nandita's world of feminism
A boy always in a dream to roam around the world as a girl. But the desire was not fulfilled. He was always crying internally that he is "she" but no one was recognizing . But the desire was coming to the fact while one a very rainy day parents asked to sit before a mid 30's beautiful lady who was appointed as governess. She was taken the responsibility of that boy to teach and play all around. The days were passing by.

Oneday parents and other family members went to village home. At afternoon aunty asked that boy to come over her room . The boy went to her room and auty transformed him to a cute girl by wearing bra,penty and skirt. Aunty madeover him to her in such a way that the boy was thinking himself as a girl in front of the mirror. Then aunty hugged her and chatted and teached a lot of girlish behavior. parents were not returned on that night. Aunty asked to stay with her as a girl all along and at night she will tought other girlish behavior. At night aunty tought a lot of thing and fulfilled the utmost desire of a girl through lesbian activities. That was the starting point. Almost every night the boy was being transformed into a girl and has to fulfill the desire of aunty with pleasure.
That was continued several years till aunty left for ever. Then he was at the age of 15. The dressing activities were stopped.
But the computer age brought him again in the world of crossdressing and seen that there are a lot of girls like him. Then he contacted Ms.Sunitapink and Ms.Radhaa who accepted her as younger sister. By the loving and affectionate advise of her both didi brought down to the world and update her to groom as a loving sister.

This is me----------Nandita
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