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Water, Water Everywhere
Even the smallest vernal pools are important. Animals and birds come to these sources of water to  drink and bathe. Frogs and other amphibians breed in the shallow water without fear of being preyed upon by fish. Bats and birds arrive to feed on the insects that are attracted to water.
Life In The Wetlands
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An incredible list of resources and lesson plans. I highly recommend Now You See Me, Now You Don't! - Camoflague in the Wetlands which is a lesson in animal adaptation to their natural habitiat ( grade 5 )
Math and Science in the Wetlands ( grades 4 - 8 )
Wetlands: Here all year? (grades 3 - 6)
Wetlands WebQuests
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Water Habitat WebQuest ( Kindergarten)
Wetand WebQuest (grade 2)
Habitat Adventure With Wetlands Section ( grade 3 )
Saving The Wetlands ( grade 5 )
Wetlands WebQuest (grade 6 )
Wetlands WebQuest ( Middle School )
Wet And Wild Wetlands (Middle School)
Wetland Survival (High School )
Other Good Wetland Sites
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What Is A Wetland
EPA Wetlands Site
What's It Like Where You Live? The Watershed Scientific Concepts, Wetlands, Aquatic Critters, and Aquatic Plants sections are simply excellent!
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