it’s a device that can be connected to any computer  invented for physically disabled people, and for the most physically disabled a scaning programm which needs one single switch and use one finger. All the programms can be openned by this application.

this device is composed by two parts

1- hardware a box connected by one side to the computer and the other side to the keyboard, and the single switch is connected to the middle of the box.

2- software, inside include the scaning programm which take the   place of the mouse and the keyboard.

the scaning programm is an application composed by many tables, but the one that remplaces both mouse and keyboard is “do it all scaning” which is sub-divided in seven groups, and each group sub-divided to two sub-groups and finally the last one to seven items.

an other thing the speed of the scaning mode can be adjusted with the skills of the patient, an example

I have started with a speed 45

after two years the speed 80

one year after the speed 93

then the increase was 1/6 months

but now I work on a speed 97

the maximum speed is   99
hardware of kenx
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