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Privateer          Cash Crop         John Rolfe          Virginia Company       James I

Charter              Sloth               Starving Time           Powhatan            Magna Carta


1)  The vice of laziness: _______________.

2)  Chief of the powerful Indian tribe in Virginia:_________________.

3)  The governor of Jamestown who married Pocohantas:_________________.

4)  A pirate or captain of a ship that raids other ships at sea: ______________.

5)  A business which invested money in Jamestown:______________.

6)  English King who offered land in Virginia to people who would settle it:_____________.

7)  Document giving official right and title to property:_____________.

8)  The winter of discontent that the settlers had at Jamestown:_________________.

9)  What farmers plant in order to sell rather than to eat themselves: ___________.

10)  English document in which the King recognized certain rights of all citizens:___________.


Thought Question:  What were some of the reasons that English settlers came to America?  




















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