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The Last Arkham Library was founded on the belief that any mind, no matter how sick or deranged, deserves a nice archive of fanfiction to peruse while seeking mental health. Dr. Jeremiah Arkham invites you, in the interest of progressive therapy, to explore the incredible variety offered by our catologue in all its Dewey-Decimal glory! Hail to the fanfiction archives, which collect the best Batman-related writing on the 'net! Genuflect towards the comic and trade paperback databases, which review Batman trades and comics in chronological order! And stand in awe of Arkham's own resident writer, Nos4a2, as she toys with the denizens of Gotham and forces them to bow to her will!

*cough* Okay, so the Last Arkham Library is still under construction. But awe will come! In the meantime, enjoy the scant offerings of our collection, and remember...an occupied mind is a mind on its way to sanity. Get reading!

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