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Sometimes these domains (in this case known as SUB domains since it has so many dots in there) will go inactive for whatever reason, so this list is subject to change. I am hoping to get a permanent address of some kind, eventually :)

Since I also like to design and build web sites in my free time, I have helped people sign up at (that green graphic link to the left) which costs only 30 dollars a year and includes domain registration. I highly recommend them since their customer service and hosting services are excellent.

I would certainly use them as well to host my site, but I simply just haven't had the time to move my web site. It also hasn't been as pressing as my other endeavors. However, I think very soon I am going to start using their services. If you would like to use their services or want more information about their web services, just click the graphic link.

If my other addresses fail, you can always get to my site via my Geocities address which is:

With all of that aside, my name is Michael Hoffman and I am an aspiring actor who is trying to make it in this wacky business. Although this web page is designed for agents, casting directors, producers, actors, etc. I welcome anyone who would like to visit my page. What you'll find here are my actor's headshots, resume, various other tidbits of info about me, and some stuff I threw in for the sake of comedy plus much much more! Thank you for visiting and enjoy!
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To those who choose to vote for my site, thank you in advance! If you didn't, thanks anyway for taking the time to visit! (After all, there are alot of sites out there and you took the time to visit mine. It makes me feel so special!)
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