Mike's Virtual Vacation
Mike's Virtual Vacation
Mike's Virtual Vacation

This page contains websites of places Julie and I have visited on vacations. It's fun to visit but it's also fun to relive the excitment through pictures and stories...

"One touch of forest nature makes the world kin," wrote Enos Mills, founder of Rocky Mountain National Park and author of Your National Parks, "Nature is an educational stimulus of rare force. The crumbling cliff, the glacial landscape, the wild, free clouds, birds and trees, compel children - old and young - to observe and think ... If you are dulled and dazed with the fever and the fret, or weary and worn, go back to the old outdoor home ... Playing in the outdoors - especially when there is intimate association with birds and flowers, trees and waterfalls, mountains and storms - is one of the best ways of training the senses."

And here are some more interesting websites and places I would like to visit:

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