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1)  The site of a battle in New Jersey that the continental army won about a week

            after the Battle of Trenton:_________________.

2)  Collection of a navyÕs ships:__________________.

3)  A group of soldiers that are assigned to defend a location:________________.

4)  The term for soldiers who are trained and professional:________________.

5)   A feeling of unity or oneness among members of a group:_______________.

6)  The river separating Pennsylvania and New Jersey crossed by Washington:___________.

7)  Agreement to be in the army for a certain number of years.  For many of WashingtonÕs

          soldiers, the time was going to expire on December 31, 1776: _______________.

8)  One of WashingtonÕs best officers who helped the attack at Trenton:____________.

9)  A term coined by Thomas Paine for the people who were discouraged about the

          revolution when the war was going badly:_______________.

10)  Password of the rebel army on the day of the Battle of Trenton:_____________.


Thought Question:  What are some advantages and disadvantages of EnglandÕs use

             of Hessian soldiers in fighting the war?  (Hint: many captured Hessians decided

             to settle in America once the war was over).




















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