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right now one of my favorite artists is Marc Anthony.

you ask why?

Marc has the best salsa rhythms out there. Please don't say because of his new songs in English. They are nice, but the older ones are the best.

Marc Anthony es salsero. Viva Salsa. Viva la musica de marc anthony en español solamente

La Música: the music of Marc Anthony..

    Marc Anthony' s CDS (that I have)...
  • Otra Nota: (his first real spanish cd, it is ok, I haven't given it much time.
  • Todo A Su Tiempo: (I first bought this one, well after I bought Contra La Corriente, this is his 2nd cd and I really wasn't impressed with it, and then after listening to it for a while, I would have to say that it is my favorite one. Some of my favorite songs on it are: 1. 2. 3. Nadie Como Ella.
  • Contra La Corriente: (my first Marc cd. I love it. I like Y Hubo Alguien, Contra La Corriente, No Me Conoces y masI really don't like the last two songs, but that is ok.
  • Marc Anthony: (the "new stuff" in English) I like the song I need To Know, but I fear overplaying. The version in Spanish is pathetic, it is like Ricky's version of Livin' La Vida Loca in Spanish. but I do love some of the English songs, liek I love the salsa rhythms in

    "That's OK" and in the Spanish song, that is salsa, that I am in love with, "Da La Vuelta"

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