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1)  Official Protestant religion of the British nations:________________.

2)  The belief that God may offer certain people blessings: ______________.

3)  A group that leaves one church in order to have its own religion:________________.

4) Another name for Holland:________________.

5)  Name that the Pilgrims gave to the place they landed in the New World:_____________.

6)  First governor of the Pilgrim community:________________.

7)  Chief of a local tribe in the New England region:_______________.

8)  The name of this tribe:______________.

9)  Historical reason why students have 2 months off from school in summer:____________.

10)  Seafood that the Indian Squanto taught the Pilgrims to catch:____________.


Thought Question: How was religious faith involved in what the Pilgrims thought and did?       




















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