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WARNING: Some of the material below is not suitable for those below 21 or anyone who has ever dressed up like a theme criminal. You people should be in prison. Go somewhere else if you're not supposed to be here.

If you're wondering where to find great stories about Batman and Wonder Woman, The Last Arkham is proud to present a new fanfic archive dealing specifically with everyone's favorite couple! You can find links to just about every worthy 'shipper fic on the net about the Amazon Princess and the Dark Knight Detective over at A Taste of Paradise: Batman and Wonder Woman Fanfiction.


Nos4a2's Stories
The Asylum Administrator (and resident headcase) gets to go first. I sense a bias...

Pillar of Salt
“I’ve been thinking about Lot’s wife,” she said, her tired mind not even attempting to stop the flow of words. “Back when they were leaving Sodom and Gomorrah. She turned around to look, and God turned her into a pillar of salt.”
Rated A for adult situations and violence

Stranger Among Us
Premovie. Superman faces a difficult choice when he learns that the planet Krypton may not have been destroyed after all.
Rated PG-13 for adult situations

Psych 101 Cycle
Learned Helplessness, Labels and Addiction.
All R, all based in the Catwoman books.

Days of the Advent
The long-awated sequel to Children of the Night begins with a nightmare, as Bruce struggles to deal with his changing relationship with a now-pregnant Selina. A murder follows, and then another, and another, until both Batman and Catwoman find themselves face-to-face with a very old foe.
Rated A for adult situations and violence
*New chapter up as of 01/01/07

Smaller Sacrifices
Set during the "Sacrifices" storyline. By now, I'm sure everyone knows what happened - Maxwell Lord was mind-controlling Supes, who went on a rampage and beat Batman up something fierce. Wonder Woman is forced to kill Maxwell Lord to protect her friends, thereby committing an unforgiveable transgression. This story is from Catwoman's POV, since she's pretty much the only Batman ally left in Gotham after War Games.
Rated PG-13 for mature situations and implied violence

Two lives intersect during a stormy night in Gotham.
Rated PG-13 for mature themes

How the Witch Canary Got Her Prize (2)
Lady Shiva offered Dinah Lance a devil's bargin in BoP #65: she'll take Dinah on as an apprentice and teach her Shiva's deadly brand of martial arts, in exchange for (possibly) her soul. Dinah's tempted, 'rith wrote a great story about it, and I wrote a sequel.
Rated A for mature themes and violence

Canary Air
Black Canary heads to Thailand to track down a missing Oliver Queen. Soon she becomes entangled in a mystery involving drugs, child prostitution and murder by python.
Rated NC-17 for themes of sexuality, violence and mature language

Wish You Were Here
Interlude between Children of the Night and the planned sequel Days of the Advent. What do people do when they�re in love and uncertain about it? Well, they take a vacation.
Rated PG for mature themes

Children of the Night
A mysterious death forces Batman to reopen an old case, but all is not as it seems. Soon the entire Bat family becomes embroiled in a war brewing between two metahumans, and Batman finds himself distracted by new love. Hard choices have to be made.
Rated R for violence, sexuality and mature themes

Prologue and Preamble
Detective Slam Bradley summarizes the life of a feline fatale. Prologue to Children of the Night.
Rated PG

Hope in Crime Alley
Batman is injured, and death is a tempting breath away. Rated PG

A Night at the Movies
A night at the movies can be deadly...
Rated PG

Entangled Mints
Catwoman reflects on the events in Batman #615.
Rated PG

VISITING THERAPISTS: Archived Fanfiction

The Last Arkham is becoming a home away from home for a lot of talented fanfic writers - so much so that it's becoming a little crowded. To help make site navigation easier, I've indexed fic authors (by pen name) to make sure you can find what you want to read quickly. Check back often for updates, and if you'd like to archive your stuff at the site, please email me.

Marcelo Rinesi
Blinky the Tree Frog
Angel 251
David Hines
E Kelly

Marcelo Rinesi
The nicest guy on dc-fanart-fanfic gets his own archive!

