Capitol Airways was started in 1946 as a fixed base operator in Nashville Tennessee.  Jesse Stallings and R. McInnis were American Airline pilots and formed Capitol Airways.

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N4901C Lockheed Constellation 749a
N919CL Douglas DC-8-63cf
Post Cards
N9892Z  C-46 1960's
N4904C DC-8 mid 1960's
N802U DC-8 late 1960's
N912CL DC-8 mid 1970's
N907CL DC-8 late 1970's
N9??CL DC-8 early 1980's
N905WA DC-10 early 1980's
N8763 under going a D or C check in Smyrna Tennessee around 1980.
cockpit view
tail view
nose view
Capitol Airways DC-8 photos at airliners.net  click here
Photos taken in February 22, 1985 at Smyrna Tennessee (KMQY).
N8021V N8440 N918CL N921CL N922CL N923CL
other photos
C-46 City of Nashville
N4901C  L-749
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my thanks to all Capitol Airways (1946-1984) employees
and special thanks to AC HB
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