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    Hello! This is my video Game Website. It has all sorts of games for you to play on the computer.If you want to read all the legal stuff about these files go to(somewhere in there)-> Here. I take no responsability due to what you do with these files.
    If u keep them more than 24 hours it is without permission from me Buuuuuuuuuut
    nintendo/sega doesnt make that much money with these games anymore so you shoudnt be sued much :-)
  • You have been warned. ok?

    BEFORE you begain you needwinzipIf you already have a unzipping program(like netzip) unzip winzip Here

  • For SNES games you will need to download a program called SNES9XW.exe
    the program itself takes up 888 KilaBytes.(thats less than 1 Megabyte.)download it here. And for genesis games download this program called Gens here
    Ok now the games.. I know these arnt mine but geocities takes FOREVER
    and they DONT WORK!!!!so here goes anyways i will give each and evey one of you credit 4 these. Also i will try to get screanshots too.


    SNES Do u have requests or want to help with the site or want to give me a site to see?

    Credits: i made sure none said do not link and if they did i asked first.

    Michaels SNES GENESIS GAMEBOY & MORE ROMS!**The reason I have This one first is they contibuted aLOT of games Thanks!
    Genesis Rom Shop
    Shawn And Troys DBZ site <-end of credits->

    Links to my other pages
    click the pic of what subject you want to go to.
    Pokemon all links are broken i will fix today.
    *its the same as my other page but with working links and different pics
    Sailormoon 2
    My Bunnys Page (<-- that is my netherland dwarf, comet)

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