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This is the section of the Asylum dedicated to community outreach and interaction. We believe our inmates should be connected to the outside world, and the links below make that possible. For your browsing convience, our program directors have groups links based on content, form of chosen media and quality. Proceed at your own risk.

General-Interest Sites
Movie/TV Info
Other Characters

Collected Issues of the Dark Knight: One of the most comprehensive sites dedicated to Batman comics, this labor of love boasts cover scans of nearly every issue of every single Bat-title and special issue, as well as desktop patterns, fonts and an interactive version of the Gotham City map.

The Fourthrail.com: Featuring reviews, news and information for the average comic fan, this site is one-stop shopping for all your fanboy needs.

DC Comics: It would be an act of madness to ignore the only offical site in this list. For message boards, secret files and invaluable comic-release info, check out DC Comics online before they send some guys to break my legs.

Batman: Defender of Gotham: A fantastic site with a great layout, good reviews and some very pretty pictures by top artists, Defender of Gotham has it all, plus a sense of humor.

The Batsquad: Advertising itself as the "Batman comic timeline site", but proves itself to be much more. Offering the usual round of wallpapers, links, message boards and character studies, The Batsquad has a nice emphasis on continuity throughout all the main titles.

Gotham Central.net: A fellow under-construction site with delusions of grandeur, GC offers a message board, character profiles and some nice downloads. More to come, we're assured.

The Canon of the Bat: An interesting article published on www.silverbulletcomics.com which deals with what is, and what is not, canon in the Batman comic books.


Super Hero Hype: An easily-navigatable newsite devoted to all aspects of comic book characters as they make the transition from cult culture to the big screen (and become pop icons in the process).

Batman On Film: A mind-blowingly detailed site which delves into every aspect of the cinematic Bat, this site has scripts, reviews, pictures...and shockingly, the site admin is really excited about the new movie.

The Animated Batman: Make no mistake - this is the best website on the 'net devoted to the Batman animated series. Reading the essays on aspects of the 1993 Bruce Timm animated show is like reading poetry melded with unadulterated fan worship. In other words, the best of both worlds.

The World's Finest Presents...Animated Batman Reviews!: Another good site devoted to analysis of the various incarnations of Batman cartoons, as well as the cartoon-based comic series The Batman Adventures and character studies of the animated characters.

Wayne~Net: A cute little site devoted to TAS fanfic, images, links, ect. It's still in the early stages, but it's worth a look.


The Dark Knight: Everything you ever wanted to know about Batman and his supporting cast, as well as an image gallery, links and essays.

Batman Biography: From the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe, Batman's career as a vigilante crime fighter is examined, his personal relationships exposed, and there's even a recommended reading list! This is 'Secret Files' with integrity and a willingess to do research.

Batman Quotes: A nice little selection of bon mots from our favorite darknight detective.


The NEW Catwoman: A great site dedicated to the relaunched Catwoman monthly, with details on upcoming storylines and a bevy of fresh images from the new art team on the series. Well-designed and as charming as Catwoman herself, this site is not to be missed.

Catwoman Home Page: A cluttered if well-meaning website devoted to all things Catty. You'll find a lot of great information here about the history of the character through the comics and various film and television incarnations.

Catwoman Quotes: A fun little corner of the 'net devoted to the Jim Balent-era Catwoman, complete with a ton of great one-liners.

Women of Gotham: Top-notch essays explore the female half of Gotham City, with an emphasis on the Birds of Prey characters but room enough to include a section on our favorite feline fatal.


Sasha Bordeaux: Focusing on a personal favorite of mine, this fansite provides biographical and canon information on the ill-fated bodyguard and potential lover of Bruce Wayne. With fanfic, art, comic reviews and information on all things Sasha.

Harley Quinn HQ: A celebaration of all things Harley. This beautifully-designed website features great fanfic and artwork as well as a nice feature on webmaster MistahJs Girl's own Harley memorabilia.

Dick Grayson...Nightwing: One of the very best character sites on the 'web, all things Dick are explored - the romances, the skin-tight costume, the homo-erotocism...it's all here, and more.

Nightwing Gallery: Lots of purty pictures of...well, guess who.

Canary Noir.com: An extensive and well-designed website devoted to the Birds of Prey (that's Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress to you uninitiated), this comprehensive birdwatching nest is a character-themed site unlike any other.

The Man Behind the Bat: Hey, look, a whole website devoted to Alfred Pennyworth, butler, surrogate father and general master of his domain.

The Extreme Robin Website: Boy, it sure is extreme, what with all the pictures and the interviews and the opinions.


...More to Come...

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