bulletPrensa Libre
One of the best news papers in Guatemala,but it's only in Spanish.
bulletViaje a Guatemala
This site can give you information on all the places that you can visit on your Visit to Guatemala, ranging from Ecotourism, to some good clubbing.
bulletWorld Racing Championship
This site has the current status of the World Racing Championship, I'm new at this topic, but all I can say is that I really enjoy watching the rally all the way. The last one was in Mexico, and the next will be in New Zeland, that will take place on the 16 of April. 
bullet http://www.fanloeb.com/Anglais/acceuilanglais.htm
This is Sebastien Loeb fan website, he's the number one WRC driver in the competition with 20 points.
bulletMp3 Locator
This site has everything you would like about music, you have to become a member but, its worth it, no cost added, all do you have to share some of you're music if you want to get some, and not be listed as a LEACHER.
bullet Guate2Night
Another cool site that has all the information that you could want on clubbing in Guatemala and other countries.
This site gives information as pictures on the clubs, bars, restaurants, etc.. in Guatemala that sell "Gallo" Nuestra Cerveza which is a national brand and has won may awards internationally one of our best kept secrets.
bulletAlan Benchoam Photography
I found this site browsing around and it has great pictures of this Guatemalan Artist. I recommend that you take a look.


bulletTourism Institute of Guatemala
This site has excellent information on almost everything that there's to know about places to visit in Guatemala (Spanish/English).





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