to ReBoot (if you don't know what ReBoot is, you can be forgiven, but only if you enter right now and enlighten yourself). I have a ReBoot picture gallery and the complete script to the Matrix, as well as some insightful comments. Please poke around, but be forewarned that some pages might not work due to current remodeling.

Disclaimer: The preceding blurb was not written by Pandora, maintainer of this piece of cyberspace. It was written by SavrAIelle, who owns a much better site than Pandora ever hopes to accomplish. I have full rein of Pandora's site and will add comments and make chaos wherever it pleases me. When the otherwise tasteful color scheme writes in red, you will know that I, Savrielle, have been this way. Visit my ReBoot site.

And this has been written by Pandora, maintainer of this site, and since Savrielle has thoroughly screwed my frames, there will no longer be a frames addition to this website. It's not my fault, blame Savvy. If you're her avenging boyfriend, you can just ask her yourself. She admits to messing up the frames.

This ReBoot site is owned by Pandora.
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