Being Human
At one time, he was the greatest hero the world had ever known. But that world is gone, and he's determined to bring it back.
Rated PG-13

Needle and Chair
Ever wonder how Batman learned The Look that freezes hardened criminals in their tracks? Here's how...
Rated PG-13

A short Year One-era story about everyone's favorite parents.
Rated Adult for mature themes

Island Paradise
A Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor has never been put to such delicious use...
Rated Adult for slash themes

Double Chocolate Fudge Swirl
A sequel (of sorts) to 'Island Paradise'. Wonder Woman arrives in Metropolis to deliver something special.
Rated PG for mature themes

Code Breaking
Just another quiet night at home for Barbara Gordon...
Rated PG

Thy Left Hand
Marcelo is pretty hard on dear ol' Babs.
Rated Adult for themes of general scariness

A Serious Moment
God has a strange sense of humor...and so does the Joker.
Rated Adult

Without Words
Marcelo puts words into Batgirl's mouth.
Rated PG-13

Woe Unto the Clones
Someone sure isn't Superman.
Rated PG-13

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The aforementioned group monitor, Smitty, has got a stellar body of work. If the Potatoverse isn't your speed, check out the rest of her writing; you're bound to find something you like.

Miz Jelena's Sweet Potato Pie
Hands-down, one of my favorite short pieces. Two old friends meet to talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of the best sweet potato pie in the world.
Rated PG-13

Anything But Normal
It's a crazy night out on the town for the JSA! But will Sandy Hawkins and Jack Knight become close friends...or something more?
Rated NC-17 for sexual/slash material

Just to Be Safe
Sandy Hawkins pays a visit to Dr. Mid-Night in the aftermath of JSA #18.
Rated Adult for mature themes

Whispers in the Dark
Sandy has a chat with his favorite physician.
Rated Adult for mature themes

Unholy Liaisons
Taking place in the Liberty Files universe, our favorite Sandy man gets a little bit of life experience.
Rated NC-17 for explicit sex and slash themes

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Blinky the Tree Frog
Sporting the coolest pen name in the business, Blinky's a die-hard fan of the "also rans", those characters who never seem to catch on with fans no matter how appealing they are. Blinky's second banana of choice is none other than the heir presumptive himself, shaggy-haired nutter Azrael. You can hit up her archive or peruse the selection below to find the best this Wonder from Down Under has to offer.

In The Dark, Dark Night
Violence, murder and insanity on a dark, dark night. Inspired by Dannell Lites' Letting Go.
Rated PG-13 for violence

Catwoman comes to the rescue of one of the Bat crew. Now she's just got to survive the experience...
Rated PG-13 for mature content

Poisonous Melodies
Sometimes you have to deal with poisonous things to stop from breaking apart. A Piper story.
Rated PG-13 for mature content

Burning Over
Jean-Paul Valley and Azrael take on a psychological third wheel. Turns out he doesn't really want to vacate the premises.
Rated PG-13 for mature content

Deconstruction of a Tragedy
Told backwards, Memento-style, Deconstruction is both a tense scene-of-the-crime potboiler and a moving exploration of what it would mean should a member of the Batfamily take his own life.
Rated A for mature content

A Brief Conversation Between Friends
Starring the Trickster, Piper, and a parrot. Do you need to hear more? Also check out the sequel A Longer Conversation Between Friends
Both PG-13

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Te's a pornographer in the best sense of the word: she writes very sexy NC-17 stories and puts a hell of a lot of thought and character into 'em. You can check out the majority of her work over at her very own webpage, since I've just included a sampling of her Batfic here.

Being and Belonging
Tim's decision to retire as Robin comes as a shock to everyone, particularly Nightwing. As Tim deals with his parent's anger at their discovery of his double life, Tim comes to some stunning realizations about his existence in costume and out.
Rated NC-17 for M/M sexual content

And All The King's Men
A restored Harvey Dent has vanquished the demon known as Two-Face via surgery and counseling. Now he strives to reconnect with Bruce Wayne, former friend and lover. Packed to the brim with Te's special brand of angst and need, this is a fic that cannot go unread by any fan of the ubiquitous Twofers.
Rated NC-17 for M/M sexual content

