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History!! and the Photographs

As Promised, this are the pictures that I took today Sunday 21.
As I said before I always take pictures of how Antigua is dressed this day, and By that I mean the People visiting, which is the only element that can dress up a town.

Let me put a Little History on This "Procession", that you will see next in this page as you go along the pictures, as I said in the last one, if you want to know more, please email me. But here we go:

Procesion (Procession) Jesus Nazareno, (Templo de Santa Ana).

This is an undisputable master piece done by a master craftsman which had the gift of putting with his tools life and emotion in wood. This is a piece done in Hispanic domination and it's author is unknown. The only thing that is known is that this master craftsman only asked for a basket of silver coins for his work. Never the less, when he delivered the art work, Santa Ana neighbors found them self's before a master piece, perfect in every aspect and with exquisite finishes, that overwhelmed them with joy, and instead of giving him one basket of silver coins they gave him two baskets of silver coins.

For a time the sculpture was attributed to Bernado de Caņas for certain characteristics that our image shows, but historians tell us that through time this version was with out effect.

From here we have a legend which a tributes this master piece to an Indigenes from Santa Ana, named Siprion Balan and was Bernado de Caņas assistant, because of the prejudice of that time he omitted his name to the public.

There was information that states that the Image was shown to the public every Holly Thursday of each year and on holly Friday was carried out  through the streets of the then known Santa Ana Village. The journey of the image was done in a small "Anda" that was embellish with some flower arrangements that the faithful gave to the image during the journey.

Between 1850 and 1860 some "cofradias" were formed. There are societies in charged for the image and all the events related to them.

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