Building of a Lotus 7 based car
It all started when a friend of mine gave me the book Build your own sportscar by Ron Champion
I red the book and thought I can do that too.

I couldn't foind a Ford escort as donor car so I used my '81 Olds Cuttlass Supreme.

To make the V8 and transmission and rearend fit, we had to change the original plans. The front spindels where a different size to, so the front suspension is our own design.

The two cars we are building have both a different front suspension setup.

We decided to make all the body panels out of steel and they are welded to the frame. we can use the extra weight of the sheetmetal.

The motor will be a smallblock chevy,

Wheels and tires:
Front 245/60 -15 rims 15x8 steel wheels
Rear  295/50 -15 rims 15x8 steel wheels

The wheels and tires are not shown in the pictures

Contact us for information

Andy's Car
Mathijs'  Car
Mathijs & Andy

Box 940
Warman SK S0K4S0
I am trying to keep a log of the building progress on this site.

Here is my car

This picture will be updated as work progresses
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