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Now, Old George was wary of all parties and cliques,

With their bitter sharp tongues and their acrid conflicts.

As he bid adieu, he had this thought to impart:

Don’t let petty squabbling tear our nation apart!


Ah, but rivalry most pitched was soon to exist

Between Democrat-Republicans and Federalists.

Which came as no shock; yes, ‘twas mostly foreseen,

What with such strong-minded people, rambunctious and keen.


And all toting ideas for our government’s role:

How much to let happen, and how much to control.

And where Federalists sought to give government sway,

The Republicans did aim to keep it squarely at bay.


‘Tis a profound debate, it may well last forever

-- Though not soon again by minds quite as clever,

As along with John Adams, and his lawyerly bent,

The Federalists had Hamilton camped in their tent.


And as good friend to merchants and to business, of course,

Was the notion of nation these gents did endorse.

(And for the thought to begin a national bank,

We’ve that man on the ten-note to acknowledge and thank).


But not all were pleased with this new use of power

-- Tom Jefferson, for one, thought it tasted quite sour.

As already he feared that the U.S. of A.

Had let government grown in an unsavory way.


So Republicans rallied to Tom’s stirring clear voice

When he called for the states to be granted more choice.

-- Not the view, to be sure, of keen Mister Hamilton,

But it found strong support, including James Madison...


While in matters of money, he was wont to declare:

Let it fend for itself, what we call “laissez-faire”.

And athwart tides of power, Tom claimed it was best

For farmers and plainfolk to decide their interests.





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