Shadow of the Bat
Perhaps the most disturbing Batman story you're ever likely to read, Shadow is a 'what if' of scary significance. What if Alfred had molested a young Bruce Wayne? What if Bruce had grown up thinking that was how people interacted and showed affection? Violent and painful and truly messed up, Shadow may make you reconsider everything you think you know about Batman and his world.
Rated NC-17 for mature themes

Maybe There Are Secret Places
An insomniatic Babs pulls surveillance on a certain Dark Knight, only to catch him in a very private moment.
Rated NC-17 for explicit sex

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Angel 251
Poor Angel was unjustly kicked off fanficiton.net (those BASTARDS!) and since she's a terrific writer and a very nice person, I agreed to give her work a home here at the Asylum. Please, email Angel and give her some moral support (and some great feedback).

Young Terry McGinnis has conquered every challenge life has thrown at him (with the exception of Bruce, of course). But what happens when he falls into bed with the woman of his dreams as Batman, into her life as the every-day Allen, and into the path of her "perfect" husband? Chaos ensues as passion overwhelms them all.
Rated NC-17 for explicit sex

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David Hines
David's built up quite a large body of work, and so I can only provide a small sample here. Find the rest at Fanfiction.net.

Fathers and Daughters
A sleepless night for Jim Gordon leads to a walk around the neighbourhood and an encounter with a Gotham mask.
Rated PG

Jason and Me
Stephanie Brown investigates some old history. Spoilers for Robin #125.
Rated R

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E. Kelly

Erin is the newest addition to the Last Arkham archive, and she's a real corker. Her noir-influenced storytelling and penchant for gritty urban realism make her a particular favorite of mine, but read on and discover her for yourself.

Living in the Red Light
A young prostitute discovers that even in Gotham, there are always options. This gritty, realistic and innventive noir tale doesn't flinch at exploring the dark side of all that pretty neon glow in Batman's city.
Rated R for violence, mature themes and adult content

Legacy of Allies
Dick and Babs make things official, which means the in-laws need to reach an understanding.
Rated G

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OUTPATIENTS: Off-site Links

A great series written by my Yahoogroup! moderator (not that I'm sucking up or anything.) Babs and Dick adopt a kid, and wackiness ensues. I assure you, the name of the series will make sense.

As the slogan goes, "Where 4-color doodles do off-color things!" And so it is on offpanel.net, home to none other than 'rith, Chicago, Smitty, Darklady...the leading lights of their generation of fanfic writers. So whether you're after slash, AU or just good ol' fashioned PG-rated fun *cough square cough* you're in for a treat.

Artemis' Fanfiction
Another one of the dc-fanart-fanfic bunch, Arti's a class act all the way. She writes, she feedbacks, she 'shipps...she's an all-round great person. Go visit her site and read her stuff - it's fantastic.

JLA Unlimited
A DC-related fic archive that's giving fanfiction.net a run for its money, and rightly so. With hundreds of stories carefully categorized and featuring an emphasis on cartoon-universe tales, JLAU also features great forum boards, interactive reviews, and everything else the burgeoning fic writer (and reader) could want.

Diversions & Digressions: Mara's Fan Fiction
Mara's website features fic for the cartoonverse, comics, TV shows and movies. She's got a terrific body of work (note the jealousy in my cyber-voice?) and, as her alter-ego Miss Grammatica can attest, everything has been proofread. A lot.

Fanfic Anonymous
This fantastic fic archive/resource site is firmly committed to bringing the ugly-stepchild of fandom, the 'shipper, out into the light with a great selection of stories, articles and information on how to just stop being ashamed of yourself and enjoy the fic that you like. Together, we can all make a difference.

Adrian Tullberg
A great writer with a lot of interesting takes on DCU characters, Adrian's a prolific author who is nearly impossible to contact.

Tales of Justice: A Hero's Archive
One of the most author-friendly archives out there, Tales of Justice is a small-but-growing collection of het, slash, Elseworlds and misc. stories featuring the cast of the DC universe.

Glass Onion Archive
An all-fandom archive, this site features some great Batman stories as well as nearly every other kind of fanfiction under the sun.

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