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These three pictures were taken on the Section 16 trail.� The first one is of one of the few straight parts on the trail.� The second one is of a waterfall that crosses the trail.� The third one was taken at the top of the trail---of Manitou Springs.

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These three pictures were taken on the trail at Palmer Park, located IN Colorado Springs.� The first two are of the trail through some very woodsy parts.� The third is taken of a clearing in between the woodsy parts of the trail.

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These five pictures were taken on the trail that goes around Rampart Reservoir, which is located just outside of Woodland Park.� The first one is of a part of the Reservoir through the trees from the trail.� The second and third pictures are of Pikes Peak taken from two different spots on the trail.� The fourth picture is of the trail as it is about to wind through some BIG boulders and trees.� The fifth picture is of Nichols Reservoir taken from the dam of Rampart Reservoir.� Nichols can be seen in the middle of the picture, though it is a bit difficult.� The roads in the foreground are access roads for the Park Service.� There is a trail to the left of this picture, out of this picture, that goes down and circles that reservoir too.


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