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Library: Fanfiction culled from a variety of sources as well as extensive comic and tradepaperback reviews make the Last Arkham's Library one of the finest in the country!

Movie Night: Reviews, information, casting choices and box office reports.

Art Class: Original and fan-created artwork as well as professionally-generated images.

Isolation Wards: Great places to meet other Batfans and catch up with the latest news. There are also trolls, so watch out!

Inmate Profiles: Essays on Batman and his supporting cast as well as scholarly articles relating to comic books and the role of heroism in contemporary literature.

Dispensary: Desktop patterns, MP3 files, Winamp skins, screensavers and much, much more.

Outreach Programs: The best Batman sites on the web (and a few of the worst), collected here and categorized for your viewing convience.

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